Bugs noticed on Android 10 for Nokia 9 PureView



  • And now I got the bug in the upper half of the screen. Normally the wallpaper is complete Black. But as you can see on the upper side of the screen is turning grey. And the rest is full black.

    And if you change it to a complete Black wallpaper the upper thing is still grey.

    I hate the Android 10 update. 😂

    Such an expensive device and all these really bad updates, this can just be a really bad joke.

  • I am having all the same issues since the android 10 update. Very slow and jittery, rapid battery drain, incorrect lock screen notifications, etc.

    A rollback to android 9 would be great.

    It amazes me that a simple update can break so many core features.

    Is Nokia trying to pull the same tricks as Apple to force people into buying a new phone?? The hardware in the Nokia 9 should be more than enough to cope with android 10.

  • > @3310 said:
    > I am having all the same issues since the android 10 update. Very slow and jittery, rapid battery drain, incorrect lock screen notifications, etc.
    > A rollback to android 9 would be great.
    > It amazes me that a simple update can break so many core features.
    > Is Nokia trying to pull the same tricks as Apple to force people into buying a new phone?? The hardware in the Nokia 9 should be more than enough to cope with android 10.

    Same here, and camera works randomly, sometime I took photos and couldn't find them later in album.
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    Quote: "Yes. Mine too. I spent a while trying to turn off lift to wake which is in glance settings. Couldnt turn it off (even with glance off) but all of a sudden it has switched itself off. So now I double tap to wake (instead of putting up with that green screen at the top."

    I think I managed to turn it off by switching glance on, switching lift to wake off.\nRebooted\nSwitched lift to wake on
    Switched glance off

    seems to be a legacy 'extra' glance screen that has been left there. I adjusted brightness and that also made no difference.\nIf someone could clarify the system app that controls glance, a clear of cache and storage might also fix it.
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  • After 5 days from a factory reset after the upgrade to 10 I've noticed the following:

    I had the phantom voicemail icon in the Glance screen for a couple of days but then it disappeared and hasn't returned yet.

    The fingerprint sensor has been pretty reliable reading my index finger though it almost completely fails to scan my thumb even though it had no issues during registration.

    My phone does connect to my WPA2 router but it is slower than it was with Android 9.

    Face unlock seems better than I remember on A9 but then I mostly turned it off because is was more a problem than a benefit.

    Battery life seems to be about the same for me but I am not a heavy user. Seen a few quirks in some apps but they are all Google apps and I expect that.

  • Hi, I have some of the same issues after the Android 10 update with the fingerprint and performance. One thing i've noticed was in developer options i can see the Image Fusion Proccess holding 1.8GB of RAM when i wasn't using the camera in the last 8 hours, why?

  • Camera is a NIGHTMARE at the moment. I have to laugh.

  • My Nokia True Wireless Earbuds are now sounding really low when the phones volume is at maximum. They work fine with my computer. Just been on to the 'brilliant' nokia chat support and she suggested I soft reset my phone.

    It's now stuck in a restart loop, 10th time it's done it. Sometimes after a restart it says there is no sim card installed. I can't even swipe to unlock.

  • This update really should've not been released.

    It's really not a beta it's more like an alpha - just to say "we released Android 10 fast for our Nokia phones".

    Just noticed , the camera app, when I shot 1 photo , it's getting laggy as **** and then crashes, with luck the whole phone. Selfie camera + Bokeh , for me, not useable anymore. It is just wow how much they need to fix in this software. And that's not funny anymore "Fast Updates" ? - yes, good updates? Definitely no. The same things are to be told about the 7.1 , which uses my brother.

  • Curious, as I am not getting any crashing. Camera processing is about 5 seconds slower than before. That's the only difference.

  • The whole camera app is shockingly slow. There are only so many times I can clear cache before using it.

    My phone finally stopped rebooting it's self. Was stuck in a restart loop for over an hour.

    Chat support made me do a reset and bring up the command prompt... That failed and I was stuck with a dead android on my screan with a red ! and No Command. While the support person was telling me what to do next, my phone restarted by its self, again. Somehow though that random restart ended the looping.

    Managed to sort the bluetooth sound out with another support person telling me to do a few things with bluetooth in the developer section and clearing yet more cache.

    What a fun Saturday night that was!

  • Hab seid Android 10 auch Probleme. Es sind seid dem Update keine Fotos im Dunkeln mit Blitz möglich. Bzw. Der Blitz funktioniert, allerdings nimmt das "tolle Foto Handy" das Bild wohl nach dem Blitz auf.

    Außerdem bekomme ich jetzt Warnmeldungen wegen Überhitzung. Reproduzierbar bei ca. 5 min Roblox spielen. Das Nokia 9 ist das erste Handy von "Nokia" (hatte vorher das Lumia 930, das 808, das n 8, das E7, N95 Mini... ) Seid über 20 Jahren bin ich der Marke treu, wo ich sagen muss: das hat den Namen Nokia und den Namen Pureview nicht verdient.

  • That's easy for you to say

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    If you use you phone while it's charging it will warm up esp using something like a hotspot. This is not unusual

  • Patches quickly please!

  • I am having problems very similar to what is being described:

    • Molasses Slow Interface, I have noticed 90 -99% memory usage from my normal 40-60% in Android 9. I do not know whats taking up so much memory. I have not installed anything new since the update.
    • Camera crashes and often makes me have to restart before I can access camera. I also notice that the app will make it seem like you took a picture (makes the shutter sound) but it never took/saved it.
    • Battery life is terrible. 4-6 hours with average use, 12 in standby only. But What makes it worst is if I charge my phone from 20% or lower, I will often return to see a "Battery Overheat! Stop Charging!" notification in my notifications. When I usually return to check on it, the phone would have had enough time to cool and resume charging. I am using the factory charger and cable plugged into a surge protector. I'm sure this is not good for the physical battery.
    • While I have not experienced any green flashing/ phantom notifications on glance, I have had issues where glance screen will almost never show, Only when I press the power button to turn on the screen will I see the phone struggle to show glance screen and slowly transition to lock screen. I believe this issue is caused by the slow interface problem.
    • Notifications do come in until I unlock the phone. Email, Security Camera, IMs, Texts, all refuse to reappear until phone is unlocked. Instagram and Google notifications do work normally. Maybe its caused by the reset of app permissions but it should still be checked for.
    • Google messages: I have had this problem since I had this phone, but whenever I send pictures through google messages, It always comes out pixelated. Compared to it being sent via Textra, where it looks as it should. I understand compression needs to be done but when one app sends better pictures than the other, "network compression" cannot be blamed. I also cannot access AT&T visual voicemail in the Phone app.

    One thing I have noticed that improved the interface speed a little bit was resetting all the permissions for the apps.

    As for the improvements I have experienced:

    • Screen Calling in the phone app is great
    • Face Unlock is faster
    • Flashlight can now be turned on even if flash setting is off in camera app.

    I hope future updates can solve these issues. As of 12/26/2019, the phone is a definite "DO NOT RECOMMEND" if anyone asks me.

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    Have you tried a a factory reset after installing 10? Not seeing all these issues with memory and slowness, can you look at the memory and see what is using so much?

    Google messages always compresses, did you turn othe new rcs option in messages to get better pic sizes ? And better chat like features in messages it works with att.

    Do you know what is specifically is using so much battery? Try the gsam battery monitor app to get more specific power usage and temp curves for the device.

    Have you tried the Google's file app to clean the junk files for each app? You can select all and clean at once.

  • Also noticed that the icon, indicating that a photo has combined-lens info, has gone in the photo gallery app.

  • I've done a fresh install on my Nokia 9 and it is not worth the hassle. The issues crop up in less than a day.

  • I can confirm that. Don't try the rest, it's a waste of time.

    Overall it's a buggy software, we need to wait what Nokia is bringing out.

    The problem ist ..I won't turn off features of my phone or try other things like workarounds to get this expensive phone to work.

    It should work now without problems, without doing workarounds and more.

    So hopefully they fix much of this soon.

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    Every phone is different with data and apps,what issues are you seeing after a factory reset, as mine has no memory issues or lag.

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    If data or apps are corrupted during the upgrade to 10, there is nothing unusual about doing a factory reset after a new major version.

  • The camera is still just as bad. I had issues with Bluetooth after I did the clean install. Also my phone went in to a reboot loop for an hour. This was all afer a clean install.

    The whole system is very jittery when opening apps. Nothing is smooth any more. Switching between apps is just painful.

    Today, unlocking my phone took 30 seconds.

    PAINFUL. :-(

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  • Well I seem to have managed to lose the phantom voicemail notification. Had a missed call and then had both phantom voicemail and missed call notifications. Restarted and don't have either any more.

    I'm not willing to try getting a voicemail to test it works again but someone with that issue might like to try missing a call and restarting to see if it was a fluke or not.

  • that method didn’t work for me. it returned.

    i turned off glance view until they fix it.

  • I assume I'm allowed to chime in here. Where do I start? Camera has always been frustrating, but after Android 10 it crashes the phone multiple times a day. I went through a factory reset, which took too many hours, and which I'm still feeling the effects of (settings, apps, etc..). Phone requires constant restart, after becoming unusably slow. Much of the phone is great, but at this point, I just want it to work. Using this phone for business has been a bit of an embarrassment. Honestly, it's my most disappointing phone to date. I've never thought of returning a phone until now. I've lived with it for a year, and I just want to cut my losses. And I where did my hotspot go??

  • Hey ho, looks like I'm by far not alone with the useless camera on Android 10. It's basically unusable and once used, brings the whole phone to a crawl.

    Hopefully we'll see an update soon, as for me, this has so far been the only issue. So long as I never open the camera app, it all behaves ok.

    For me, battery life is better than with Android 9, though I'm rarely a heavy enough user to have problems.

    As much as the camera takes excellent photos when it works, I've always found Nokia camera apps to be unstable on pretty much every Nokia device I've owned which is a massive shame.

  • I have noticed a general slowness to my 9 especially when I unlock with the pin number, the battery drains faster during the day. The general smooth operation of the phone jitters somewhat. Still love android 10 but it needs the bugs addressing asap