Nokia 7.2 V/s Redmi K20: Twilight Hour Camera Samples

Hello guys, good evening.

Nokia 7.2 V/s Redmi K20: Twilight Hour Camera Samples

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Hello guys, good evening. In last few weeks, we discussed on Night Mode, Low Light Portraits, Bokeh Test, Complete Darkness, Street Light, Sunset & Silhouette. Today i am here to discuss on Twilight Hour camera samples of Nokia 7.2 & Redmi K20.

First Photograph

Here Nokia 7.2 captured real twilight hour colour far better than Redmi K20's. A big thing which i've spotted in Redmi K20's image is, electricity wire has disappeared at the end (near tree) while Nokia 7.2 didn't compromised on it at all.

Second Photograph

The colour difference of twilight hour is big on with Redmi K20 but Nokia 7.2 captured real colours with details on tree too.

Third Photograph

Nokia 7.2 captured exact colours of sky which looks more pleasing but again Redmi K20 didn't managed to get it.

Fourth Photograph

I will not speak about colours now.

If you'll zoom in, see the moon & tree on right bottom, the details Nokia 7.2 has captured are almost real but image is washed out on Redmi K20.

Fifth Photograph

If you've seen my last discussions, i always give a chance to spectators in last photograph to decide which is best. Please let me know about in comments below.

More comparisons are coming on the way.

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Thank you!


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