Nokia 1 common problems

* animation changing * Pattern lock bug * Multitouch not working * Ringtone sounds, charging sounds and message sound not working sometime * battery drain…

Nokia 1 common problems

Red apple Red apple
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* animation changing

* Pattern lock bug

* Multitouch not working

* Ringtone sounds, charging sounds and message sound not working sometime

* battery drain issue

Developer please fix this problem on next security update🙏🙏



  • dray78 dray78
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    Security Updates don't fix bugs like you mentions. They fix security issues.

    Nokia won't give support here, you need to contact Nokia support via the My Phone app or the store where you bought the phone.

  • Red apple Red apple
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    New problem found . Navigation buttons disappeared 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • dray78 dray78
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    I don't have issues, so why you ask me i don't know.

  • dray78 dray78
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    Nokia 8.1.

    But you seem to have issues with your phone. So i pointed you in the right direction.

  • punee punee

    Same issue upon updating to android 9 my mobile has lost sound

  • I'm use nokia 1 but sound incoming ringtone not working

  • udil udil
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    I'm updating my Nokia 1 phone to version 10

    Now I can't use floting multiwindowes apps

    Not now draw over other apps option

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    Draw over other apps is disabled at the system level, so no luck....

  • ostuffhuge ostuffhuge
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    *animation changing: my mum's Nokia 1 got same issue after updating to android 9 go edition then version 10 still the same

    and another seriously issue, android 10 ate her SIM above 48HKD in just 3 days

    had no such issue while using android go edition 8and9

    before start using android 10, it ate the first 8HKD. then after disabling mobile data doesnt help, continue eating more and more 5 times in 3 days lost above 48HKD

    the last 2 thing i guess can do and i did was go to settings >data saver >allow app while data saver on, then blocked all applications from using mobile data and then launch google play disable update automatically, and HOPEFULLY android 10 stop eating the SIM money

    was happening to my phone tough 800 only

    i should NOT buy smart phone anymore, modern operating systems developers continue adding more features that many of us will never use, also continue adding more shiffty issues

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    I never faced this issue......... What you generally do with smartphone is that, you tinker a load with the settings to get it to work to your liking, generally spend about 2-3 hours checking out settings, after you get it to your liking, only then add your Google/any other account, sim cards, SD cards, etc.(our photes should work and adapt on our usage but we should not adapt how the phone works, because, it's annoying to get used to new features/UI sometimes, so keep this in mind, and tweak the phone)

  • ostuffhuge ostuffhuge
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    it ate more than 24HKD in this morning 12~2am 3 times 8HKD per time

    okay in this morning i did the things below

    1. turn off nokia 1 then remove battery, all SIM and SD cards

    2. put the battery back then turn it on and make a soft reset

    3. disable useless features especially google play Auto-update

    4. leave it on 4x minutes

    5. off nokia 1 then remove battery

    6. install SIM card then install battery

    7. turn on nokia 1 and select 3G network, disable mobile data

    being using the SIM card at 11am and checked it at 5pm, 6 hours ago, it didnt crazy eating SIM money

    hope android go edition 10 keep working nice

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    Is the issue fixed, or is it still happening, please elaborate

  • ostuffhuge ostuffhuge
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    glad to see android go edition 10 now working properly, 2 days ago, no longer eating the SIM money

    i guess we should do this method before using other features. not just smart phones, also for feature phones and smart-feature phones

    what do you mean "photes", phones??

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    Phones, yeah sorry, my bad, used swipe typing...........

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