GCam fix

Visit this xda thread and there's the tutorial in it by user named "navtab" (Link) This is the most working method!

GCam fix

user1542692860701 user1542692860701
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Visit this xda thread and there's the tutorial in it by user named "navtab"

This is the most working method! I tried it 2 days ago and the gcam works until now. Only slow mo isn't work



  • Teddy Teddy
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    How to install the antilag xml file??

  • Abdul_mng Abdul_mng
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    Create a folder named GoogleCamera on your root directory and create another folder inside it named ConfigsCamera then paste the XML file there and then open gcam app and double tap the black space between the shutter button and the selfie switch, it will popup the XML file you saved in that folder just load it and the camera will restart. That's all

  • Abdul_mng Abdul_mng
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    Incase the folder GoogleCamera do not load rename it to GCam and the sub folder to Configs. This should work

  • Zilretra Zilretra
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    Try this. Its working for Nokia 7 plus

    Buggy Android 10 for GCam lovers, but hope after reading this you will love to it.

    GCam stucks on HDR+ processing? Or Shutter is not working? Or Picture is not saving? Or Saving a just Green photo? Have to restart after taking some snaps?


    Who needs Android 10 GCam smooth and fast experience, like Pie on Nokia Devices?

    Obviously every one who just updated the OS from 9 to 10 including me. Here is somethings to do for smoother GCam experience.

    Let's dig it......

    1.Uninstall all GCams first (Recommend)

    2.Install Camera PX V4.1 Or 4.2 choice is yours. Download links are given below, don't need to download again if you have any version from these



    3.After Installation don't snap a photo, just Disable Motion Picture and go to Camera setting

    4. In setting there will be option "PX Mod Setting"

    5. From top on the 4th number you will find an option "Non-ZSL frame count" set it as minimum as possible I will suggest you to put it 5

    6.In the same menu at number 7 you will find an option "Super Res Zoom Always On" Turn it off, if it is on

    7. On 8th number in same setting you will see an option "Force Sabre Merge Method" Turn it off

    8. Close the Camera and goto its properties by pressing and holding the icon of camera a little "i" will appear just tap on it

    9. Click on Advanced, Tap on "Battery"

    10.Then click on "Battery optimization"

    11. On the Upper side in the center there will be an option "NOT OPTIMIZED"

    12.Tap it and Click on "All Apps" it will take some time to load all apps

    13.Find the Camera PX there and tap on it , a flash toast will appear

    14.Click on "Don't Optimize" and "Done"

    15. Restart Your device

    Now check the camera and share your experience,

    You can try it with other GCam versions hopefully it will work

    Battery optimization is main factor that is disturbing apps. Turn off this feature for all apps that are not working fine. Even for other GCam they will work for sure

    Camera was not able to capture picture because ZSL count needs heavy processor, SD665 have not enough power. Its just thinking

  • user1122123 user1122123
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    can I work with other settings? for example if I use hdr+ enhanced mode will it cause it to misbehave?

  • Ak9116 Ak9116
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    Gcam doesn't work on my nokia 7 plus android 10.nokia power user ham both apk doesn't work well.plzz give me a new apk with full working on nokia7 plus.android 10 based.

  • user1542692860701 user1542692860701
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    Unfortunately all gcam won't work permanently in nokia 7.1, 6.1 plus, or 7 plus running Android 10

    The only way we can do is waiting for the next MR Upgrade

    I hope nokia knows about this problem

  • Raj123 Raj123
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    I have nokia 8 Sirocco which has a SD835 still gcam won't even start after Android 10 update.

  • Angad Saroj Angad Saroj
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    Nokia hmd company very bad after Android 10 nokia7plus Google camera not working evenone properly Nokia please solve bugs from devloper

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