Increasingly Buggy & Painful Experience

Contrary to this phone getting better with time as per HMDs tagline and contrary to the promises of fixes for users that were all greatly let down by the astonishingly subpar quality of the fingerprint scanner, camera, and widespread stability issues, this phone is actually aging worse and worse to the point where it is excruciating to use as a daily driver or for photos at all.

Increasingly Buggy & Painful Experience

Sisu Matt Sisu Matt
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Contrary to this phone getting better with time as per HMDs tagline and contrary to the promises of fixes for users that were all greatly let down by the astonishingly subpar quality of the fingerprint scanner, camera, and widespread stability issues, this phone is actually aging worse and worse to the point where it is excruciating to use as a daily driver or for photos at all.

When the large update fix came out a long time ago that addressed the camera not working at all when the battery was in the 20s or lower and trying to improve the fingerprint scanner I saw some general stability improvements. I could for the most part take photos when the battery was 25% and lower but there would still be hangs and glitches, especially with video.

The finger print scanner never improved despite deleting data and rescanning multiple times on multiple occasions. This is after having to now put up with a broken night light which HMD has never admitted to as they tried to keep the blue light levels and screen brightness levels higher to try and help the fingerprint scanner which obviously has had no impact in the real world.

Now after successive security and other updates the experience has been going further down hill. Every single occasion I use the camera at any charge it will hang and even crash the app. I will take a photo and go to take another and the viewfinder and app freezes. Around half the instances the phone will reboot. In about a third of the instances it won't have actually saved the photo meaning I have lost moments and memories.

My phone is now around 90% storage full and it seems the phone is more unstable the more memory is taken. However, it really shouldn't be an issue with that much free storage left.

With the Android 10 update general bugs and stability are even worse! Battery life has drastically decreased. Glance screen keeps random icons for notifications despite none being there. When using the two button navigation system for gestures when on the home screen you can no longer switch through apps by dragging the disc.

Quality control with software is frankly terrible. Also experienced a large number of bugs with updates on 8.1, 7.1, 8 Sirocco, 8, and 6.

Further to this, specific bugs have never been fixed from day one. From launch my flashlight will work half the time, the other half of the time the toggle for it is greyed out and I can't select it unless I restart the phone.

Now the 9PV is honestly totally unusable. I have missed many photo and video moments. People see my phone freezing and crashing and laugh at it. It's really a sour taste in the mouth of a lifelong Nokia fan and user that has stuck through thick and thin.

No one else could feasibly use this phone and put up with it. I cannot recommend any of these phones to anyone anymore. It is embarrassing. For the first time I'm looking for alternatives ASAP.

This is because HMD has not lived up to their promise to fix issues and they consistently deliver poor experiences and bugs with updates.

Due to the camera and fingerprint scanner hardware components I think it is clear this phone is inherently flawed and that these issues can't be fixed with software.

There should be a great deal of support care for purchasers of this phone and HMD needs to excersie some honesty and show some goodwill to the fans that have bought it and suffered this!

They have tried to innovate and make a flagship experience for their fans and a halo product for their brand but it's doing the exact opposite of both those things. It is alienating fans and attracting negative press from every news and tech outlet due to it being a greatly unstable, over promised and under delivered, non competitive experience.

I have put up with it from launch in the UK and this is the first time I have commented on this as now I'm finally at breaking point. I really tried to love this thing and give HMD the benefit of the doubt for trying something new and hopefully delivering good updates! My loyalty has been the opposite of rewarded.

There aren't that many 9PV users out there (good for HMD) so I expect things should be put right for us.


  • youhippy youhippy
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    That was a lot to get off your chest. You are not alone! I feel exactly the same way and have been struggling with my N9PV since the start. The new update has only slowed the device down. The camera is, still as ever, very shocking. I'm looking forward to March 2020 so I can get myself the cheaper iPhone. Sure I won't have the freedom with android, but I'll have something that will work.

  • Sisu Matt Sisu Matt
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    Thanks for replying. It certainly was! Considering nearly complete radio silence on these issues it's nice to know I'm not insane and it's not just my phone either.

    What's most tragic here is HMD is only hurting their most loyal fans, the Nokia brand, and their own prospects.

    I can only hope that people react and comment to posts like this so HMD know this is a real issue still for all of us.

  • Sisu Matt Sisu Matt
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    I see many other posts on here where 9PV users are complaining about the same issues, equally frustrated, and even trying to sell their devices.

    @HMDLaura and anyone at HMD - where is our support?

  • Sisu Matt Sisu Matt
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    I am gobsmacked at lack of response from anyone at all from HMD.

    Disheartened and discontented. Count me out!

  • praveenp praveenp
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    I got my 9PV as a prize from Nokia. And I received a FAULTY device right out of the box. It had a strange RED TINT on its display right below the FP Scanner level, and due to that, on a white screen, the display was half red and half white. When I reached the service center, they at first refused to fix it as it was a device that was not billed, so didn't had any document that can prove that it was sold to me. After talking for nearly 3 hours at the service center as well as the HMD Office in India, they agreed to REPAIR it instead of replacing it. They never agreed to replacing it and told that I am their first ever 9PV customer who reported this issue and it can't be a manufacturing defect as all their devices are thoroughly went through a QC procedure, overall, they never accepted that their device can have any fault. (I wonder what would happen if somebody pays for this device and gets such an issue, and as per HMD policy, will not get any sort of replacement, just a repair. He'd get a heart attack that he paid the original price for a device that isn't original any more)

    Finally, sent it for 8 days, and got it repaired. So in a way, I am using a BRAND NEW SECOND HAND DEVICE at present.

    Lately, I too have started experiencing certain software issues now.

    The Flashlight icon is getting grayed after every few minutes/hours (honestly I don't know when it happens). I have to open the camera and take a photo using flash so that once the flash lights up and the button gets revived, only to be grayed out after some time.

    In the camera too, when I switched to Square Mode, then upon clicking a photo using front camera, the photo is distorted, like sliced into many parts and every slice misaligned such that my half nose is going up and half is going down. And at the bottom of the image, it is having a sort of greenish distortion, similar to what we see when a video on CD gets stuck while playing.

    The third issue being that when I click any photo using Depth Mode ON, that photo doesn't opens up in the gallery. It continue to show that circle and forever loads. Even right now too, in my gallery, I have 200 photos, and nearly 30 of them are displayed as white/blank as they never load. Due to this, I lost many photos that were good to work on.

    I don't use the FP scanner, as it never unlocked my phone in first 5-6 attempts. Even setting it up took 15-20 minutes as it was not registering the print.

    After reading the Android 10 issues post, I have finally decided to let this update wait as much as possible and continue with Pie, because its pretty evident that HMD as per its track record, won't be interested in working upon any issues reported by users.

    And I agree to those embarrassing situations in front of friends who think a device from a reputed brand and a powerful camera setup will surely get the bet photos, but actually end up being a beautiful brick.

    What may be surprising to hear that No person in my city has ever heard or seen this phone, even the service center people asked me which phone is this as they never seen any user coming for 9PV. I roamed the city for its back cover, and as expected, not even the biggest mobile showrooms had it, and many even saw this phone for the 1st time ever (their staff actually gathered to see the phone with 5 camera :D ).

    HMD is actually just fulfilling its liability as a maker of Android One smartphones by just giving security updates. They are actually on the policy of launch-and-forget, else they'd have hired better developers who continue to give better upgrades and updates on software front. Even 1 year old brand like RealMe give regular camera and other feature updates within 1 month of them launching a device.

    There is a false illusion in HMD & Nokia that people will trust the brand name and purchase their phones, when the reality is that smartphone market is now more about word-of-mouth than brand value. The brand that gives the best features in the best price, is preferred.

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Exact same issue here on my Nokia 9 PureView with flash light. I open the camera then close it to make flashlight icon work again and this is very annoying when I need to use flash light.

    Didn't face other bugs you said and they might be random bugs and I hope they don't pop up on my 9PV.

    About the 9PV popularity, I agree no one knows what this device is. Yesterday a person asked me if this was some Samsung phone. I said this is Nokia to which he asked me the model and i said Nokia 9. Yes, the phone is less popular and people instantly gather to see the 5 camera blue monster. 😃

    But HMD needs to fix the bugs. I hope they don't leave it unattended just like the Nokia 8 and 8 Sirocco. 😞

    I agree with you on what you said. They have to listen to the users. 😣

  • You have to bomb the Sarvikas nad Nokia Moible Twitter accounts with complaints, maybe it will force them to do something about it. And by the way we will warn others not to be fooled by their tricks, before they will spend their money for HMD products

  • praveenp praveenp
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    You are in a FALSE illusion my friend.

    Neither Mr. Juho, nor any other official of HMD/ Nokia care to listen to any user who complains. However, if you praise Nokia or any of their device/service, you are 100% sure to get a LIKE/RETWEET from them.

    I have tweeted a lot about my Nokia 7 Plus which was actually a BAIT by Nokia to extract money in the name of brand. This device was brutally murdered and never cared by the company... Not even for 1 year of its launch. You will not find this device anywhere now, not even on some segments of the official websites' support pages. I think it was a testing device to check whether people are willing to spend a good amount of money on a mediocre smartphone which offers same specs at double the price of its competitors. I tweeted a lot about problems faced, but none was addressed/ entertained by anyone. Sadly, a great device is now just a liability as apart from those security updates, it never got any other update after the last camera update in October 2018. And next year, by April/May, its 2 year period will get over, and Nokia will officially announce stopping it's further support.

    So bombing with tweets related to issues of any device, particularly their so-called flagship device 9PV, will also get lost in thousand of tweets they get. None will get any attention. Just search "9 Pureview" on twitter, you'll find a lot of tweets by users explaining their issues, but none will be addressed, until it talks about some positive points or praises the device.

  • I am perfectly aware of the fact that HMD ignores criticism and that there is a lot of it.As one of the "victims" of HMD maketing, titled "Nokia 9 PV", I have posted more than one such tweet myself and I know this reaction. As you can see, there are not enough of them. It should set up their accounts on such a scale , that will not allow being ignored. HMD is not a company loyal to customers ,but a predator trying to pull out as much as possible. I don't think that this business model should be loved. Rather, it should be stamped.But I am also aware that this model is unfortunately and more common.

  • Brock D Brock D
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    Android 10 on Nokia 9 is embarrassing and frustrating. I really want to like Nokia, but they are making it hard. I may leave Nokia for my next phone.

  • youhippy youhippy
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    If it doesn't improve by the time the iPhone SE2/9 comes along in March, I may jump ship and move back to apple.

    I haven't had an iPhone since the iPhone 6. Moved over to the dying Windows 10 Mobile and from there had a Nokia 8 and then Nokia 9.

    But as you have said, it's really hard to like something when all it provides is frustration.

  • youhippy youhippy
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    (I'm giving them a few months to get their act together... Also can't afford to get a top tier iPhone)

  • neilk neilk
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    The Nokia 9 is my first Nokia branded phone since the Symbian days so I'll be waiting too hoping they get it together before I decide which maker to go with for a 5G device.

  • Sisu Matt Sisu Matt
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    Further to the post above things continue to get worse. The notification center and lock screen are both lagging to the point of being unusable. Battery life is getting worse continually. The phone now gets extremely hot.

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