Fit for purpose?

I'm beginning to think this phone isn't and never will be fit for the purpose it was sold.

Fit for purpose?

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I'm beginning to think this phone isn't and never will be fit for the purpose it was sold.

The camera lags like **** so quite often you've missed the photo opportunity.
It hangs when using apps - simple things like visiting a website can lead to a 30 second+ hang, even phone and text even have small lags
Each morning I have a message that there's a problem with Google play services
Music stops randomly after short periods of time.

There are other things as well but for me these are the main ones. I'm not expecting flagship performance but just something that works like it should. Support is useless.

It's been the same on the May, June and July updates so I'm not expecting a fix anytime soon but if anyone from HMD is reading this, you need to fix the issues.

I was always a Nokia fan and all my previous phones, apart from my last one, have been Nokia but if this is what HMD are doing to the brand and sub par phones are what we will get you will find you loose a lot of the people who have been loyal to the brand over the years and we will move to other makes of phne and recommend other brands to friends and family.

I for one regret swapping my old Xperia for this model.


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    Nokia 6.1 software has been a clown show.  It's not getting much play because it's not that popular of a phone. Imagine the uproar if it was a Samsung or iPhone.  

  • Those issues do happen on those phones, just you don't hear about it. A considerable number of issues are almost always the cause of bad apps, so many stay in memory and load automatically to show you the occasional ad, it's unnecessary. That includes games! Remove unnecessary apps, and go to Apps & notifications, click on see all apps, and for all apps and games that have no reason to stay in memory click force stop.
  • If only it were RAM issues, I had a RAM monitoring app installed, it always reports around 900MB-1GB free, even when the phone slows down. That's plenty of free RAM to not be experiencing the things that are happening so it's not that. You can add about 100meg when I clear things from the RAM, the issues still happen when I do that. Even if it were RAM issues, it's not good enough, the phone should be clearing things out of the RAM itself. I've had phones with less than the amount of RAM in this one and a far greater amount of bloatwear that managed perfectly well with none of the issues here.
  • It's not just about RAM use, all those apps and games interfere with the phone and use CPU at some point. They have to in order to push their ads and notifications. In any case you should try stopping them regardless. You can't compare the situation to other phones as there are different apps and games, different versions, and different ways they interact with the phone.

    When i say I've seen this before on other devices I mean it literally. Battery apps and other system tools usually cause more hassles than they improve at well.
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    I know what you are saying, but it's not accurate in this case, and shouldn't be in any 2018 phone (full disclosure, my job of 10+ years involves me dealing with systems architecture everyday, we're talking about how each component is built, instruction sets etc, not just plugging a CPU into a motherboard, so I know a bit about how these things work). It's the software, Nokia's implementation of it anyway, it could be something more serious with the hardware but I doubt it as there is nothing bespoke about the hardware in the phone. Because Nokia seem incompetent with the software on this phone, I don't have any additional software installed. Apart from the RAM monitoring tool (which was only installed as an experiment to prove if it was the RAM or not - it just displays free RAM, not manages it) I have no additional apps installed, everything is stock. I have all optional tracking turned off including location, I don't play games on my phone or have Facebook etc. I have notifications for everything apart from text and email turned off because they annoy me and i pay to have ads removed from anything I can (YouTube premium, gsuite etc). In this day and age there is no excuse for lag, project butter saw to most of that years ago, modern processors and systems architecture are more than capable of running stock android without having a 30 second delay after pressing a letter in the keyboard and I shouldn't be seeing any of the issues I am seeing, which all point to a more serious underlying issue than my RAM is getting full. Part of the OSs job is to manage RAM in any case, so that's not an excuse if it were. My 5 year old Sony mid ranger could manage to operate as expected, as can my parents Motorola G5 2018 with not as good specs can so I expect this one to be able to. You may have seen it on other phones and badly written apps are a plague on all platforms, not just mobile, which is why I avoid them so I'm confident it's not the issue here.
  • I agree with you! I bought this phone only because of the software and the good optimization that comes with pure stock android. Two months in and I'm a bit dissapointed - the camera has terrible software and is not optimized at all, the ram managment is also terrible...
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