Hanging Issue.

@Nokia 6.1 Paytm app hang when scan the code for payment. Camera also hang always. LTE bearer not set in Jio Sim access point setting.

Hanging Issue.

Manish Manish
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@Nokia 6.1

Paytm app hang when scan the code for payment.

Camera also hang always.

LTE bearer not set in Jio Sim access point setting.


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    I am also having the same issues
  • Me too. These issues have been there since launch and Nokia does nothing to fix them. I think it might be related to bad memory management and badly build background services that make the phone freeze. At least for me there's sometimes notification about the service that has stopped, but not always. Usually when the phone freezes when doing something related to camera, it doesn't show anything. But when it hangs randomly (like it does few times a day), it tells always different component that has stopped, like seen in this photo 


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    Yes. Me too. Ive been complaining and provifing feedback since May 2018. Memory management or cache seems to me the problem. It crashes or hangs on camera, chrome. The camera app is terrible. I want the phone that the pre-release reviewers got. It was apparently not a real 6.1 because this thing is dead slow. I have a cheap Samsung Galaxy J3 that is just as fast, has a better camera, and never freezes. It loads apps faster also. That's a phone the carriers push out for $75. The OLED screen is brighter. Nokia had a chance to do a good product for the USA and blew it with this. I don't expect them to fix it. They'll just come out with a new one and leave us victims of their incompetence.
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    Another user also said that it could be memory management... I wonder if Nokia 7 Plus owners have this issue too

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    till now i didn't have any issues using Nokia6.1 4GB/64GB variant due to use of ccleaner and All In One Toolbox for Cache/RAM Cleaning and For Camera,Try Google Camera apk for good Portrait and Google Motion Features. googlecamera-pixel2mod-arnova8g2-v7-final.apk is very good as compared to old one.Its having portrait feature is very good(Keep HDR+Enhanced).Lens Blur not working but we got portrait mode very useful and google motion is fantastic.Try Everyone This Google Apk Very nice.I am fall in love.
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    Good to hear that you got lucky. Maybe the issues are not present with the 4GB/64GB variants, though I have heard that they have similar issues also. I have the 3GB/32GB variant and nothing seems to help. I have tried GCam as well, but with no help. It crashes with "Camera has stopped"-notification some what every second time I try to use it. But hey! At least the camera is not freezing when it happens to work :D. Though the hanging / freezing issue is present anyways and happens without camera as well. So changing to randomly working GCam doesn't help with memory related hanging issues. There are 100$ phones on the market that work better than this Nokia 6.1 (TA-1043) from companies that actually listen to customers.

  • imageI filled the memory on both a Moto G 4G and the Nokia 6.1. On the Moto 6, it would show Low Memory as True when it got really low and would start emptying things from the RAM consistently each time it got to the threshold. On my 6.1, it would never show as True, and the phone hangs. Has to be hard rebooted using the Volume up + power button. Im pretty sure there's a memory management bug

  • is nokia censoring comments about the memory management bug? I posted two new topics and a screenshot and neither have been approved :s

  • thecripplednewt, I doubt that, since it is allowed to criticize Nokia quite a much, and they still approve the comments. Maybe it just takes time to approve? Or maybe there is already a topic on the same issue? Or there was a problem on creating a new topic? At least for me, the new topics I created were visible instantly. Anyways, I really would like to know what you have to say, so if it's related, why not post to this thread? 

  • All credit to users @Maksim and @user1535610956109 for this find; quoting them below: 


    "This is probably due to poor memory management of the phone. I don't know what cause is, but i know how to reliably reproduce the issue.  

     You can download MemoryPump or similar memory filler application.  

    I run it on: Google Pixel 2, Samasung S4 mini, Huawei P9 lite. When I press "allocate all memory" all of them just simply shut down this application.  

     BUT Nokia 6.1 becomes completely unresponsive and reboots after couple of minutes. Please verify if your phones do the same."

  • I posted the comment here, but even that's not showing.... so strange

  • let me try rephrasing? basically, the Nokia 6.1 doesn't flush its memory when the memory gets low, instead it hangs. and bc the camera is super memory intensive, it tends to hang the phone if too many apps are open. try this by downloading a memory filler app (I used Developer Toolbelt- Fill RAM). Most phones flush memory when the app shows memory as low, Nokia  6 hangs and has to be hard resetted.

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    user1535610956109 here is link for Google apk which i used.
    Basically I am using this apk only for Rear Portrait and Google Motion(which is not available on Nokia Camera)and Video Recording.Lens Blur,4k Recording are not working on that apk.So if you keep HDR+Enhanced and take Portrait i am telling you very good image you will get.Nokia used RAM DDR3 3725MB and ZRAM 1535MB on My Phone.I didn't face lagging or Hanging issue anywhere.
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    My Nokia 6.1 has Dual Channel RAM 3725MB+ZRAM 1535MB.If i have left some apps in background then they were added in ZRAM automatically and Never get any Refresh Application Automatically.So we got very good amount of memory but we have to clean those using ccleaner.I am doing it so till now i didn't see anything hanging issue on my phone.
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    Exactly the same issues here. I bought this phone late June and was happy with it for max. one month. Then the camera started hanging, now I get these "not responding" pop-ups on daily basis and the whole thing just lags heavily. When the camera finally works (after restarting the app a couple of time), picture quality is mediocre at best. There's focusing issues both with still and video. Lo-light images are crap and the auto-flash fires only when it's really dark. Taking quick snapshots is just impossible as it usually takes atleast 30 secs to get even the 1st pic (and many times it's not what you actually shot - you think you took a picture but when browsing there's some tilted image as if is from the moment you were putting your phone down...).

    I had Nokia Lumia 830 Windows Phone prior to this. The camera picture quality on that device was amazing compared to this and even though it was slow, it was not lagging. Things happened albeit slowly. This 6.1. just hangs and nothing happens :( I can't believe 6.1. has receieved so positive reviews around the web. Those just don't match my user experience at all. Very disappointed loyal (+20 years) Nokia customer here ranting and probably switching brand sooner or later.

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    For sure 6.1 is way laggy it reaches a point u wanna open an app the Fon just freezes and hmd has never optimised this Fon if u compared it to a snapdragon 625 device with same resolution same 5.5 inch display and even same ram and storage on bench mark u will get 88k on snapdragon 625 and on snapdragon 630 also 88k what the heck??like a Fon running Android 7.1 is well optimised than the all new stock Android 8.1 on better chipset??whats worst is that even the Fon that runs Android 7.1 has a miui skin on it and it's efficient me I think hmd needs to stop having partition A and B on their phones this thing makes fons laggy for no reasons,,apart from poor optimisation
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    Any fix on these problems?
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