Force Update Nokia 7.2 to January OTA

Well well well... Again I win m*th*rf**k*rs of Nokia... I force the update doing this steps:

Force Update Nokia 7.2 to January OTA

Well well well... Again I win m*th*rf**k*rs of Nokia...

I force the update doing this steps:

1- remove simcard

2-turn off

3-turn on, download tunnelbear VPN and setting it to a India localisation and when it is done turn off WiFi and Localisation GPS.

4- erase data and cache of these app in exactly this order.

4-a: Google App

b: Google Framework

c: Google play services

d: Location Services

5- turn off

6-turn on and enable WiFi and tunnelbear VPN.

7: Check for updates and then install OTA

Nokia support say again "wait for update" again I say: f**k you!


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Ahahaha you're the man! I really like your humor to describe your frustration on the lack of updates. And i like that you find ways to get things done :)

    All the best! Maybe one fine day, your region will also recieve the updates like the others

  • Thanks, best thing is do the god damnit update agains the will of Nokia's

    Best part is mean "f*CK you Nokia engineers... Jajaja I have experience in this... I ever install restringed firmware on all mi Nokia's devices...

    I have history in that... I was the first in Chile in unlock the Nokia 800 bootloader doing a hardware write...

    Here is a video of that:

    So I'm glad to say...

    I will install the update anyway... F*CK you Nokia engineers 🤣

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Chile you said? My friend from Chile says that Nokia is still quite in demand in your country as against the likes of Xiaomi.

    So, I'm not rich ally sure why Nokia doesn't properly focus on the market that is happy to have their phones.

    Nice to meet people who like the DIY way instead of whining why why why 🤪😂

  • Nokia ever in Chile was the best option. I sell mi iPhone 8 and have 2 brands to choose. Huawei and Nokia...

    I decided Nokia because I trust in Nokia...

    I have 14 years of experience in repairing, unlocking and working with cellphones.

    So for many reasons I chose Nokia. But is a disappointing see Nokia dedication to all users.

    So, in that I ever was one of the users to take the initiative to take the latest system update... Even is was a restricted firmware...

    Mi face to see the dedication of Nokia...

    Is a disappointing see that... Sometimes I ask myself if I choose right... What happened if I choose Huawei and not Nokia... But I hope Nokia change the focus and give all user the care of they deserve.

  • Castañé Castañé
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    It looks that Spain is neither a market important enough to take care of the costumers.i didn't get the late December update and I'm still waiting for the one in January. Before this phone I had an Android one from Xiaomi and I decided to trust in Nokia instead of a Chinese I'm kind of regretting the choice.

  • I post how to force update. Check the instructions and try with the method of I use.

  • I got the December update using this method. Was stuck on November. Have heard of a few others in Australia with this lack of updates.

  • Try find the new update using the OTA method or if u want can do the second method to force update flashing your phone to December update... But u may unlock your bootloader, etc... In this post u can find the instructions.

  • pawlakpl21 pawlakpl21
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    Anyone tried with update to Android 10? In my case, no success :(

  • kontextify kontextify
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    What are the risks here? Can you brick your phone? There must be a reason manufacturers (not just Nokia) don't make these updates global immediately?

  • ozgurkinaci ozgurkinaci
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    Working in telecommunications myself, I believe the country restrictions are due to mobile operators not finalizing their testing and not confirming Nokia can proceed in their network.

    If there are 3 mobile operators in your country, the slowest one sets the pace. :(

    Android firmwares update mobile communication part of the firmware, so they need mobile operators' approval. Hence, Android device makers need to roll out major updates in waves.

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