HeadPhone Jack Issue - Hardware or Software?

Hey, I just bought the nokia 7+ (less than 24 hours ago), today iv been experiencing a slew of issues with the headphone jack and after a quick search it…

HeadPhone Jack Issue - Hardware or Software?

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I just bought the nokia 7+ (less than 24 hours ago), today iv been experiencing a slew of issues with the headphone jack and after a quick search it seems to be an issue for many people,

the tips dont work and the jack will start acting up again resulting in me having to restart my phone

is this a hardware or software issue?? 

if its a hardware issue i will return it and get a replacement but if its a software issue then there be no point as the same issue could be on the replacement, could this be fixed with a android update?


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    Even I faced this issue when I bought this device one month back, this seems to be a software issue as not there is no problem with headphone jack everything is playing normally.
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    My Nokia 7 Plus just arrived.

         I am having this issue as well but I am positively sure is software. I enabled the icon from system tuner just to be sure. Whenever I am rotating the phone ( e.g. portrait to landscape) or increase the volume over the recommended safe levels the playback stops (e.g. youtube playback) and the phone no longer recognises the headphones.I even tried to move the jack in the socket as hard as I can, and no issues whatsoever.
         The most painful thing is that this issue comes up only with certain headphones. While using my HyperX cloud headset these issues come up constantly, while with other headphones nothing even though they have identical jack.
         Logic dictates it has to be from Software. I hope Android P update fixes this issue. Maybe it has something to do with the current impedance.
         Whatever the causes are, Nokia please try to find a fix for this! Thank you!

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    Am also facing the same issue.

  • Facing same since may
  • joe joe
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    Same here - sometimes the headphone jack isn't recognised. This happens with 2 different headphones.

    This is a software issue.

    I think this started after the May security update and was really bad at that time. Headphones would not work and the audio would start playing from the speakers on their own 3-4 times a day.

    However, as time had passed now I don't face this issue a lot - maybe once in 10 or 15 days.
  • rotisatose rotisatose
    "When earphones plugged in, sound comes from speaker. When earphones removed earphone mode activated" Guys if you too are facing this same issue...I have got the resolution. First of all I too believed it is software bug, but no it's not ! My Nokia 7 plus was at service centre for 27 days. We tried software reset but it didn't work. No matter which update u r on or which security patch u have, this has nothing to do with it. Yes, it's not software bug, surprising for me too. I had such bad experience this whole one month. Nokia care helpline, chat support, Twitter handle of Nokia in or none of them will help you. Finally, service centre just suggested to replace the audio jack port. And it has worked. The issue is gone. Just go and get the jack replaced. I know its difficult to believe that hardware is faulty but I am telling you from my experience what has worked out.

    I noticed that we have also received August security patch update. Now please somebody confirm is headphone issue has resolved after update. If it gets automatically solved aftr update, no need to replace audio jack port. But if it still persist after aug security patch , I m sure that it's hardware issue.
  • i think it's a hardware issue, it is a faulty 3.5.mm jack from the factory. My resolution is just insert the headphone carefully don't over insert, works all the time for me.

  • Dorin P. Dorin P.
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    Did anyone updated to Android Pie BETA 3 and tested if the issue persists?? I want to do that but I cant right now, issues with my carrier SIM card. If someone has tested it please give us an answer. I have 30 day period after the purchase to return it for a full refund and I want to get more info on the issue.

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