[Merged] Nokia 7.2 lagging issue. Notification and finger sensor are working slow.



  • to fix the notification bar issue, just wipe/clean the fingerprint scanner properly or disable the fingerprint gesture in settings.

  • NOKIA/HMD please read this post: I had notification area/lock screen lag issues from day one I bought NOKIA 7.2. A few days ago i received the Android 10 update (v2.27). Even after update the lagging issues are here, no improvement at all. I use 2 SIMs at the same time and my mobile data are configured to come form Sim slot 2.

    All this time, on android 9 and now on 10, i have been trying to find out what the issue is. I am working at NOKIA networks and have test background so i had some ides and tested different things.

    I have finally found the problem for the lagging issues. When the device is connected on WiFi (no data over cellular from any of the two sims) then all the lagging issues dissapear. There isn't even any small lag issue on the device while using even under heavy load. When device is taking internet from cellular (WiFi disconnected) then the issues start. The situation with lags is worst when data comes from SIM slot 2. If I change data to Sim slot 1 then situation becomes a little better but still far away from UE response when connected only on WiFi.

    So clearly there is an issue on the device SW that produces this SW lag.

    Guys please check yous devices and tell me how the lag is when the device is connected on a WiFi and cellular data are deactivated. At least on my 7.2 this workaround, WiFi data only, is working all the time and the device is really flawless.

    Looking forward for your feedback.

  • Forgot to mention that my device is TA-1196, Dual SIM, European market.

  • Hi Blak Chalk,

    Thank you for this information !!!!

    However, If I have to disable finger print feature then what is the use of been provided. I don't want to settle I want to fully enjoy my device why should I compromise? If I want to use something I will surely use it if device wouldn't support then device should be changed not my choice.

  • Always replace default launcher with Nova. It's the best.

  • Jocke.Sve
    Jocke.Sve ✭✭✭

    Been Nova user and beta tester since "ages"...

    And to mention, the lag's are minimal in general and barely noticeable.

    The default launcher (QuickStep) doesn't have the best reputation in any phone, therefore there are special removal/replacement tools available at XDA.

  • what you're saying is true. but don't you think that before you take it back for replacement, you should at least try to thoroughly clean the sensor or disable then enable the feature and see if it works?

  • As suggested I replaced the default launcher with Microsoft Launcher for 3 days. Unfortunately the lags were still there. So i switched again to default launcher.

    For my device when i am connected to WiFi the lag in notification area and lock screen just goes away....I am not HMD developer to know what mught be the cause here. But i know that for a 300 euro device such experience is not acceptable.

    I bought my mother in law a Xiaomi redmi 6A and it goes fast like **** in the UI everyday tasks. And has much worst specs than 7.2. So clearly it is a SW issue, not a hardware like for example the CPU, RAM etc.

    When your mid range devices, gentlemen at HMD, are working like crap then do not expect to have sales on the higher end area...No way. The mid range is the most important category as it allows you to advertise your company quality on the devices. Your strategy has failed. You didn't learn from the Chinese vendors......I am a NOKIA fan since ages. But this is a situation that cannot be withstand......

    I will give my 7.2 to my son and will buy a Xiaomi (my experience with Poco F1 and Mi A3 was very good - although nothing is perfect). Having to deal every day with these lags is not a game i am going to play anymore.

    P.S. I have already updated my 7.2 on Android 10 and performed a hard reset. Nothing from these two (Android 10 and hard reset) has helped the situation....

  • The issue is for me as well Just bought the and thaught that the phone is nice and smooth but now is too a annoying still the notification bar lags a lot and fingerprint is too slow. Hope they fix this ASAP.

  • Hai Nokia team,

    This is too much... I can't trust my device more , I have brought my Nokia 7.2 three months back and issues start from after 25 days....

    Right now having an issue of too much hang , freezing and notification bar sliding without any action .

    Sensors and notification bar are not working properly... So hard to slide and sometimes slide without my actions.

    Then about display.. display exposure change in a time... too much Variations...

    Noika please help me.....

  • Too too much hang....

  • Hey guys, I just found this option on Google, it has made significant improvement in performance.

    Turn-off or Reduce animations:

    By reducing or turning off some of UI animations you can make your Android smartphone feel snappier. For reducing animations first enable Developer options by going to Settings > About phone and scrolling down to the System section to look for Build number. Now tap on it seven times and you should see a message about being a developer. Now go back and find the Developer options listed under System by going to the main Settings menu. You can now go to Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale one by one. Tap on each of them and set it to .5x or off.

  • Vishnu18
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    Hey guys all the notification panel issues that u are noticing are mainly due to dual SIM.

    I don't know exactly what's happening with dual SIM I think it's a bug that hmd should look at..

    Please remove 1 sim and try it again u will never ever notice the lag.

    Hmd will soon look into this I think....

    Because they do value their customers highlyyyy

  • Corvo
    Corvo ✭✭

    Im using a single sim still Im getting the notification panel lag. It is more stable while using wifi. But still it lags

  • What if i aant to use both sims..is nokia taken up the issue..?

  • I brought this Nokia 7.2 5 days ago

    Notification bar hangs, slow operating like if I press volume down botton it takes few seconds to reduce volume, some times it doesn't work.. auto rotate also problem.. battery back up is too week.. what should I do now and

  • Hey corvo,

    Previously the lags were all resolved after removing 1 sim

    But after June month patch update

    My Nokia 7.2 also became so slow and lag and sluggish...

    Sometimes screen is freezing and it is so irritating....😠😠😠

  • Dr Sachin
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    Most of the times, the fingerprint reader doesnt recognize and takes longer time for the screen to display. i donno what these guys are doing with updates every month. I haven't noticed any improvement with the monthly updates🙄 @HMDLaura

  • Yes bro, Im facing the same issue here. Screen unlock, notification panel, volume control are all getting lagged when mobile data is used. But when on wifi, no lag is present. Everything goes smooth. I have no idea on what to do. Seems to be a software glitch in which I'm expecting Nokia to fix in the coming software update.

  • Sudiptapal
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    Tell me all of you guys , Did you recently installed any upgrades/updates on your devices ? How much space of your internal storage is free right now ? Did you tried google's pixel launchers on your devices instead using launcher3, did it resolved or increase the issues? Do you regularly clear app caches of every app? .

    Tbh front flash of my camera works fine. I think hmd should release a old symbian style nokia launcher and beat 2 problems with 1solution. If you can , disable animations in your display(menus) download "google files" and clean junk files regularly.

    Turn the folklore " ADAPTIVE BRIGHTNESS"OFF

  • My Nokia 7.2 fingerprint sensor working slowly, some time not working also !!

  • Hi Nokia team,

    My Nokia 7.2 still using Android 9,

    When can get update ?

  • I really regret going for 7.2 Nokia. I don't know I c many issues.. initially had update issues and then I had Bluetooth connectivity issues. Now I have sensor not responding properly. I see a drastic lag. Started using dial sim now and facing performance issues.. notification panel does not respond. wow!!! Is this really stock Android? I Went through the community site and I see many have given same complaints with no help from Nokia team.

    Are they really gonna help?

  • Same here, disabled Quickstep & set Nova as the launche. It's like a new phone.