Nokia 7.2 won't open jpg, MP3, MP4 files

Having same problem. Camera takes pics, can't view after. Grey placemarkers for files and error msg can't open files.

Nokia 7.2 won't open jpg, MP3, MP4 files

BaileyATL BaileyATL
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Having same problem. Camera takes pics, can't view after. Grey placemarkers for files and error msg can't open files.

If I do a factory reset will my photos stored in internal memory and SD card all be lost?



  • hfl hfl

    Have the same problem.

    It looks like I can't open New Year's photos. Does anyone have a solution?

  • I can't open camera photo and mp3 and mp4 file in my nokia7.2 its very bad

  • BaileyATL BaileyATL
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    A factory reset loses all internal photos, but should not erase any saved on external sd card.

    Took 1000 pics in Vietnam Cambodia Thailand. Lost them all.


    From what I'd read on different bulletin boards nokia knows about this and has not responded to this issue some people are saying when android 10 comes out it would be fixed but if you're still able to return the phone, cut your losses and return it now.

    I bought the phone specifically for the camera. Too bad there are additional serious issues.

  • yorkie yorkie
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    i just purchased the nokia 7.2

    can seem to add mp3 ringtones . i add then set them as ringtone then they just stop working .

    i have factory reset doesn't work . returned the phone thinking it was faulty got a replacement and still the same , does anyone know how to fix this issue or when it will be fixed

    many thanks

  • Frazer Frazer
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    Set as sd card as portable

  • yorkie yorkie
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    i think that has sorted it . will see how it goes

    thank you for your help .

    just baffling why you cant have it as internal storage like on the nokia 5 i had running the same android 9

  • nprwaran nprwaran
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     I can't open camera photo and dowloaded mp3 and mp4 file in my new nokia 7.2. "Cannot open file" is the message displayed on the screen. Someone guide me how to get rid of this problem.

  • Same problem and I have a sd card but my camera won't allow me to set it as storage like the user guide suggests. It not even an option.

  • Kymbo Kymbo

    Has anyone found a solution to not being able to access your photos just after you have taken them. The only way I can look at them is if I immediately send that photo onto someone. Help!!

  • thanks for sharing the info


  • tricks empire tricks empire
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    It really helped me, thank you so much buddy cinema hd

  • okayjared11 okayjared11
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    remove sd card but if you will lose all the data on internal storage cinema hd pc.

  • rj jaykar123 rj jaykar123
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  • Scammers Scammers
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    If you cannot use mp3, mp4 files, then Spotify will be one of the suggestions for you

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  • Aaron Stanley Aaron Stanley

     With my new Nokia 7.2, I cannot open the camera photos or get mp3 or mp4 files. "File cannot be opened" like appears on the screen. Could you please guide me on how to resolve this issue?

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