Stuttery animations all over

My Nokia 7 plus is on July security patch that is the latest patch but animations like swiping right to access Google now and also switching between apps, In…

Stuttery animations all over

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My Nokia 7 plus is on July security patch that is the latest patch but animations like swiping right to access Google now and also switching between apps,
In YouTube maximizing and minimising video has stutter it lags like crazy.


  • Gattsuh Gattsuh
    Just hold out for Android P.
    Its lightning fast.
  • I don't think so
  • Android P beta is a bit better but not really a fix for me. Still much older and weaker phones seem to perform better. I just compared to a one plus 6 base model and that difference was massive. But even my old nexus phone doesn't suffer from lag and animation stutter of this kind, even if slower than one plus.
  • So will android P solve all my animation issues in UI and YouTube?
  • Well, Android P beta is a bit less laggy for me . But overall experience is still far from ideal for this processor it seems to me.

    Minimizing YouTube still laggy. I can open and close chrome and half the time I see stutter. It can be that the animations are less taxing in the beta. Hard to say, but I don't think the underlying issue is fixed.

    Maybe Nokia has a fix when Android P public version comes out, to go along with the OS.. or maybe not.
  • Gattsuh Gattsuh
    Well for me, the beta runs smooth.
    On oreo everything stutters.
  • How does android P beta run on Nokia 7 plus and also battery life on same beta?
  • For me android P beta = no ability to select mics in video app, no ozo audio. Also some issues with nova launcher. Other than that it's been ok... but as said, for me, stutters not fixed, just slightly improved. Battery life seems similar to before.

  • Is there any help on this? This is so disappointing. I see no one frok Nokia reply. The device is performing so had.
  • I asked supported about the issue and was told to set animations to 0 (if I remember correctly) from the developer settings (Google to see how to do this). This removes animations all together from android. So you get No such stutter, but.. Obviously this isn't a real solution as can do the ssme with any android phone. You can also set animations to 0.5 which will make the device feel snappier, but again isn't really a fix -- It's just an option of the OS, but still comparing to older phones.. Even with fast settings, so different.
  • just turn off that news feed on the left side of stock launcher and the stutters is gone, and everything is faster after some time

  • Using nova launcher and disabling stuff would make most old phones faster, imo, but doesn't solve the underlying problems with the Nokia 7 plus.
  • And for stock launcher: by "news feed" you mean the Google service? Because for many people that's an essential part of Android... And nokia supposedly offers a very "stock"-like experience with andorid one.

    Android p beta is much better for the Google services. But again whether that has to do with the phone or not is hard to say. I tested other phones in android P betas and they were considerably faster, smoother than nokia 7 plua still.

    Minimizing and maximizing youtube app, and moving video around minimized, is a good test.
  • i know that it can be better in terms of fluid animations, because it is pure android, but disabling that feed in stock launcher keeping things quite good... try to NOT use nova or any another launcher, disable that feed, and use it for few days..

  • Originally I had assumed that stock android would work like my nexus 4 did back in the day. Smooth-tastic.

    But apparently there's still a lot of optimization to be done for stock android to work its best in a given hardware.

    It seems that this optimization, perhaps, is not here with the Nokia 7 plus. We will get os updates, but that doesn't mean that OS will run well.

    Some companies put so much boat in their version of Android that the phones are far from as snappy as they could be. There's not much at all in this case. However the optimization itself may not be there, resulting to what we see.
  • * bloat
  • prasad134 prasad134
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    Even i am facing stuttering all lags a lot in perfoming transitions...
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