Bugs noticed on Android 10 for Nokia 9 PureView



  • I also have the bug with missed call or voice mail notification randomly appearing on glance screen. Can't really say about the battery because I'm using it for two weeks now.

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    The Google security patch of December 1st, 2019 (OTA-installed 2 days ago) has made disappear all Android 10 upgrade issues here as far as I can see. There must have been more in that patch than just security.

    Anyone else with that experience?

  • Did it fix the glance screen notification bug and green screen interference (on lift to wake)?

  • Or perhaps you could tell us everything it has fixed...

  • For me , it doesn't fixed anything. It's just an security update, nothing more.

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    Please explain your issues as o have zero issues on my phone from Android 10. Did you backup and do a factory reset after the update?

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    I do not see these issues after 10 and doing a full reset.

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    My phone is smooth with no issues. I did a backup and factory reset after the update to 10 and I am also using lawnchair2 as my launcher Instead of the default.

  • I did a clean install after the update. It didn't resolve anything.

    Lift to wake - green flashing bug of the screen, in Android 9 anything was fine.

    Camera - laagy as **** , sometime photos don't save and crashes the whole smartphone, overall the whole process takes much more time , sometimes over a minute and my battery is drained to death.

    2 point navigation is buggy , sometimes it works sometime it shows no apps, even if I recently open many apps.

    Overall the whole experience is worse than 9. Cracking sounds in games. Google maps use the earspeaker to guide me through routes and switches sometimes to the normal speaker. Maybe this could be a problem with the app.

    Maybe there are more bugs but I don't use the smartphone actually , I'm waiting for an update. Because the bugs and overall experience is not fun anymore and bother me to much.

    If someone got no problems , happy you. Its a nice phone but with Android 9 and I would love to do a rollback.

  • I'm having all the same issues, seems to be related to Bluetooth on my phone. Gets very laggy and camera crashes a ton. Overall I want to roll it back to Android 9. I just wish they would post a statement that it will be fixed soon. Very tempted to dump this phone soon and get and S10.

  • Hey guys! Good News regarding the Green flashing issue when using Lift to Wake.

    I did a hard reset today to prepare my phone for the next update , so everything is fresh. I don't use it as" daily driver" at the moment.


    I noticed -for me- the lift to wake bug only appears when I use the systemwide "Dark mode" or when I'm using a black/dark Wallpaper. Both brings the flashing green screen.

    Now , with the hard reset, I use the normal "bright mode" and the default wallpaper from the N9 and since then the green flashing screen is gone, maybe a bug with the LED screen and dark colours?

    Maybe it will help to address the peoblem. 😄

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    That must be due to the shadow shown on desktop so that we can read texts in a white background. (Don't know why its still there for dark backgrounds😅). Try changing the launcher to nova and turn off show shadow in desktop.

  • Yes. Battery is also better. Several background apps did not come up with their notifications. That too is solved now.

    However: camera is still buggy.

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    They didn’t roll the patch out to the UK. I imagine they rolled the December patch to a few markets so they can keep pretending it’s an Android one device

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    The UK seems to have approvals that delay rollouts. A released update is avaliable from HMD so it has to be a locality issue.

  • 02/January received Google system update v10.90.16.21. Since then, Glance screen notifications working correctly. This morning has 4 notifications - missed call, weather, text message, and NYT news update. The missed call wasn't a missed phone call, but a missed LINE voice call. After swiping left each notification, Glance screen shows no notification icons.

    So it seems, although Android 10 was released to us earlier than most phones, Google is working out the bugs sending updates through the Play store.


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    Neowin reported Pixel January Security Patch includes the following fixes. The flashlight toggle fix would be welcome on my 9PV.

  • em I had update android10 a month and I got these bugs

    smartlock can't work

    music or sounds break when play games(thanks to HMD I can feel the radio sound quality in 2020),but seems not happened when just use musicplayer

    camera freezed or work slowly

    slow interface when drag icon

    Gestures(give me back the gestures like android9!)(O!K! it maybe not a bug

  • The phone is laggy af after the update, camera occasionally freezes and prevents me to take a shot, and still, no AR Core support. If there is no future update to fix the issues, this is gonna be my last Nokia.

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    Did you do a factory reset after the update? Are you using the stock launcher?

    The camera freezing is this the first shot after opening the camera or is this when doing multiple shots in a row.

  • No, I don't want to do a factory reset after update, if I have to do that, what's the meaning of OTA update?

    The camera occasionally miss the initial shot when I open the app, and plus, Nokia has to improve the performance of the camera. I paid so much for this penta-cam phone, and turns out the image quality is worse than an iPhone or a Pixel.

  • Working fine for me except for the varied and numerous spurious notifications on the lock screen.

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    Google Maps voice navigation has been faulty since the update. Have tried many things to put it right like resetting the phone, reset Google Services and Maps app. Tried via Android Auto and maps on their own. Bluetooth no Bluetooth. Music running as well or not. Some of the commands are inaudible, others are fine. Here Maps and Waze work fine. I also get random notifications on the lock screen. Hopefully will get fixed soon.

  • This Telefon is awful. Now with Android 10 the lock display ist annoying slow and this keeps on with all other menu bars from Android. The apps are fine when you are in one. The main argument for me on this Telephone was the camera but it keeps hanging up when I need it fast from the lock display, the phone even reboots for its self because the camera is not working. Videocalls with Google Duo stop working by long calls, the camera shows nothing else but a black display, if you dare to change to the opposite camera the phone hangs up and restarts.

    I bought my wife a Nokia 7.1 thinking it will be ok, it is almost but the camera is a pain, it is focusing all the time, it is not possible just to take a fast snapshot and the moment is gone. How can hmd Nokia keep doing it wrong. I am not buying a 3rd Nokia in the future.

  • I've narrowed down the wrong battery behavior to be wifi related.

    I've tested the battery consumption overnight, so totally idle, in airplane mode, carrier data only, wifi only and I've got these results:

    7 hrs in airplane mode: -2%

    7 hrs in carrier only: -8%

    7 hrs with wifi only: -25%

    7 hrs with both wifi and carrier: -28%

    Can anyone confirm?

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    Did you perform a factory reset after the update to 10? What launcher are you using the stock one?

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    I will pay close attention on the next long trip I take with Google maps this weekend. Are the command not happening , too quiet, or distorted?

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    Can you try to do the WiFi only in safe mode overnight to see if some app or combo of apps is causing the wifi to be so active.

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    I received this morning a mint used Nokia 9 PureView on which Android 10 had been loaded.

    I am probably tempting fate by writing this, but so far everything, except for the finger print sensor which is working 80-90% of the time, has been running smoothly.

    Voice activated Google Maps has been flawless.

    Apart from heat being generated in processing RAW + JPEG files the time being taken to write them is more than acceptable.