Android 10 - Now available on Nokia 6.1, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1 Plus Fans, We're so excited to announce that the Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.1 have now officially joined the list of Nokia smartphones running Android 10!

Android 10 - Now available on Nokia 6.1, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1 Plus

dipankar paul dipankar paul
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We're so excited to announce that the Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.1 have now officially joined the list of Nokia smartphones running Android 10!

That makes it five Nokia smartphones for consumers in India have received the latest Android OS since its official launch, after the Android 10 rollout to the Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 8.1 last month.

With this, Nokia smartphones maintain their position as leaders in fast OS updates and are once again at the forefront of the latest Android 10 deployment.

Fans upgrading to Android 10 will get to experience a whole host of new features, including:

Gesture Navigation: control of your Nokia smartphone just got slicker, with faster and more intuitive controls at the tip of your fingers

Smart Reply: receive even smarter responses in messages, not just wording but actions you can take

Privacy Controls: have even more control of your personal data all in one place, and control when your location is shared with your apps – be that always, just while in use, or never

Focus mode: block out distracting apps when you need to concentrate on what’s important (try it now in Beta)

Family Link: now part of the Digital Wellbeing settings, helping parents set digital ground rules for the whole family

More Nokia smartphones are in line to receive the latest Android 10 update. Stay tuned!


  • Nirmal Katariya Nirmal Katariya
    ✭✭  / 

    Also with bugs and many removed features.

    I miss ambient display , Face unlock.

    Brightness slider is broken in lockscreen.

    Display goes black.

    🙏😥And Bluetooth audio is very bad.

    🙂And Thanks for butter smooth experience.

    ✭✭  / 

    I that network error bug any one help. Near the clock 😔😔

  • Wanderlust Wanderlust
    ✭✭✭  / 

    Finally. Thank you Nokia for keeping promise.

    After 3 days of use of Android 10 on my nokia 6.1 plus, I noticed few bugs and some of them got fixed right after factory reset and clearing app data.

    Major bugs currently on my Nokia 6.1 plus Android 10 is contact search is not working for all contacts, some contacts are being missed.Music player Sound is little downgraded.

  • Lazysince1995 Lazysince1995
    ✭✭✭✭  / 

    Android 10 on Nokia 6.1 plus is working fine and I really loved the total experience. Only few minor issues needs to be fixed and I hope it will be in next update.

    I'm totally agree with @praveenp , Now we are expecting a really good update of Camera app by Nokia. I don't even remember whether it was updated since its launch or not.

    Anyways thanks for this new year gift Nokia.

    @dipankar paul

  • Esperando la actualización para México, espero que este libre de esos errores que he leído en el foro.


  • ckj ckj
    ✭✭✭  / 

    When Android 10 will be available for Nokia 7.2?

  • ckj ckj
    ✭✭✭  / 

    Lag issue with Nokia 7.2 when fixed?

  • ckj ckj
    ✭✭✭  / 

    Battery draining fast with Nokia 7.2 when it will fixed?

  • Michael Beck Michael Beck
    ✭✭  / 

    Will also the Nokia camera app be updated with android 10?

    Greetings from Germany

  • Ajay P Ajay P
    ✭✭  / 

    I always wait for a bug fix update to be released after a major update before I upgrade my phone. So my Nokia 6.1 Plus is still waiting.

  • Sharmaravi Sharmaravi
    ✭✭  / 

    Speakers distortion problem.. Yes I'm facing this problem in my Nokia 6.1 ever since i updated it to Android 10

    Nd there are other problems too:

    -equilizer is not working, not even third party, play music's equilizer is also not working

    -also battery optimization should be improved bcuz i was getting more screen on time when i was in android pie

    -once my phone restarts itself nd the Nokia boot logo was flashing after 50-60sec. It starts but i was really shocked that why it happened so u need to look into its stability

    -u need to improve camera performance, some years back,Nokia phones were known for their camera performace, the camera on my phone is nice I'm not complaining but the camera software should be improved because maximum times the pic came out blurry, but in gcam i never face this problem that means Nokia's camera software should be improved, IT'S SOO ANNOYING BCUZ AS IN ANDROID 10 I STILL DIDN'T FIND ANY STABLE GCAM ND I HAVE TO LIVE WITH NOKIA'S STOCK CAMERA APP ALONE 🥵

    -👉 (MOST IMPORTANT) PLZ ENABLE vowifi(wifi calling), as many smartphone brands already enabled it so Nokia should also enable it ASAP if they want to dominate the smartphone market in india once again

    -In dark mode, plz make settings page completely black or dark grey like the grey shade u can see in other Google apps(calender, keep etc.)

    The grey shade in NOKIA'S settings page is not grey or black, it's kind of like greenish grey which don't compliments other Google apps as they have different shade of grey.. Plz consider this

    I know Nokia team will fix maximum of these issues in upcoming security patch updates as i like their customer care support nd they really take our advice seriously, so i hope @HMD Global 3029 will fix all of these bugs..

    -lift to check phone is not showing me ambient display after lifting phone, instead it is showing me my lockscreen.. Plz fix it @HMDLaura

  • Thomas Cheptarus Kirotich Thomas Cheptarus Kirotich
    ✭✭  /  edited January 14

    I am yet to receive android 10 upgrade on my Nokia 7 plus in Kenya😪😪😪

  • iamkrishna08 iamkrishna08
    ✭✭✭  / 

    @dipankar paul happy to receive it on 7 Plus.

    ✭✭  / 

    Can't you ask your all questions in single thread? Why you post different comments for asking questions related to same phone.

  • Updating here in Madrid,Spain... Thanks...

  • Nokia 7 Plus....

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