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Yesterday I received an update Android 10 .After I installed it ,there was a noise sound from the speaker while opening game and whatsapp audio .I make sure…

Android 10 Bugs on Nokia 6.1 Plus


  • salmanzakkir salmanzakkir
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    Yesterday I received an update Android 10 .After I installed it ,there was a noise sound from the speaker while opening game and whatsapp audio .I make sure this is note the problem of my phone speaker .It was the problem of the update.So please fix it in the next update.I hope you are make it fast .

  • salmanzakkir salmanzakkir
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    Yes some times fingers print senser are not working

  • dray78 dray78
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    What have you done to try solve it yourself?

  • Yup! battery performance has significantly reduced since the Android 10 update (Nokia 6.1 Plus)

    Any solutions?

  • koplak koplak
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    My phone after update . Bug in audio for game online is nois.

  • A Shaw A Shaw
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    I am facing same issue

  • Me too facing same issue

  • Android 10 Update on my Nokia 6.1 Plus has lots of issues, for instance:

    1. Sound Quality from Phone speaker is distorted

    2. Sound from Headphones has become Pathetic like 11 khz.

    3. Automatic Wallpapers change doesnt work.

    4. New Swipe gesture sucks, as u move across ur pics. And its sensitivity also doesnt work.

    5. Charging is slow then before

    6. Charging time displayed is still incorrect

    7. Playback on YouTube freezes somwtimes.

    8. Apps refresh doesnt work sometimes.

    Lol, and dont how many more.

    Hope Nokia releases Andriod10 New Build next month.

  • iaqqai iaqqai
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    Not wifi calling available

  • Internal sound recording in screen recorder

  • wfiroz wfiroz
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    Google Camera doesn't seem to work anymore for me! Also Camera modes from Facebook and Instagram have also stopped working!

  • mahmoud seddik mahmoud seddik
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    I have the same issue Nokia 6.1

    Distorted games sound after Android 10 upgrade

    And the restart did nothing

  • Cannot connect to Bluetooth speaker when play video or music on YouTube, and facebook also.

  • mharnie culala mharnie culala
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    Same here, everytime i play some games i always hear distracting noise, also i experience restart issue when closing games

  • rahul v rahul v
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    same here, whatsapp voice message sound is cracked

  • Hi, i found the new bug on Android 10 Nokia 6.1 plus. Even if i don't enable Mobile data, it still access the mobile network.

  • Aayush01 Aayush01
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    My outtput and headphones sound quality has been disrupted after update

  • Fathan Daulay Fathan Daulay
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    Google play crashed after a few seconds opened. Mobile Legends bang bang took too long to respond. Unable to delete photo from google photos. That were some bugs that i encountered so far.

  • After update android 10,my Nokia 6.1 plus, couldn't save a screenshot

    Please help me 😵😵

  • 大康123 大康123
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    how to backto android 9

  • Akhil Jaiswal Akhil Jaiswal
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    Face unlock is unavailable and the camera is also not working. Instagram and snapchat are only able to take videos, Google camera isn't working at all.

  • Facing issue of battery draining fast after the Android 10 update

  • I always loved the instant unlocking of phone using fingerprint scanner. However after Android 10 upgrade it's a pain to unlock the phone. It doesn't really work in the first attempt.

  • Arthur Amatus Arthur Amatus
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    Google withdrew the Android 10 feature because it thought it too insecure, so it now uses sensors like those of the "Soli" Pixel project

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