Bluetooth turning off by it self.

I have to turn on the bluetooth practically every day because it turns off by itself. It appears to do this at inactive times.

Bluetooth turning off by it self.

Henry Hemming Henry Hemming
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I have to turn on the bluetooth practically every day because it turns off by itself. It appears to do this at inactive times. I typically notice this when i try to check my fitbit stats or put bluetooth headphones on. Is there a way to fix this?


  • user1509577870724 user1509577870724
     /  edited March 2018

    je have the same trouble on Nokia 6. I search how to do but I found nothing...

  • Geoff Geoff
     /  edited March 2018
    For be seems to happen overnight when charging, maybe when the battery hits 100%
  • user1510823993178 user1510823993178
    ✭✭  /  edited March 2018

    I see similar problem on my Nokia 6. I haven't found any particular pattern

    when the BT turns OFF, but it happens almost daily.

  • Snacko Snacko
     /  edited March 2018

    I never turn off BT manually, but usually it is disabled in the morning. Very annoying. 

  • Jm1983 Jm1983
     /  edited March 2018

    My Asus Zenwatch 2 has become almost unusable as Bluetooth keeps turning off every few minutes...

  • user1511007260090 user1511007260090
     /  edited March 2018
    Same problem here. When I get in my car it says it's connected. A minute or so later a message on the dash says it's disconnected. After a while another message appears "Nokia 5 connected" and the cycle repeats endlessly. It stops me playing music from the phone.
    Any answers Nokia?
  • Leevi Leevi
     /  edited March 2018

     Happening to me too on my Nokia 6. Happens about every 5 hours. Really annoying since I use Moto 360 everyday.

  • Leforban Leforban
     /  edited March 2018

    Same (really annoying) issue here with a Nokia 6. I only realize the BT is off when receiving a call in my car and not being able to pick up...

    Will this be fixed with the Oreo update ?

  • Jukka Nikunen Jukka Nikunen
     /  edited November 2017

    I use as a workaround Automate app with Bluetooth enable flow.

  • Leforban Leforban
     /  edited January 2018

    Thanks, the Automate app solution did the trick.

    Does someone knows if the issue is solved in the Oreo beta ?

  • user1512123754321 user1512123754321
     /  edited September 2018
    I am also having the same problem.
    After being with contact with support for 2 hours not getting anywhere I returned the phone and got another one.
    Worked for a day and still same problem. Blutooth disables itself after 5 hours, must be a software issue
    I kept it original out of the box no apps installed but still same issue.
    This is very dangerous if you receive a call in the car and you have to try to connect the Bluetooth there can be a serious accident which can have consequences.
    Please Nokia fix this issue.
  • My problem with my Nokia 5 is likewise! Bluetooth keeps turning on by itself! Anybody else has this problem?
  • scottishwildcat scottishwildcat
     /  edited March 2018

    This used to happen to me too, but it doesn't seem to be an issue in the Oreo beta.

  • I had this problem but having contacted Nokia they have resolved the problem for me. Their fix is:-

    Could you please try to do the followings steps:

    Go to "Settings" - "Apps" - tap on the 3dots icon - "Show system" - Look for "Bluetooth Share" tap on it - "Force stop" - "Storage" - "Clear the Cache and Data".

    Restart your device.


    "Settings" - "Storage" - "Cached Data" tap on it and confirm clear.

    Restart your device one more time.


    Open "Settings" - "Location" - tap on the 3dots icon - "Scanning..." - "Turn OFF the Bluetooth Scanning"

    As I said, it's resolved mine.

  • It looks like this issue has been solved in Oreo final version...

  • I followed jay jay elf instructions to the letter and my Bluetooth has not switched of for the last 3 days.
    Thanks for the info
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