Nokia 7.2 won't open jpg, MP3, MP4 files

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Having same problem. Camera takes pics, can't view after. Grey placemarkers for files and error msg can't open files.

If I do a factory reset will my photos stored in internal memory and SD card all be lost?



  • hfl
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    Have the same problem.

    It looks like I can't open New Year's photos. Does anyone have a solution?

  • I can't open camera photo and mp3 and mp4 file in my nokia7.2 its very bad

  • A factory reset loses all internal photos, but should not erase any saved on external sd card.

    Took 1000 pics in Vietnam Cambodia Thailand. Lost them all.


    From what I'd read on different bulletin boards nokia knows about this and has not responded to this issue some people are saying when android 10 comes out it would be fixed but if you're still able to return the phone, cut your losses and return it now.

    I bought the phone specifically for the camera. Too bad there are additional serious issues.

  • i just purchased the nokia 7.2

    can seem to add mp3 ringtones . i add then set them as ringtone then they just stop working .

    i have factory reset doesn't work . returned the phone thinking it was faulty got a replacement and still the same , does anyone know how to fix this issue or when it will be fixed

    many thanks

  • Set as sd card as portable

  • i think that has sorted it . will see how it goes

    thank you for your help .

    just baffling why you cant have it as internal storage like on the nokia 5 i had running the same android 9

  •  I can't open camera photo and dowloaded mp3 and mp4 file in my new nokia 7.2. "Cannot open file" is the message displayed on the screen. Someone guide me how to get rid of this problem.

  • Same problem and I have a sd card but my camera won't allow me to set it as storage like the user guide suggests. It not even an option.

  • Has anyone found a solution to not being able to access your photos just after you have taken them. The only way I can look at them is if I immediately send that photo onto someone. Help!!

  • It really helped me, thank you so much buddy cinema hd

  • remove sd card but if you will lose all the data on internal storage cinema hd pc.

  • inserted SD card and moved to all images to sd card... after that

    1. I can't see old


    2. SD card showing I was used 34 gb.. but image stoages is 0

    3. Iold photos mages can't be open

  • Dear sir,

    I hve been writing on your web site about a problem at Audio player for Nokia 7.2 mobile since the last update Android 11. The Audio player refused to play the MP3 Audio files and message (You can't play this file).

    I tried different solution for that problem but it did not work, it is really a silly problem.

    Frist solution :- Delete all MP3 files and loud them again from another mobile running Android 9.0.

          After that The Audio player at Nokia run the MP3 files, But after turning the mobile off and on again.

          The Audio player refused to play the MP3 Audio files and message (You can't play this file).

    Second solution :- Delete all MP3 files and loud them again from usb. The same thing happened

          after turning the mobile off and on again The Audio player refused to play the MP3 Audiofiles and message ( You can't play this file). 

    Third solution :- Installing another Audio App from Google store. The same thing happened again.

          Deleting the MP3 files and upload them again from usb. The App run the MP3 but after

          Turning the mobile off and on again the App refused to play the MP3 files message ( You can't

          play this file).

    So please find a solution for that problem as quickly as possible.

    You have big mass, uptill now I have not received security update since October 2022. All the update

    is always late for more than four to five months why??

    Thank you

    Mark isaac

  • hwvuh
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    😁💞😁. GOOD NEWS FOR ALL OWNERS FOR.... NOKIA 7.2 Mobile😍💔

    My Name is Mark ISAAC 🤔

    For all owners of Nokia 7.2 mobile phone. You have a problem with playing Audio MP3 & MP4 and review jpg files since 2019 . 😥😢😩😭

    I bought Nokia 7.2 mobile in 2021 and That was a bad decision.

    I have found the reason that couse that problem and I have Sent it to Nokia tech from three months. They did not do any thing because they are ignorants and stupid. So I decide to Sent it to Google Tech. Programers. They solved the problem in one week. Because Google have the best tech programers thank to GOOGLE. 👏👏

    The problem was " Files By Google" App was changing the extention of files as soon as turning the mobile on.

    Now the last update for 01/03/2023 for that App solved the problem.

    👏🌹Congrulation now the mobile is playing all files MP3, MP4, JPG files. 🌹👏

    💓👏💓🌹 Thank to Google Tech Programers 🌹💓👏👏

  • I appreciate your hard work. It really helped me and all of the other people that have to face any problem. Thank you so much. Alight motion apk

  • Change JPG File Format. If you get a clear error saying you cannot open the JPG image because the format is not supported, the solution is to convert the file type. You can rename the picture or use a reliable file converter or an image editor to change the file format.