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Don't hold your breath for a fix. My Nokia 6 started having audio leveling issues last year after some Cherry Pie update.

Audio bug in Nokia 6.1 Android 10 update


  • markku savinen markku savinen
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    Don't hold your breath for a fix. My Nokia 6 started having audio leveling issues last year after some Cherry Pie update. It seems it's now only getting worse with the security update. The fingerprint identification stopped working as well.

    Check here: the model has been having issues for a long time and none of them have been fixed:

    While it's not a case of flat-out planned obsolescence, Nokia simply doesn't care about these older models. Shame, as this model was otherwise pretty decent basic smartphone. The constant audio issues that are never addressed but getting just worse, are a sign that I'm jumping back to Samsung. Oh and I'm sure to post this on every forum where this issue is mentioned.

    Thanks Nokia! Shame there's never any fixes to things that get broken. Maybe it's a signal from them that we need to buy a new phone every year? Great business model. No thank you. And this coming from a Finnish person, from where this company originates from...

  • Rajdeep Sinha Rajdeep Sinha
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    No cracking sound issue is not resolved in April security update.But one new problem is overheating while charging and it stopped automatically while charging after overheating

  • Glad to find out I'm not the only one with this issue. I checked with videos and it was working fine but when i play an audio in any app, it becomes distorted. Even if we rollback to Oreo update after updating to Pie, it doesn't change this. So better if you haven't updated in first place, please don't. Wait for next update with a fix, hopefully.

  • Serjyon Serjyon
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    Sound was fixed in may update for nokia 7 plus, SO NOW WE NEED MR PATCH FOR 6.1, NOT USELESS SECURITY PATCH PLEASE

    Seriously nokia, please, i bought microsd for FLAC music BUT I CAN'T HEAR THIS NORMALLY BECAUSE SOUND HERE IS PIECE OF THE ****, I'M REALLY DISSAPOINTED

  • I'm having the same problem with crackling audio in WhatsApp et al too. Nokia, are you hearing us? When will this be resolved? Will it ever be resolved?

  • zikp hab zikp hab
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    Good news! this audio bug was fixed in the latest android update.


  • arytapermana arytapermana
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    They fix it, now.

    check your system update, immediately.

  • AreDee AreDee

    I too am struggling with telephone call sound from the top speaker on my Nokia 6.1. The phone is almost unusable. A particular concern for emergency situations.

    The fact that the phone works fine with the main speaker or via Bluetooth means that it can only be a software issue.

    How a company with the reputation of Nokia can let this happen and leave it uncorrected for so long is quite beyond me. It is certainly putting me off the idea of buying another Nokia.


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