Call Distortion since update to Android 10

I see posts of people saying some sound on their device is distorted since the update.

Call Distortion since update to Android 10

mikedig mikedig
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I see posts of people saying some sound on their device is distorted since the update. But I haven't seen anyone mention distortion during phone calls specifically.

Is anyone else experiencing this? It happens during some outgoing calls, but not all. Not sure if it also happens during incoming calls. But the distortion happens both while the phone is dialing/ringing and after the party picks up.


  • I am experiencing this issue as well. Anyone that calls me or who I call all sound distorted and like chipmunks. I have done a full factory reset and tried using 3rd party dialing apps and none of these have solved the issue.

  • Having this same issue, I use TracFone service which I use a T-Mobile SIM card,.I have contacted TracFone and still keep having these issues, also getting numerous Cp client messages.

  • retroalli retroalli
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    I'm experiencing this issue as well. Tried to make a phone call for the first time and it's nothing but chirping and chipmunks.

  • retroalli retroalli
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    After finding a page on Google's support site about this issue, I turned off VoLTE (in network settings) and I can make calls once again. Nothing Nokia support has had me try has worked.

  • mikedig mikedig
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    Interesting. I tried turning VoLTE off, but the issue still happened sometimes, though sometimes it was fine.

    So then I tried turning different settings off and on. The only time I didn't have the issue was when I had both VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling off. With these settings off, I made 10 calls in a row with no issue.

    Is your Wi-fi calling already off? Or is it working for you with Wi-fi calling on?

  • RThomp901 RThomp901
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    12/26/19 - I have the same issue since the update. Im using a Nokia 7.1 cell phone. When I attempt to call anywhere, all I hear is "Chipmunks" while dialing and slight variance in the sound of the chipmunks when people answer and speak. Other people confirm they can hear me .....but I am unable to hear anything but chipmunk garbage. I have not tried a Hard Reset or called T-Mobile or Nokia.

  • I have a fix for the chipmunk sounds, turn speaker on and back off again, when making the call the chipmunk sounds stop right away.

  • bravejonny bravejonny
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    mikedig: turning voLTE and wifi calling off in settings --- WORKS

    Vincent D Salerno: turn speaker on and off during calling --- WORKS

    I got chipmunk sound, after updating to android 10, (nokia 6.1 : T-mobile/TracFone) when calling voicemail. I had no other sound issues besides the calling.

    Either solution fixes problem 😊

  • Nokia help please read this! I spent a hour on chat and wiped my phone 3 times. This would have taken 10 minutes to resolve! Thank you everyone for sharing.

  • My brother and my wife both had this problem, and during a call, switch to speaker phone and back, and that should solve the issue.

  • Jack92 Jack92
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    Hi, same problem here. People which speak with me heard an echo of own voice. How can i turn off VoLte and VoWifi? I dont find in network settings :(

  • Just wanted to chime in on this thread to mention I've been experiencing the same issue (Nokia 7.1). Calls are completely garbled until I toggle the speakerphone on and off again. VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling don't seem to be related.

    Would love to see a fix for this, HMD!

  • Chad Urvig Chad Urvig
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    My girlfriend and I have the same phone and her's has this issue and mine does not. She makes and receives quite a few calls so it's very inconvenient for her. She's not very happy about it and she may never use a Nokia phone again if it doesn't get fixed.

  • gm123 gm123
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    If you still have the problem turn VoLTE off and switch to 3G in network type.

  • Jack 2 Jack 2
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    Are people still having this problem, or has it been fixed? I'm looking at buying a Nokia 7.1, but don't want to get one if it's got this issue...

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