[Moved] Nokia 9 camera app freezes and fails to save picture.



  • Happens to me all the time. It's frustrating when you lose those in the moment images.

  • Having the same issue with mine. Especially now during winter it doesn't even try to take a picture, it just freeze and restart the cellphone :-(

    It's a shame that the phone which main advertised feature is camera, can't take pictures :-( Gonna try to reach the service in order to check if they can replace it or something like that

  • Keith
    Keith ✭✭✭

    This has been happening to me recently. Seems to be when the battery is below 35%. Also the phone gets hot. I fear the battery is on the way out.

  • Fence
    Fence ✭✭

    It started with occasionally freezing or not saving the picture and now it looses focus after a few seconds. I can only take one picture a time. Closing the app solves it sometimes, other times needs a phone restart.

    Is anyone from Nokia going to reply to this issue?

  • Sometimes it just fail to save photo but the app hasn't crash. I this it really a problem have to fix. I think take times to save photo is acceptable.

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  • What to say, camera freezes after taking a shot.

    Have to wait or restart the camera to make another photo, sometimes Photos dont get saved. 2 times the Phone restartet itself while using the camera.

    ...not the best experience by using a so called "camera Phone"

    It's really a shame, sad but true.

  • Gosselin48
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    edited July 2021

    My phone is sometimes only capable of capturing around 5-6 images in a row, before the workload becomes too big and the whole phone freezes. Other times only a couple of the captures show up in the gallery app afterwards.


  • I'm thinking the same as you I've always had Nokia even when they moved to windows phone but at $1000 for this Nokia 9 and the poor performance I'd not get another Nokia unless I could try it for a few months.

  • Haha Nokia is too busy working on their next fancy advertisement about a phone that probably won't work... poorly Made in China

  • I will never buy a Nokia phone again.

    Bugs never fixed, Update for Android 11 after 1 year not arrived.

    Fingerprint not working, camera sucks !

    Had to change battery, phone FULL OF GLUE, very hard to repair .


  • Nokia 9 camera problem

  • Also have all the problems listed above.

    I've bought every flagship camera phone from Nokia. Pre ordered the Nokia 9. It's been terrible, the camera is virtually unusable. I had my phone replaced by Nokia under warranty, the replacement is worse.

    I bought it for the camera. When it works it's fabulous, but 9 times out of 10 it freezes, or doesn't open, or flags an error msg. 2yrs I've struggled with it.

  • I have the same problem, interestingly the camera almost immediately stops the freeze when I connect the phone to a power supply.

    When i unplug the phone, the same issues as described appear.