Instabil Bluetooth connection

 I´ve got a huge problem regarding my new Nokia 3.1.

Instabil Bluetooth connection

 I´ve got a huge problem regarding my new Nokia 3.1.

The Bluetooth connection is very instabil. It disconnects from my Ticwatch E 1-2 times a day. It´s not possible to reconnect the watch until the phone is restarted.

My second problem is the connection to my Bluetooth car stereo. (VW RCD330 Plus)

When this is the only bluetooth connected device, everything works perfectly. But when my Ticwatch or an other device is connected at the same time, the bluetooth audion is interrupted every few seconds. As soon as i disconnect the second device, everything works great again.

Is there anybody experiencing simular problems?


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    Hi, I had some issue with a Bluetooth keyboard, the other evening : keys were ultra slow and sometimes stuck as "pressed" even when I was releasing it and I had to disconnect it.

    No problem with the mouse once it's connected, until I'm looking for new devices or searching with Nearby (the mouse becomes unstable during the search).

    When I turn off the bluetooth and turn on the bluetooth again, mouse is sometimes very slow to reconnect, I have to go into the menu and to click on it and even there, sometimes it's not fast.

    I was using this keyboard and this mouse with another phone before (Lumia 640) and there was no problem.

    I will try to play with the bluetooth functionnality of my computer in order to see if it's stable or not, but sometimes problem with bluetooth or WiFi are related to 2.4GHz used everywhere. A computer that embeds Bluetooth is not likely to be fast on WiFi when Bluetooth is enabled and active for example.

    Since my WiFi is 5 GHz this may not be the case for my phone but anyway, I'll try to play with this

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    After some tests I didn't successfully monitored the bluetooth bandwidth with WiFi enabled/active or not, but I successfully did the opposite.

    WiFi bandwidth (reception) is really limited by bluetooth activity (on WiFi 5GHz, from 80 Mbit/s reception to 22 Mbit/s reception when bluetooth is active with a moving mouse). Even if the 2.4GHz WiFi, from stable 33 Mbit/s with bluetooth turned off on the phone, and bluetooth mouse turned off too, to unstable 5 to 25 Mbit/s with a 13 Mbit/s average value when bluetooth is active with a moving mouse.

    Different speeds on the 5GHz WiFi bandwidth means that Bluetooth and WiFi are sharing some hardware, may be simply the antenna.

    Interferences between bluetooth and WiFi bandwidth is something that can often be seen on computers that embeds both of them inside the same Micro-PCI-Express cards, but it's unfortunate that interferences make problems with the sounds. For this point, I have no Bluetooth speaker nor headset to give any feedback here about the sound trough bluetooth.

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    Yep, got exactly the same problem. When my Suunto S9 is connected to my phone the Bluetooth connection to my car stereo is stable. If i put my Suunto into airplane mode it's fine.

    I hope HMD fix this soon. My phone is unusable for audio at the moment.

  • Same problem here. Bluetooth on this phone is horribly unreliable. I raised the issue with Nokia today, but just got only the basic diagnostics that you know just won't make a difference... clear bluetooth data, clear cache, soft reset, unpair/repair. Utter nonsense. I did these things anyway, because they asked and you have to, and the end result was ... stuff all difference.

    In the lat 15 minutes my bluetooth headset has disconnected & reconnected twice, and for good measure the radio app I was using to listen to music got killed too. Twice.

    Nokia simply are not acknowledging that there are very real and very major problems with this phones software and/or hardware. Bluetooth on this phone is rubbish, and apps getting killed off for no reason (different topic on here - @Paul D I haven't tried what you did yet, but have got as far as getting ADB and testing that I can open a shell & listing all the apps).

    Nokia's stock response so far to *any* problem seems to be (a) cut and paste pointless diagnostics from a script (even if they can be bothered to do *that* much), then (b) deny the problem is anything to do with them.

  • I agree with the comments above about poor Bluetooth connections.  I tried to use the phone to connect to my Insulin pump, glucose monitor and smartwatch to give me an artificial pancreas.  The setup (in-app config) is identical to the one on my Nexus 5x but maintaining a stable connection is impossible.  The last thing I need is my phone to lose connection throughout the night and not deliver insulin.  Went back to my Nexus after trying for 24Hrs.  A shame as I was excited about using this device which is now sat collecting dust.  Updating to Pie didn't help either
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