Nokia 9 camera keep Crashing!

Nokia 9 camera keep crashing! Especially in the low power situation in Jan 2020! Anyone here have the same problem in the camera crash?

Nokia 9 camera keep Crashing!

Kelvin Lau Kelvin Lau
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Nokia 9 camera keep crashing! Especially in the low power situation in Jan 2020!

Anyone here have the same problem in the camera crash? Before the android 10 update, the camera is slow to turn on and slow to save photos.

However after the android 10 update. The camera usually crash, and even if you take a photo, the photo is fail to save!

I can bare the poor fingerprint sensor, but can't bare the poor camera experience. And my phone is being lag now! My mum's google pixel 3a works faster than my phone and have good picture quality. Also her phone have better performance in playing game too!

Anyone have the same problems?

Please help to fix it!


  • N808 N808
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    I bought my 9 PureView used, and it was already loaded with Android 10.

    My experience to date with the camera is that it is slow to load/display a JPEG, and very slow to load a JPEG/RAW combination.

    However, to date, I have not had the camera app crash on me as I let processing proceed at it's own pace to completion.

    Is the your camera crashing despite you leaving the processing to proceed to completion?

  • Kelvin Lau Kelvin Lau
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    I haven't force close my camera app while it saving photos. I am recently got this problem, it haven't happen before.

    Sometimes it just fail to save photo but the app hasn't crash. I this it really a problem have to fix.

    I think take times to save photo is acceptable. But it take too long to get camera prepare to shoot while you turn on the camera.

  • Sisu Matt Sisu Matt
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    It is atrocious. Barely functions at all.

  • Zobel Zobel
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    Has anybody heard something about the camera update announced in December?

  • therule therule
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    I'm going to replace my nokia 9 this week. Due to a new job i can't afford a mobile phone that unlocks randomly and without proper security checks like the fingerprint. I liked to take pictures of animals in the wild but since i own this Nokia all fun has gone. It takes minutes before the camera works if you're lucky, because most of the times the camera crashes and wants a reboot of the phone.

    Movie filming? I don't even dare anymore.

  • youhippy youhippy
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    I've just posted a new thread having a loan about this phone. There is a wave of midrange 5G phones that I'm keeping my eye on.

  • I don't wish to tempt fate, as this is only one day in for me, however I contacted Nokia Support about this and got a very quick reply within 24hrs.

    They asked me to reset the camera as follows:

    "Open the camera app and tap on the three dots icon on the upper part and please scroll down and tap on the reset camera settings."

    I have turned DNG/RAW support back on and so far, whether the phone is screen-off and I double-tap the power button, or I launch the camera from an unlocked phone, it seems to be significantly better than before.

    I've been loading the camera frequently last night and today and the app loads much quicker, and so far is not affecting the general performance of the phone.

    Has anyone else tried this and can report back success or failure for making a difference to their phone?

  • Magicdesign Magicdesign
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    What is processing time per image?

  • youhippy youhippy
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    There is no wait time for me any more!

    (Using my new iPhone SE)

  • Same as it was before on Android 9 now :)

    Just tried the camera again now, still behaving properly.

  • Magicdesign Magicdesign
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    If you look at the image immediately on the iPhone, there is a couple of seconds processing time. At least, on my iPhone XS - so I assume the SE will do that too...

  • Magicdesign Magicdesign
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    Yes - confirmed. Did this and it's back down to 12 seconds processing time.

    Thanks for the tip

    Edit: correction. It turned off depth which reduced processing time. With depth on, it's still 15 - 18 seconds

  • I am fine with the processing time, so long as the camera is actually usable and doesn't crash the handset :)

  • Magicdesign Magicdesign
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    Go into settings...Google....on device sharing

    Turn off Google drive sharing

    Does the camera still crash as much?

  • Anyone finding the May update and Android 10 version update to have helped?

    Can't find any specifics on what exactly it addressed, though it mentions stability and other improvements as a general term.

  • Magicdesign Magicdesign
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    Still getting lots of camera freezing and no photo

  • Jarmom Jarmom
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    After new build you should almost always reset app cache. Only then you can see reliably if anything improved. Android "feature". For me camera works lot better

  • Have to admit, my 9 is significantly snappier after the May update. General battery life seems improved too.

    Camera is not affecting system performance so far, and opens quickly. Fingers crossed as I was genuinely close to getting rid, might be a good handset at last (with Android 10 anyhow, it was fine with 9). If I see camera issues reoccurring I'll be sure to post back.

  • Still solid as a rock for me - overall the handset is working as well as it did when I first got it on Android 9 - kudos to Nokia for finally sorting things, though it's a shame we didn't get any proper announcement on the actual fixes inside the update. Unless anyone knows more than I can find?

  • Magicdesign Magicdesign
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    Shame they took so long

  • Yep...I had a few weird issues this weekend with the camera - double-click the power to load, it shows OK but then 4 or 5 photos in it kept just sticking...then after maybe 30 seconds would come back to life.

    Not sure if this is just from a locked device, I've not used it recently from unlocked...

    If I think back, the camera on my Nokia 8 was problematic with performance (I don't mind the processing time on the 9, I just want it to work for photos!)...I was holding out a little for the 9.3 or whatever they will call it...though I have to admit, as much as I don't use the camera that often, it's the only thing about Nokia so far which is a little frustrating...

    How is it for everyone else since the latest update?

  • Magicdesign Magicdesign
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    It’s the double click that causes the freezing usually.

    did some video yesterday, and it didn’t do well when compared to the iPhone XS. No video stabilisation on 4K

  • m maapaar m maapaar

    Hi. I have a nokia 9 pure view and Image fusion process stops. i can take a photo but a wizard takes appear on screen several times in day and cannot process/save the photo.

  • joe367 joe367
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    I'm facing a problem with the camera. When the battery percentage drops below 50, the camera starts freezing... Not just in the Camera app... But for all the apps. Everything works perfectly fine if I charge the phone above 50%. Does anyone else have the same issue? I even tried factory resetting the phone....same result.

  • I'm almost sure it's a voltage problem. You can try activating the beauty mode on the camera (that forces it to use a single lens). Anyway I wonder why have 5 cameras if they are useless ...

  • Also, change the glance style can improve the ghost notifications. And disabling the smart lock can improve the fingerprint reading...

    Why Nokia? This phone has many software flaws...

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