What is officially going on with my TA-1045

I have a TA1045 from the USA I bought at Best Buy a little over a month ago. I am using it on Cricket wireless.

What is officially going on with my TA-1045

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I have a TA1045 from the USA I bought at Best Buy a little over a month ago. I am using it on Cricket wireless. Out of the box it updated to 8.1 with the June security patch. That's it. I never got a prompt for the July patch despite checking obsivly everyday. I have pulled the SIM and restarted the phone and still nothing. I posted this in other forums (r/Nokia) and people are reporting that they got the update on the same cricket wireless service? I have not found a reason why this is. I contacted Nokia support and they told me to sign up for email. So nothing. What is going on with this phone. Honestly, I would have went with another phone if I knew Android One program was useless. Thank you.


  • Try checking your build number here in the UK only 6.1 with the build numbers 2_22A_SP02 and 2_22E_SP01 got the July update my phone build 2_22A_SP01 didn't and won't get the update
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    Same issue here (Cricket and TA-1045 bought at BestBuy stuck on June update). Support chat is going in circles and trying to get them to escalate to proper technical team seems to be a futile exercise.

    I will give it another 2 weeks or so but then will initiate a forced return/chargeback through my credit card company for the phone being materially different from specifications (missing Android One monthly security updates)

  • I am in the same boat as you -- bought a TA-1045 in early July.  It downloaded the June patch immediately and I have gotten nothing since then.  Between the 2 non-existent monthly security updates that I thought were included with Android One and the terrible camera performance/compatibility with no patches, I'm definitely regretting my purchase and can't recommend the phone to anyone else.

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    Guys hmd Shud at least sort out the camera and offer one more Oreo build that is stable I mean this fon has so many issues and so many different variants those who have the Indian version have priority upgrade those who have TA 1089 that is ,,so anyone else a TA 1043 gets updates depending on region and carrier and TA 1045 Ur luck is just bad unfortunately we to TA 1050...hmd if Ur working on android p then let 6.1 users test it we don't want software updates that you haven't tested to know what issues are there ..open up a beta section let those who test it know it's unstable software so if I go with it expect biugs and report bugs every other fon maker does that except hmd ,,what is the point of having users if I can't involve them in feedback and user experience???
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