December 2019 update (1.41F) - OTA installation issue

Hi, I 'm trying to update my Nokia 4.2 phone currently in 1.41E firmware with december patch (1.41F) but i have an OTA error message telling me that installation has failed.

December 2019 update (1.41F) - OTA installation issue

Manu31 Manu31
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I 'm trying to update my Nokia 4.2 phone currently in 1.41E firmware with december patch (1.41F) but i have an OTA error message telling me that installation has failed.

I looked at content of downloaded OTA zip patch and in metadata file i can see:



It seems that this patch is an incremental update from 1_41D to 1_41F...

Any other person having same issue with last published OTA update ?

Same issue by trying to manually install OTA patch from recovery mode.


  • badger810 badger810
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    My 4.2 in the UK updated without any issues with the December patch, but after the update it is showing the phone on 00EEA_1_41B_SP02.

  • Same here!!! 66.1 mb keeps failing to update... Can we get any answers or a fix??

  • Maria F. Maria F.
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    Exactly the same problem! While trying to download the security patch 2009-12, it says "the installation will continue when the phone is in use. If you want to download now press continue". When i do, it makes an attempt and after a few seconds an "installation problem" message appears. Both with wi-fi and data. Several times. It has stuck on November 5 update. What's wrong?

  • Same to me. 66.1 mb download, update failed.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Looks like an issue with the update server. Dear @HMDLaura can you please pass this to a relevant team?

  • dan papuc dan papuc
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    same issue here.

  • xaviercm xaviercm
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    Same problem here (France).

    Update package (security patch 2019-12 / 66,1MB) has been downloaded but installation failed.

    Seem to be an package integrity problem indeed ...

  • telefunken telefunken
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    Having the same problem. Spoke to support via chat, they had me clear storage and cacge for Google Play Services and Carrier Services while in safe mode.. didn't work. Then they made me do a factory reset and retry the above.. still no luck. Now they say I may have to send it in and made me fill in the form to that effect. Waiting to see if a packing slip comes to my inbox.

    Anyone have any luck??

    Also in France with a 66.1mb file if that means anything...

  • jin7 jin7
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    Same problem here, "Problème d'installation".

    maj sécu 12.2019

    nokia 4.2

  • The same on two Nokia 4.2 phones in the Czech Republic. Update size is also 66.1MB.

  • Phil33 Phil33
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    Same problem in France with two Nokia 4.2 , both build 00EEA_1_41E.

    Download is also 66.1 MB, tried Wifi and 4G.

    Tried soft resets/ safe - recover mode/ wiping out of caches and storage spaces of several apps / and finally factory resets without any result.

    Patch is downloaded and tries to install itself after a few minutes, a few hours or a few days but fails to install.

    If I try to force the installation with "Reprendre" it fails also. 

    Each time error screen "Mise à jour Impossible".

  • Loïc Guilloux Loïc Guilloux
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    Same for me for a French Nokia 4.2 bought in December 07th for my son..... I have reinitialized the Smartphone to be sure after Android Pie Update and I got the same message.... After that, I went in the shop to change the device by a new one.... Same issue, I got the Android Pie Update and then after the installation of this update of 66.1 Mb failed......

    It's a bad surprize especially because my wife and me have 2 Nokia (6.1 and 7+) and we are very happy of these 2 devices and their updates....

    I hope Nokia "HMD Global" will solve this issue quickly....

  • Same problem here with update package size 66,1 MB. The official update package size is 74.48 MB.

  • georgesgiralt georgesgiralt
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    Hi !

    Same problem here in France with 2 Nokia 4.2 Phones. I chatted a long time with Nokia and the made me clear a lot of cache, try without any SIM inside, try in recovery, all the works. Still the message "Installation impossible".

    They took both EMEI (two phones) and promised to get back with a solution on my email.

    This was before Christmas (if I remember correctly, December 20th or 23rd) and still no news.

    If I do not get any news at the end of the next week, I'll try to chat with them because the phone keeps saying the update has failed and so I always have a notification I can't clear on the screen... Boring.

  • Dimitris K. Dimitris K.
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    Athens, Greece: Same here too.

  • Hi!

    Hungary Nokia 4.2 DS

  • Phil33 Phil33
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    I also discussed the problem around mid of december with the support team by chat and mail. They were quite nice et they tried to help me as far as they could. But the issue always remained the same and they sent the question to the technical team.

    These days, I noticed that some other recent updates of Google apps (Maps, Duo) had difficulties to install. About Maps I had to wipe out Google Play and Google Play Services cache and storage and reboot, and for Duo I finally uninstalled it. I don't know if it is linked to the same problem.

    So if a member of the HMD Nokia team looks at these posts, it would be helpful to have some feedback about this issue :

    - is the origin of the problem identified or at least some common features (which countries, what about the size of the update, is it limited to specific series of phones , ...) ?

    - the more important : would-it be possible to have an idea of the date for a new update fixing the issue ?

    - is-it useful that we go back to the support team to have new informations ?

  • Kushan11196 Kushan11196
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    No update issue in my 4.2

  • Do you have remember the size of the installation package?

  • Elle fait 66,1 MB

  • WAusJackBauer WAusJackBauer
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    Completely unrelated but how do I make my own thread/discussion?

    Do I have to have a certain amount of posts first?

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Actually not. You just need to be registered for 24 hours before you can start a new discussion/thread. This was implemented after a lot of bot spam here.

  • foivoz foivoz
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    The same problem in Greece. And I can figure out what's going on. I bought an android one phone to have the latest updates. And we don't even know the problem?

  • you5 you5

    Again, same issue, France.

    66,1 mb update dec

  • Phil33 Phil33
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    The chat support said me that the technical team would send back a mail but I have nothing.

    Does someone know if they are trying to fix this update issue or not ?

    Has someone contacted the support again since beginning of 2020?

  • I have EXACTLY the same problem as all my fellow victims above.

    I specifically bought the Nokia 4.2 to have the LATEST SOFTWARE updates.

    An absolute DISGRACE that people who contacted support haven't heard back from them.

    Now, Nokia, what are you going TO DO about the: "Nokia 4.2 Google update problem"?

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