Nokia 7.2 Proximity Sensor issue

Everthing else is good got latest feature update today too , but there is a problem with my nokia 7.2 proximity sensor since i purchased it, may b hardware problem, do not know if any one of you got the problem or not, the problem is:

Nokia 7.2 Proximity Sensor issue

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Everthing else is good got latest feature update today too , but there is a problem with my nokia 7.2 proximity sensor since i purchased it, may b hardware problem, do not know if any one of you got the problem or not, the problem is:

When i continue a call more then 2 or 3 minutes and remove the phone from hear the screen does not show up, this is caused due to sweating or hair oil on sensor , but when clean it by tissue paper or double push power button then screen shows up, i have used many nokia before such issue never happened, any one got same issue confirm me, if not then I will claim the hardware warranty. This sensor should not need cleaning for little moisture, it should show screen auto even it got sweat or hair oil moisture, sensor should not be too weak.


  • Ashish Hunkeri Ashish Hunkeri
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    Better if you go to service centre for claring your doubt and to get it fixed if there is any problem on phone.

  • SanjayP SanjayP
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    Facing the same issue on my Nokia 8.1. But the severity is very high. Whenever my mobile is locked, screen turns on by itself for every minute. Right now, I'm waiting for the next security update to get the fix. Visiting any service center will almost take 10 to 15 days to return your mobile and I think they just reset your mobile and give back to you. My suggestion is to wait for another update to come and if still the problem isn't resolved, you can visit service center by then.

  • Manish Toor Manish Toor
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    Totally agree with you. I do face the same issue sometime, in my case it happens rarely.

  • Kb7 Kb7
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    Yeah even am also facing the same issue. I used to unlock my phone or turn on the screen using lock button by pressing thrice or twice to wakeup.

  • hmmhhh hmmhhh
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    I have same issue also. :( Hope to get update soon if it's software problem.

  • hmmhhh hmmhhh
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    I just checked my front camera at work with microscope. There is crack/scratch at camera lens under gorilla glass. Must happened in assemby phase of manufacturing.

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    I have same problem 7.2 proximity sensor. What can I do.

  • adbenj adbenj
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    I also, I believe, am having an issue with the proximity sensor that keeps waking the screen.

  • I'm having a slightly different but a proximity sensor issue. when i start a call, the screen lits up and some applications opens up or torch button pressed on or brightness level gets changed. i suppose there is a problem with this sensor that it does not recognise that the handset picked up and held over the calling posture.

  • Sanjay Nain Sanjay Nain
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    Go to service center change under warranty proximity sensor.👍i have already changed

  • SanjayP SanjayP
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    Do you still face any issues with proximity sensor? Or works good.

  • Hi,

    I am having proximity sensor issue with my nokia 7.2 some apps automatically open during calls don't know what is wrong any body have any idea?

  • victory.v10 victory.v10
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    yes , I found this issue in my phone.

  • I am also facing the proximity sensor issue at Nokia 7.2 mobile from date of purchase. I hope it will resolve in upcoming update.

  • Any time am making call and put the phone in calling position to my ear! The screen is still lit and some apps are launched! It was never like this before! It started some weeks ago after receiving an update

  • edgie edgie
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    Screen goes black instantly now when on a call, and also have noticed that the phone doesn't unlock as easily from sleep mode anymore, ever since installing the november update.

  • facing same problem since nov 2020 update. 😥 phone got a lot of lag too.

  • Proximity sensor is not working after the November update. Screen goes black while on call and can't use the screen anymore while in conversation. I can't hang up either due to the screen not turning on. It's sad that I have to tell the other person to hang up, like I am in 1930's or something.

  • Exactly same issue like Andrei. after the Nov update when someone calls screen goes black. so you cannot use any button. moreover you cannot close the call if the other person don't hung up first.

  • phanedra phanedra
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    Fu****g phone ...using this from last 1 year..I think ly 2 months I have used this without any issues....worst purchase I have ever made.....this is the second time facing issue with proximity test run the software before releasing ....don't test it on customers ....worst updates..worst phone....I don't have money to change phone...else would have updated long back....

  • I have found a temporary solution, you have to go to developer options( to activate developer options you should go to: about phone > and tap build number for several times, after you do that go to system > advanced > developer options )and check the quick settings developer tiles and turn of the sensors. Android will make a shortcut in the notification drawer so everytime you are about to receive a call just swipe de notification drawer and disable the sensors before answering. Thats the only solution for now.

  • I have the same problem. Since the last update (end of October), proximity sensor on Nokia 7.2 is not working and display is black during the calls... I talked to tech support and they suggested to send my phone to the repair shop. Not willing to do that for software issue. But boy, is it annoying...

  • Zahl Zahl
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    About the proximity sensor: After update 10.2340 it wouldn't go off, so I accidently muted the microphone during the calls and so on. Now, the screen goes black and will not lit up when I move my phone away from my ear. (after latest update 10.2390 (november). Logged complaint with the customer service of Nokia, so I hope the next update in december fixes this.

    Worse, now my GPS isn't working either and I use Google Map often to find my way around in the car. I have even complained about this.

    Looks to me, Google isn't testing updates as well as they should. this isn't good enough by a far shot. I will now turn off "download updates automatically" once everything is working again. Wish I had kept Pie, tested and working!

  • First after November update it was working fine for couple of days and I thought it had been fixed but now like the past , proximity sensor has become so unstable and when I put it near to my ear ,during the calls ,screen is turned on suddenly and it's very annoying totally.

  • Sleepless Sleepless

    The latest update(01.2021) fixed sensor on my phone, I almost was ready to change the screen, thought that it was a hardware bug:)

  • I had the November 2020 security update break my proximity sensor, customer support recommended all kinds of bullshit resets etc, I migrated all my data, MFA apps to another phone and sent it to repair.

    They sent it back with June 2020 software and this:

    "Your phone had a software fault which has been resolved through a Software update. You may update the software in your device directly ensuring you have the latest available."

    So they did NOT update but restored it to an earlier version, I then applied all available updates, the last possible was October 2020.

    Now 2 weeks ago (!), yes Feb.2021, phone notified about available update.

    Guess what?!? November 2020, ~1.6GB

    BANG. Proximity sensor broken again. Even after installing 2 more available minor security updates (few MBs each), last is January 1, 2021.

  • I was just advised to send the phone in for repair AGAIN.

  • Joost Joost
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    I started out with a proximity sensor issue but now suspect it may have been caused by the phone case I had bought to protect the phone. Whether it was solved by a software update or after changing the case, the problem appears to be gone now.

  • Wombatom Wombatom
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    Seeing the same issue on Nokia 7.2 running build 00_WW_2_410.

    When I try running the service tests (*#*#7664#*#*), the proximity sensor calibration shows "Calibration = Internal Error" and the range/measurement is stuck at "0.0".

    If Nokia don't address this issue within the next month, I'll be purchasing a different manufacturer's Android One phone for a family member.

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    Worst phone.. being android one it's slowest in updates. Many bugs...n no fix

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