Forgetting Wifi settings?

 Hi, from time to time I have to reenter the password for my home or workplace wifi access. Has anyone experienced this?



  • Jannis
    Jannis ✭✭✭

     Yes, it seems to be a common problem. Some people say this problem appears after a restart.

  • abbas
    abbas ✭✭✭

     None for me so this could be a country-by-country case.

  • agi
    edited August 2018

    For me the problem it's clear. If I enter: Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced Settings -> Manage Networks -> Known Networks, it't always empty with the message "No known networks". Even after just joining a Wifi network!!

  • I have the same problem as Agi. Joined Wifi networks have never been saved. When ever I go Manage Networks -> Known Networks, the Wifi is immediately disconnected and it shows only "No known networks" like what mentioned by Agi. (software version
  • I just bought a nokia 6300 TA1286 and I have the same issue in 2023. It is very painful and from the site I see that the first issue was in 2018 so how come this issue is still there now. Please tell me there is an existing fix.