Lags and Studders in Nokia 7 Plus

Hey @Laura.

Lags and Studders in Nokia 7 Plus

user1528215133904 user1528215133904
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Hey @Laura. Iam and some of my friends are facing weired lags and studders everytime when using the phone and also its behaving like its a snapdragon 430 chipset rather than snapdragon 660.

Kindly fix this issue and optimise the software for stable build too rather than ignoring this issue
Iam using TA-1046 with stable rom.

Kindly fix the issue and if you need any input on the issue then am more than happy to get that to you

Users who are facing the issue kindly reply to the post so that the software development team can understand the severity of the issue and make proper changes to os to get it done.

@Laura We are expecting an official reply from you and the software department regarding the issue.


  • ricaxxh ricaxxh
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    Yes @Laura that is a Know problem fix it
  • user1526731066886 user1526731066886
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    Yesss. That is the biggest problem in Nokia 7 plus it is slower than snapdragon 625 device. Plls fix it hmd global
  • user1532490400756 user1532490400756
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    Yes, my Nokia 7 Plus also has lag, very poor performance in the gui
  • user1528215133904 user1528215133904
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    @Laura @Skink You guys have a great hardware thats been hampered severely by the software. If you guys want to be in the bussiness again and compete with other oems then make your products optimized to the best. Rather than making your customers be the ones who tell other people not to buy the phone.
  • Please push a good update sooner @Laura
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    Hoping for an update as well. The implementation of Android leaves a lot to be desired; I had assumed the phone would do well, being part of Android one , but the implementation of Android leaves a lot to be desired.. assuming that's the issue behind the stuttering, lagging in the UI.
  • @Laura Come on guys you are not even giving value to the customer feedback
  • user1533378860300 user1533378860300
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    This is not done man! AI got this phone with such high hopes and it performs like a cheap smartphone. Lags so much.unresponsive. This is highly disappointing.
  • user1523852316679 user1523852316679
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    I bought this phone hoping it would give me a Nexus like experience. Smooth, fast and stock.
    Very disappointed about it's performance. Even my wife's Samsung A8 runs smoother than this phone.
    I'm glad I bought this phone without a contract. If Android P won't bring a better experience I will sell this and buy whatever OnePlus is bringing next to the table.
  • when turn off news feed on the left side in stock launcher, no lag

    when is that turned on, lag is everywhere

  • user1533476572506 user1533476572506
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    I bought Nokia 7+ hoping it would run smoother than my Huawei P10 Lite or at least like smoth. Very disappointed about it's performance though the good hardware specifications. In addition I got the problem with screen hanging even after updating the July.2018 security patch. Please fix it Nokia!!!

  • user1532687786862 user1532687786862
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    My gf has the P10 lite. It's underpowered compared to my 7 plus -- but way, way smoother.
  • ramz6 ramz6
    Go to settings and in settings menu there is search bar on top in that type voice input and there will be voice input option and select that and you will see assist app option tap on that and select none and that's it no lags or stutters
  • user1533378860300 user1533378860300
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    Does not help. Insteal lags have increased now. Have to lock and unlock the phone to restore functionality. I think its time to throw away this good for nothing device. Its s disappointing device and more disappointing is Nokia not acknowledging our problems. This is just disgusting cutomer service. Lets take this to other social platforms. May be these morons reply.
  • Lets wait for p to officially release and check that out. If still laggy am all in for social media disgust
  • Switch off the google assistant. It might help.
  • random random
    At the risk of getting flamed, I have 267 apps installed and a pebble smartwatch connected. Performance is great and battery life exceptional. My last phone was a OnePlus 3. Assistant enabled and using nova launcher.
  • i was not having many stutters since turning off news feed on the left in stock launcher. but after installing latest pie beta this is another phone, it's so much snappier, faster reacting on touch, and faster overall, it's much more fluid and this is what is this phone needed to be from start.. i also disabled news feed in beta, it's a bloat for me
  • vahtmestar vahtmestar

    Just like said above,, phone feels like differemt phone wiht android p. No lags or stutters to be found and everything just feels instant. I have oneplus 6 in hands too, and I don't notice that much difference in speed as I thought I would. Just wait for that offical release and you are pleased with performance.

  • Nokia will have to optimize their phone with a software update meanwhile this may help you with a temporary fix...

  • Goto setting>batter>battery optimisation>turn off battery battery optimsation for system ui and gboard. Thats it your phone is really really a beast !!!!
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