Cara menghilangkan pop up yg sering muncul

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Cara menghilangkan pop up yg sering muncul

Reno Panji Reno Panji
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Someone knows how to get rid of the pop up playing that often appears on my cellphone (a day can be more than 5x). I already said it's canceled but it keeps showing up. I have also asked my provider's office that there are no problems. This is very disturbing because every time a pop up appears the internet network is interrupted (from 4G to H). Please help ...

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Ada yg tau cara menghilangkan pop up playwing yg sering muncul di hp saya (sehari bisa lebih dari 5x). Sudah saya jawab batal tp tetap muncul terus. Saya juga sudah bertanya ke kantor provider saya tidak ada masalah. Hal ini sangat menggangu karena tiap muncul pop up tsb jaringan internet terganggu (dari 4G jadi H). Mohon bantuannya ...


  • Thoar Thoar
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    The playwings are from Telkomsel, sir. Try contacting Telkomsel's CS. 🙏

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    Playwings itu dari Telkomsel, Pak. Coba hubungin CS-nya Telkomsel. 🙏

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Hi, it is a carrier service and your carrier should be the one responsible to disable it. Please contact them again and ask them t stop sending flash messages.

    Also, here in India, the option to enable/disable/manage these flash messages is also in the "SIM toolkit" app which will appear in the App List.

    Please consider posting in English as that's the main language of the forum. Your post may be deleted next time.

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