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Hey, i have recently tried to backup and restore my Nokia 2.2 and unfortunately i can not restore my Modem.img

I was wondering if Nokia offers a way to unlock the Nokia 2.2 bootloader so i can restore my stock backup.

I have seen unofficial methods of Flashing Aboot and allowing Unlock on device's like Nokia 3

So far, Nokia 2 - Nokia 2.1 - Nokia 3 - Nokia 6 All have official & unofficial ways to unlock, however not the Nokia 2.2

I have talked with fellow developers and they suggested that i request the kernel source code in compliance with the Android open source project.

Is it possible that nokia could allow the 2.2 version to unlock bootloader, rather than me requesting the source code and building it myself.


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    There is no official or unofficial method to unlock the bootloader on Nokia 2.2. I have tried for days in vain. So, your best bet is to get flash service from Nokia care.

  • They need to support the official version unlock.... Even Google says "AVB 2.0 should be broken when necessary - well it's necessary for me"

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    Bootloader Unlock Achieved

    This bootloader unlock method is not supported by the manufacturer, if you cannot already tell by the comment "There is no official or unofficial method to unlock the bootloader on Nokia 2.2. I have tried for days in vain. So, your best bet is to get flash service from Nokia care."

    After getting a new device i have started to look at the possibility of unlocking the bootloader again, i have finally found a way to achieve the unlock.

    STEP 1

    First you must erase the entire device and flash a newer firmware to overwrite the stock bootloader - this step requires some experience with SP Flash Tool and MediaTek CPU Devices.

    • Backup your Complete ROM by using "ReadBack" and "Memory Test" for total memory information.
    • Download Unlockable ROM Firmware
    • Extract Firmware to New Folder
    • Open SP Flash Tool and Select Scatter File - "MT6761_Android_scatter.txt"
    • Select Erase Tab and Clear Everything including Bootloader.
    • You will see that some images are unselected - select the empty section for the path and then navigate to the files that are missing - wt_custom images should select custom.img
    • Now you have everything selected with files in their respective path's, select Firmware Upgrade
    • Wait until failure on WT_CUSTOM selection
    • Unselect wt_custom and all previous images so only the NON flashed images are selected
    • Select Download Mode instead of Firmware Upgrade and Download the Remaining Images
    • WT_Custom_b might fail, so do the same as before - remove the selection from the download que and all previous flashed images.

    STEP 2

    This step requires some previous experience with ADB Android Debug Bridge and more importantly Fastboot.

    • Unplug USB from Nokia 2.2 and then Plugin USB Again
    • Wait for device to reboot a few time until you get RED STATE - BOOT IMAGE INCORRECT
    • Hold Volume Down + Power Key to start Fastboot Mode
    • Start Fastboot on your PC and run the following commands.
    fastboot flashing unlock
    fastboot flashing unlock_critical
    fastboot flashing lock_critical
    fastboot flashing unlock_critical
    fastboot flashing unlock_
    fastboot oem unlock

    Press Volume + to Accept after 5 seconds

    fastboot rebooot

    STEP 3

    This step requires you to now restore all the original backup images using the unlocked bootloader, therefore retaining the Unlocked State.

    You need to extract all the images from your rom backup using something like "WwR MTK" software.

    Once you have all images split from the Stock Firmware, flash them back using the Unlocked Bootloader in Fastboot.

    SP Flash Tool & Download Only Mode should Retain the New Unlocked State.

    From RED State to ORANGE State Conversion, working my way back to Green.

    Nokia 2.2 TA-1191 Bootloader Unlocked with Fastboot

  • Wow, the procedure looks cursed.

    How could they come up such strange method?

    Anyway, can I repost this procedure into the Wiki? Of course will refer you.

  • What a **** bugged phone

  • The procedure was insane - the main part was finding the Insecure boot.img that allows Unlocking the bootloader.

    It took until 2021 to find a dumped image online that had an unsecured boot.

    The problem was flashing the unsecured boot by itself didn't work because the security partitions.

    I needed to erase the security by erasing everything, after that I could install the firmware and bypass SecBoot to enable Unlocked State ( ORANGE ).

    After looking back, it seems the OEM Unlock command is enabled in the RED State.

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    Android 10 2400 OTA Update Dumped and Flashed.


    I'm using it now after a year in the draw with Android 10 Updates.

  • @Woke_World How you achieve green state, Please tell me in easy way or tell the steps. I bricked my nokia 2.2 and cannot achieve green state. Please show the steps.