Immediate crash on boot

Purchased Nokia 6.1 on May 3.

Immediate crash on boot

sircoolio sircoolio

Purchased Nokia 6.1 on May 3. Out of box I had no issues, but in June a system update(?)  was installed that causes my phone to crash at the end of the boot sequence right after the Android Launcher appears. The phone works perfectly in Safe Mode. I've updated to the latest releases over the last 2 months, but that hasn't resolved the issue. I removed all third party applications (except Nokia Mobile Support) and all non-essential Google apps, but that doesn't fix the problem.

I'm not sure what my next steps are? If Safe Mode works, all documentation says it is a third party application problem, but I don't have any installed except Nokia Mobile Support. Should/can I remove this application without impacting phone functionality? What other steps am I missing?

I'm outside the Amazon return window, so I'm now stuck trying to resolve this issue without retailer support.

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