Bluetooth Codec Issue, When selecting Aptx from Developers Option it Reverts back to SBC

Dear Nokia, I have Nokia 8. Its running Android 9 with security patch level: 1 October 2019.

Bluetooth Codec Issue, When selecting Aptx from Developers Option it Reverts back to SBC

mybhutta99 mybhutta99
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Dear Nokia,

I have Nokia 8. Its running Android 9 with security patch level: 1 October 2019.

Recently I bought Sony 5.1 Home Theater System (HTC) with a Bluetooth support of AAC codec. I have issue with Bluetooth codecs. When I connect my Nokia 8 to my Sony HTS ,its connects and shows the codec as SBC. I go to developer options and in Bluetooth audio codec section I found there are plenty of Bluetooth Codecs like SBC, AAC, Qualcomm aptX audio, Qualcomm aptx HD audio, LDAC etc. My Sony HTS supports only SBC & AAC codec. When I changed codec from SBC to AAC it changed but revert back when i play a song. I have no clue what to do.

I checked this issue on Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 6.2 and all nokia mobiles have same issue.

When I connect Samsung or any other brand mobile with my Sony HTS they work perfectly on both SBC and AAC codes.

So long story short I think all Nokia smartphone with Android 9.0 have the same issue. Nokia please resolve this issue. I am helpless on this issue.

Anyother member who have faced this issue kindly share your experience.



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    @mybhutta99 ,

    I suggest install a proper music player, the in-built Google player has several shortcomings.

    In its settings try direct hardware output, or try the hi-res and dithering settings. It makes a big difference even in my old ears if the source audio is high quality(!)

    Test it to see if it meets your expectations before paying a reasonable amount of money.

    -- Hans

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    Thanks for your reply. I install Poweramp Music Player (PAMP) and also checked other music players. It is very good player with lots of useful tweaks. But my problem has not solved. PAMP shows output as 24bit 96 khz. But in output device with my Blu-Ray Home Theater System it show SBC 16 bit 48 Khz. I want to play codec in AAC format because it contains more data then SBC.

    Pics are attached.

    I think its Nokia software issue because I I have not this issue on other mobiles except Nokia.

    Should I try to downgrade my firmware from Andriod 9.0 to 8.0. Maybe this way solves the issue?

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    Thanks for testing and clarifying. AptX (as in the subject) should work (* when connected to an aptX compatible accessory), but aac and Sony's ldac is more hit and miss.

    There may be a setting in the Sony HTS to allow high bitrate transfer over SBC? (Or it runs higher automatically when the phone is nearby). The transfer rate with SBC can be up to 350 kbps which is plenty for HD stereo audio.

    The main advantage of aac is to avoid recompression, but that's a benefit mostly if the music is already encoded in aac as on an iPhone, typically.

    AptX is Qualcomm's take on Bluetooth audio transmission to reduce the processor load and minimize the latency (delay).

    Bluetooth has become a can of worms with different more or less proprietary standards, sadly. One standard is not necessarily better than the other. Trust your ears?

    -- Hans

  • mybhutta99 mybhutta99
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    I checked Sony HTS settings

    and I found there are two codec support for bluetooth. SBC and AAC. I selected AAC in settings and connect Samsung phone which played perfectly AAC codec at a bit rate of 314Kbps. In the same setting I connected my Nokia 8 but it only plays SBC. Pictures are attached.

    I try most popular audio players and checked every setting but cant get AAC from Nokia 8. Even in Developers Option. I changed setting but when play a song it revert back to SBC.

    I checked new Nokia 6.2 but same result found. Nokia?

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    Same problem here to

  • Halera Halera

    Nokia 6.2 shouldn't work when you choose AAC, because Nokia 6.2 hasn't got ACC codec.

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    Advanced Audio Codec is part of the MPEG2 and MPEG4 specifications, and is an industry standard. The discussion here is about AAC over Bluetooth, which is not supported in pure Android.

    The workaroud that works for me is a Cromecast dongle and VLC player set to 'let the TV handle audio' in its broadcast settings.

    VLC streams locally stored audio and video without hiccups. The audio quality of home-encoded 'high quality' ~200 kbits/sec .m4a / AAC audio files over WiFi sounds identical to the CD records it came from, where all my attempts with Bluetooth end up sounding 'muffled' when playing on a pair of vintage KEF loudspeakers, even in my old ears.

    More about AAC:

    -- Hans

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