Android 10 bugs

Android 10 =bugs 10 1-sound low 2=system ui crash 3- app opening time slow 4-mobile automatically switch off 5- hang problem. 6- whatsapp video call problem.

Android 10 bugs

pabitra pabitra
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Android 10 =bugs 10

1-sound low

2=system ui crash

3- app opening time slow

4-mobile automatically switch off

5- hang problem.

6- whatsapp video call problem.

7- recent app crash

8- battery charger slow

9- gaming sound low

10- mobile data automatically off on.

Please nokia teams fex this ....



  • terminusaquo terminusaquo
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    I suppose you haven't tried a factory reset, the one thing that would fix most if not all of those problems and the one thing no one does 🙄

  • After finger print scanner not working properly,equiliser not working,battery backup very poor

  • OnlyMeDev OnlyMeDev
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    It takes time when you disconnect whatsapp call. It's takes time when we click on mobile network in settings. It takes time when we cancel any downloading file. It hungs a lot

  • OnlyMeDev OnlyMeDev
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    When we disconnect whatsapp call it takes time to disconnect call.

    When we cancel any downloading file then it takes a log of time to cancellation.

    When we click on mobile network in settings it hung a lot and force to close app.

    Sometimes when we switch apps then it freezes and screen goes black for some time.

    Omg nokia you made my phone so bad.

    See the attached screenshots as proof

  • doktornotor doktornotor
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    {1,5},{7,10} - Works just fine for me. As noted above, you'd benefit from a factory reset of your weirdly messed-up phone.

    6 - I don't use Whatsapp or any other Facebook-infested garbage, cannot comment on that.

  • After updated Android 10 my 6.1 some issue with contact list. Number was saved but when searching by name it can not showing

  • Monal Monal
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    After factory reset the device every thing working perfectly now it is good all big bugs such as system crash ui crash solve now my phone is working perfectly. But are some bugs that can be solve by security updates or ota update there are some minor bugs

  • AnilKumar AnilKumar
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    I recently factory reset my phone due to bugs which cause serious issues in the phone..... After reset many of the bugs like UI crash and automatic restart got solved. But there are still many bugs. It can be seen while switching recent apps. I wish it get solved by next update...

  • Sunil Jena Sunil Jena
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    In my case works properly, no issue

  • Lomii Lomii
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    Bugs I found

    1. Black screen background for less than 1 sec. on home screen after unlocking using finger when screen is off

    2. Ps4 controller or dualshock 4 is not supported even though it's supported on android 10

    3. Sometimes apps are closing unexpectedly (maybe ram management)

    4. Sometimes distorted sound using earphones

    5. Hang when multiple apps are open

    So far the phone is great and fast just need to fix those issues we're ready to go. Finger print scanner is working fine now after updating to android 10. I hope they fix the issue on dualshock controller issue too.

  • chitiz chitiz
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    I am facing some additional problem such as hd audio for bluetooth headphone not working, ram management is too aggressive.ui is a bit laggy

  • munnasharma munnasharma
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    Same issue with me. But i noted most is the battery drain issue.

  • Benagoro Benagoro
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    Am from outside India and have not received the android 10 update yet so maybe they are trying to fix some of the mentioned bugs before releasing it globally

  • P S sudahar P S sudahar
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    Bluetooth headset audio quality very low, equaliser not working ,No bass effect

  • Frank Hartog Frank Hartog
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    Since my upgrade to Android 10 WiFi cannot connect to wifi networks. But it is still able to detect the wifi sources.

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    Not seeing many of these have you performed a factory reset after the update?

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    1 does not effect usability

    2 not a bug but unsupported feature

    Others sound like you need to do a factory reset as I do not see any app issues or lagging.

    Have not encountered sound issue either.

  • Monal Monal
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    Again ui crash on my nokia 6.1 i don't know what nokia is doing i want nokia please solve this bug it is very **** experience🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😠😡🤬😈😈when this problem will sole

  • dani8982 dani8982
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    I have the black screen flicker as well.

    It also kicks my Texta app off the menu at the bottom of the screen every time I restart the phone. Every. Time. I have an empty spot that I have to go & fetch the app and put it back.

    Bluetooth also now refuses to connect to my fitbit Versa. It sees it but won't pair with it. I have turned location on and also done a soft reset. I found where to make it stop being "battery optimized" and changed that too. Any other suggestions? Other than the factory reset of course ;)

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    Sounds like a texta app issue - uninstall the app and reinstall.

    Bluetooth - reset the network settings reboot the phone and try again.

    What launcher are you using stock or third party ?

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    Please backup your data and do a factory reset. This sounds like an app issue , of it's always the same app being loaded or switched to uninstall the app reboot the phone and reinstall the app.

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    Issue 1 - not seeing this when using a third party launcher. Which launcher are you using?

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