Bugs noticed on Android 10 for Nokia 9 PureView



  • I haven't had these issues, fingerprint seems improved, dark mode works well, more bluetooth options available, still too early to come to any conclusions on battery life. I find camera taking better pick in regular mode...though I have had more freezing after taking pictures in certain modes. Nothing that should keep anyone from upgrading...thats for sure.

  • So I deleted my fingerprint setups and then re-setup my right thumb and index finger. For 2 days they both worked every time and quickly. On the 3rd day reading my thumb began to have many failures ("Not recognized" error) but the index finger was still working fine. By day 4 it refused to recognize my thumb no matter how many times I tried it (with or without moistening my thumb) and the index finger was failing about 30% of the time. Not a clue what is going on. I did enable Face Unlock and setup that feature. It seems to be working OK in normal lighting conditions for now.

    Still not sure why Secure Location works most of the time but then stops and prompts the numeric keypad until I reboot the phone and then it works again for a while.

    When I use my bluetooth headphones I notice the volume is always lower than where it was when I previously used them. Not sure if this is intentional or not. It does allow me to raise (or lower) the volume without issue. Connection to the hands-free in each of my two autos works fine and making or receiving calls works fine. Not noticing any other issues that others have reported like rapid battery drain. Guess I've been lucky.

  • After the update, camera became quite non responsive at time, screen transition/app switch stuck now and again. lock screen notification incorrect. E.g. it tells me I have a missed call, but when I checked call log, the missed call was 2 to 3 days ago and I have already dismissed the notification. Battery seems to drain a little quicker.

  • Car bluetooth disconnects every two minutes during a phone call. No more rapid charging, 0-100% takes over 2 hours. Wireless charging doesn't charge at all, merely keeps the battery level same.

  • Almost all of my problems went when I did a reset to device factory.. In my case getting out that some apps don't go on android 10 The rest is very good.. Fluid as android 9

  • Did a second factory reset. Fingerprint reader got better. Glance view shows everything twice. Two clocks, ghost notifications twice, the lot...

  • My Glance view just started showing the false voicemail icon that others have reported. I'll try doing a factory reset later today.

  • So HMD released an untested version of android for our phones and made them way worse than before... why even bother releasing something so full of bugs?
    1. Camera is slow as a tortoise. takes ages to switch between mode (like it used to do when the phone was released)
    2. Battery life? what battery life? can't even last half a day now! what have you done to make it this bad?
    3. Stuck notification icons on glance view screen!!!!! Missed call from yesterday still shows up!
    4. Apps like messenger crash
    5. Fingertip sensor... nothing changed here.

    i only have ONE pro and that's face unlock which is a bit faster now and more consistent. i don't know if you made any changes to it or it was by accident...

    You are forcing me to switch to a Galaxy S10 Plus tomorrow.
    IF you fix the problems that we ALL face right now and let us UNLOCK THE DAMN BOOTLOADER i might return..
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    Hi all,

    Here's my brief report after three days of living with the Android 10 update:

    • battery life is actually comparable to Android 9, yet Google Play Services REALLY drain the battery
    • performance is more or less the same
    • the camera hasn't crashed on me yet, but exhibits the same occasional freezing and lagging as before
    • face unlock was working well before, still does now
    • I haven't experienced bluetooth issues - works normally with the car and with my headphones
    • the best for last - guess we'll have to suck it up and hope the next update (whenever it comes) takes care of the brilliant always-on screen a.k.a. Glance. Apart from the ghost notification coming from the phone app, it seems to have got lazier - every time I take the phone out of my pocket, it fails to realise it needs to start showing something and stays black. Oh, yeah - although modern OLEDs are far superior to their forefathers, burn-in is still possible, HMD!! It wouldn't hurt to shuffle stuff up and down a bit...

    (Really can't help myself saying this, but boy do I miss my trusty N9!! If only somebody would make a dual-SIM version with current hardware.... *sigh*... Perhaps Jolla can release a SailfishOS build for the Nokia 9 and start selling Sailfish N9 for 79,99 € :-D)

  • Only bug I have is ghost voicemail icon on glance screen. Other icons appear correctly and disappear after clearing.

    Post update had 15 'google' apps update within 24 hours including keyboard, messaging, wellness, etc. Another 10-12 apps also updated. About the same as when moved from Oreo to Pie.

    Battery is normal.

    Camera is same (meh)


  • So I did a hard reset today. Afterwards I now have a false email notification to go along with the false voicemail icon.

    Fingerprint reader let me set up right thumb and index finger but only will only unlock the phone with my index finger.

    Face unlock is still working pretty well. Set up without my glasses but will unlock with my glasses on and wearing a hat as long as the lighting is OK (e.g. not too dark).

    Restore from backup actually does not do a lot of good. It doesn't restore a LOT of settings and also ignores a fair number of apps. The apps is not a big deal since I took screenshots of what I had installed but settings was a different matter.

  • > @ENIO19 said:
    > https://community.phones.nokia.com/discussion/comment/141300#Comment_141300
    > Try To make a hard reset... For me was te solution

    i did that but the problems remain..
  • For those with a really slow interface, try switching to 3-button navigation. It runs way more smoothly for me, for whatever reason.

    It's under Settings -> System -> Gestures -> System navigation.

    Camera app still sucks, but that's no different than Android 9, I guess.

  • Given my Nokia 9 a factory reset and am taking it slow.

  • What a waste of time that was. Did a clean install so no apps, only downloading as and when I need them.

    The camera is once again a complete joke. It is beyond frustrating.

  • Seeing the same issues here:
    - Battery life has become a joke, even when not in use. E.g. didn't use my phone all night, battery dropped from 70% to 4%
    - Ghost notifications, and not always the same ones. Currently have an F-Droid, Tutanota (=email client), and Whatsapp notification on Glance, even though none of them actually have notifications + those apps aren't even running.
  • [{"insert":"Hi, another victim of the Android 10 update.\nCamera slow\nFalse voicemail notification on glance screen.\nLazy glance screen.\nDirect internet access OK but zero internet access as soon as I switch on NoRoot Firewall (both Wifi and GSM).\n"}]
  • [{"insert":"My Nokia 9 is practically unusable after this upgrade. It freezes constantly, the camera app crashes more than it works, and the battery life is so so awful now. Please patch asap or offer rollback option. Shame on you for pushing this out. It is an embarrassment. The dark mode in Android is the only improvement I can point to and it is not worth nearly bricking this phone.\n"}]
  • [{"insert":"Experienced the same drastic battery drain after the upgrade (fell about 1% per minute during use) and finally relented and performed a factory reset. Got to say that seemed to fix the problem, battery's great now. \nAlso had to reload all fingerprints to get it to work properly, which it seems to, as long as you don't rush lifting your finger. Leave it pressed on the reader until it opens. It's slow at about 1 to 2 seconds, but generally works, whereas my Sony Xperia 1, which isn't even under the screen, has become so bad that it's next to useless. \nOverall, still love this phone though. \n"}]
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    I'm seeing mainly the lock screen notifications running at about 2 frames per second. Typing in my passcode is very sluggish (though I can type fast and watch as the animation catches up, then the phone unlocks). Edit: it's the notifications pane in general that is slow. Switching to 3-button navigation as suggested by charles does not seem to have helped.

    Camera keeps freezing but it was doing that before the update. Lately I have been borrowing my wife's Pixel 3a when I want to take a picture in a hurry.

    I have not done a factory reset since I got the phone on release day but enough people say it doesn't help that I'll leave that for a while, I think.

    Let's see what the January update brings...

  • Bugs I have noticed so far:

    Ghost icons in Glance screen, I constantly have a missed call icon visible.

    Camera freezes and sometimes don't even take picture.

    Photo fusion process sometimes make BT connection break (to Garmin F6 Pro and Headphones (Sony)).

    BT needs to be switched off sometimes to reconnect to devices.

    Weired translations ti Swedish (maybe a Google thing)

  • Dears,
    confirmed problem on fingerprint scanner. Keeps saying "fingerprint not recognized".
    Confirmed issues on glance notification, missed calls and WhatsApp notification icon doesn't disappears after the check.
    Hoping in a patch update that may fix this.
  • Anyone noticed when you take you'r N9 to you'r hand, the upper half Screen is flashing Green? It is realy annoying... 😅

    It seems like an Problem with the Low brightness at the glance thing.

    It came with the Android 10 Update.

  • Hello again!

    Things haven't changed much since my last post (no new bugs, yet none seem to have left the scene):

    • Battery: I can't remember if that was yesterday or the day before but, at one point in the afternoon, I noticed it was down to 35% or so. Normally, it would be around 55-60%. Quickly checking the usage - 17% for 9 mins of (drum roll) - Google Play Services! Just for comparison, the next line was for some 40 minutes of active, graphics-intensive game play which took only 9%!!! I thought the game might have used Google Play Services for something. Next test (full charge again), no game - similar results. Final action: Developer tools -> Running processes -> Google Play Services. There were !!!!!13!!!!! active !!!!! Killed all (didn't care if the phone would crash - it didn't), **** 'LocationServices' keeps coming back, although there is nothing location-related enabled either on the phone or in my Google account. The result - battery life went back to normal (as it was with Android 9)
    • Glance: might somehow be related to the above, but today (for about 40 minutes, before I restarted the phone, trying to replicate the "fix") the ghost stuff had vanished!!! Of course, it came back after the restart and I still haven't found what exactly fixed it, but that just confirms the mediocre quality and testing of the Android 10 update. Final thing about Glance - simply locking the phone with the power button has become a bit of a lottery - sometimes the result in what's expected, sometimes it's just a blank screen, other times - it decides to jump in 20 seconds after the fact...

    I really hope an update for the update will get released soon. Or maybe I shouldn't - who knows what kinds of presents it will bring along.....

  • My Nokia 9 can't connect to Wi-Fi at all.

    It can see them, I can put in a password, but doesn't even try to connect.

    It just says could not save this network and then could not connect to the Internet.

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    Quote: "Anyone noticed when you take you'r N9 to you'r hand, the upper half Screen is flashing Green? It is realy annoying... 😅 It seems like an Problem with the Low brightness at the glance thing.<\/p><p>It came with the Android 10 Update.Anyone noticed when you take you'r N9 to you'r hand, the upper half Screen is flashing Green? It is realy annoying... 😅 It seems like an Problem with the Low brightness at the glance thing. It came with the Android 10 Update. "

    Yes. Mine too. I spent a while trying to turn off lift to wake which is in glance settings. Couldn't turn it off (even with glance off) but all of a sudden it has switched itself off. So now I double tap to wake (instead of putting up with that green screen at the top)\n"}]
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    Quote: "Yes. Mine too. I spent a while trying to turn off lift to wake which is in glance settings. Couldn't turn it off (even with glance off) but all of a sudden it has switched itself off. So now I double tap to wake (instead of putting up with that green screen at the top)\n"}]"

    Okay , I thought my display would have been damaged over the last half year. 😅

    I tried to turn it off too , but I won't turn off like you said. Even if it's turned off , something still happen with this lift to wake. A complete Black display with just fingerprint scanner turns on and the upper half screen is flashing once and fast in this weird same green as the fingerprint scanner.

    I hope mine will turn off the next time too. Because it looks like this bug would damage the screen.. 😅

    Just wanted to explain it all little more detailed. It seems like and bug with the glance settings , brightness maybe? I don't know , I hope Nokia fixes this fast. And give us a full release not a beta release. 😉

    Edit: I noticed cracking sounds in games now. Like Pokémon go , Guns of glory and few more.