Nokia 6.1 Plus automatically shuts down while playing any file that has an audio output.

My Nokia 6.1 Plus shuts off automatically while playing any file formats which has sound. This includes - Nokia Startup jingle, any video with sound, music files, phone ringtone, and sometimes the caller's sound as well. It takes two or three attempts to restart on its own as the mobile turns off while the Nokia jingle plays during the startup.

I talked to customer care and tried rebooting, soft reset and hard reset. Cleared cache memory as well.

The phone is working fine when you play the audio on the earphone or blue tooth speaker. Which is why I am quite confused about the issue.

Also, not all the voice gets distorted while playing. Small frequency sounds or lights sounds are audible while high pitch sounds are getting cancelled. As a result, the sound comes out in bits and pieces until it turns off on its own.

Any idea about this issue? Does anyone else has the same problem with their device?


  • Yes i had the issue like this but after sometime the shut down became random even without any sound from speaker

    I replaced the battery that issue was resolved but now there is a high battery drain , i dont know if it is due to November security patch or my device having some other internal complaint

  • Update:

    I changed the battery last day suspecting it's a battery issue and now the problem is resolved.

    Also, @user1537425629441, my battery is running fine here unlike what you faced. So maybe it's a software update issue.

  • My nokia 6.1 phone automatically switching off while occur any sound or vibration. While I start to play any videos or any music and in the use of loudspeaker the phone automatically switching off also. I did the hard reset but my problem is still same as before. Once it gets switched off it can't be switched on after many times attempt. It gets switched on only in charging mode . Please solve my problem

  • Please help me immediately

  • d-mi
    d-mi ✭✭✭

    Battery fuse busted, service center will suggest to change battery which costs 1600-1700, go to local shop they will short the fuse in a very low cost.

  • My Nokia 6.1 developed the issue after three years of purchase, during past three months. The problems had been many- auto restart/rebooting during video call, in camera app while shooting video, using Google map for direction and even sometimes merely opening the camera app. Even sometimes once the rebooting starts, it was not completing fully and in between again getting shut down. These are all random even with good battery charge level.

    I did Factory reset twice and all sort of tricks. Later on visiting the service center I was informed that this type of problems are appearing in this particular mobile due to faulty Power control IC. They changed the IC board and now my mobile functioning perfectly. Thought of sharing.


  • When talking all of a sudden my phone shuts off. I have a x 100