Get your data here!

Hi all, What I mean is, get the data that Nokia has about you here:

Get your data here!

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Hi all,

What I mean is, get the data that Nokia has about you here:

It's a useful and enlightening (!) tool, although I can't get the download button to work in either Firefox on Win10 or on Android 8.1. I've not tried other browsers.

Some things are a bit confusing, e.g.

  • Is this the data that Nokia have about me, or that HMD have about me? Or both? Does it include what FIH Mobile know about me?
  • It's clear that the information is from various sources, but it's not fully clear what information is from which source. I have the following sources identified: PROGRAM, FRESHDESK, SUPPORT_APP
  • But it appears that my registration to beta labs is recorded under support app, not the community website which is where I actually that right?
  • There are some things that look like errors, e.g.
    1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

I suggest all Tech Wizards look at their data, they will find field names that make them smile - I did!

Also, what about all the data that Nokia had about me before the phones business was sold to MS but was held in services which were not transferred to MS?

Overall, very good, but please fix the download button.

Cheers :)

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