Today januari patch but not Android 10 on 7.2 Realy serious Nokia ?

So today i receive the januari patch from Nokia 7.2 and it looks realy that Nokia make a slapstick from the Android 10 updatepolicy. What Android 10 ???

Today januari patch but not Android 10 on 7.2 Realy serious Nokia ?

Ronny2010 Ronny2010
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So today i receive the januari patch from Nokia 7.2 and it looks realy that Nokia make a slapstick from the Android 10 updatepolicy. What Android 10 ??? This is not serious anymore and a blame for Android one. Nokia promised months ago that 10 comes before 2020 but that's al lies. So i have placed my 7.2 online for sell so next week i go to one + 7t pro with out the box 10 and 3 big updates plus 4 year security updates guaranteed. That's much more Quality than what Nokia do with 7.2. my Original idea was wait and see but now 10 come not in januari i think how i can trust Nokia further. Sorry Nokia but clean up your dramatic terrible updatepolicy


  • Supergunny Supergunny
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    Thanks God, Ronny is leaving to one plus.

    But my thought are with the one plus users...

    And don't worry, he will be back when the Android 11 update is delayed on the one plus...


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  • Ronny2010 Ronny2010
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    And so have consumerservice Nokia be say would Android 10 come not before march and it would be also the latest update. Sorry but HMD have cheating all 6.2 and 7.2 customers. Be honour and think about it's normal that Android one devices folow 5 months later after non Android one . The truth is painfull but is realy

  • dray78 dray78
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    Nokia 7.2 supposed to get 2 major updates. Android Q and Android R.

  • Ronny2010 Ronny2010
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    Dear kishan, you're opinion is right and the only reason that HMD make me upsad is that they don't serve clear wine. When they launch the 7.2 they promised that they folow the idea from Android one with first class updates. First they say end 2019 than januari 2020 than they don't know, than a Belgian customerservice employee say not before march, than i ask friendly An explain from mr Sarvikas that don't answer anyone. The imago from Nokia is destroy when they don't do it better

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Where did they say end 2019 and January 2020? I have never encountered any official statement from HMD. Other than the 2.3 launch event where they clearly said that it will first be released for the 6.1, 6.1+, 7+ in January and thereafter for 7.2 in February or March.

  • Gilles Angers Gilles Angers
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    Est ce vraiment nėcessaire d'avoir Andro10 sur le nokia 7.2 ?? Le téléphone fonctionne déjà super bien. Développer des mises à jour est souvent compliqué. Moi c'est mon deuxième Nokia et je n'ai jamais été déçus, j'ai une très grande confiance dans la marque. J'ai possédé un 3310 et bien d'autre encore, la technologie est facile à faire ėvoluer, mais la partie logiciel est nettement plus compliqué.

    Soyez patient, HMD c'est ce qu'il y a faire. 👍

  • Jocke.Sve Jocke.Sve
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    And again:

    January wasn't promised either.

    It's Q1 2020 as stated in the release schedule!

  • hotspot hotspot

    I don't know what is happening with Nokia

  • 556mag30 556mag30
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    I've only had my 7.2 for 3 weeks. I bought the phone direct from the official HMD Nokia phoneshop here in the UK. It's my first Android smartphone. I bought it to use as a secondary phone for business use and also to interact with my old Nexus 7 tablet. My main smartphone is a iPhone XR, and I'm not ashamed to say that I've been an Apple fan boy for over a decade, but having the 7.2 as a second phone with a physical dual sim is an absolute bonus.

    In my opinion, the OS on the 7.2 is absolutely fine for what I use it for. When I unpacked my 7.2 and connected it to my home WiFi, it updated immediately to the latest Android 9 version and the December security patch. The January security patch was applied on the day it was released.

    Personally, I don't have any issues with my 7.2. It hasn't given me a single problem, i.e. it isn't laggy, it charges relatively quickly and basically does everything I need it to do. Even the camera hasn't disappointed me thus far. The only thing that annoys me about the phone, is the Nokia tune on boot up, it makes me want to hold my head in my hands lol!

    As for the Android 10 update, I'm personally not bothered when it is released as long as it's bug free and fit for release. So far so good for me.

  • benterrier benterrier
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    Couldn't agree with you more. I came from Blackberry Priv Which was full of faults from day one. The 7.2 is a breath of fresh air. Does everything expected of it for me. Android 10 will come and hope it doesn't upset an already stable platform

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    My phone seems bit hanging after the recent Jan update .So also the question is whether Android 10 update solves the current issues which I hope some are facing...

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