Nokia Lumia1020 / for 2020

I think as Nokia has a large cache of phones from the past that they can choose from it is very well time they can do what Motorola did and revisit a phone of…

Nokia Lumia1020 / for 2020

Bedeau Bedeau
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I think as Nokia has a large cache of phones from the past that they can choose from it is very well time they can do what Motorola did and revisit a phone of the old nokias and put them on Android platform,for example the Nokia luma1020 which today still has the best camera and pic quality to date.forget those phones with 5 and 6 cameras.its can put everything in 2 rear cameras.the Nokia Luna 1020 had everything in one camera.its time HMD revisit this and the Nokia Engage


  • Kỳ Quang Kỳ Quang
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    Lumia brand is belong to Microsoft so i think it's problematic if HMD Nokia use those old (but gold) phones. But keep waiting, any thing can happen !!

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @Bedeau I fully agree, I'd like to see a proper PureView phone from HMD, one with a big sensor and PureView type oversampling. I also quite like the multi-camera approach, but for image quality the Lumia 1020 is still amazing and a modern version would beat allcomers.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    You are absolutely correct. And your post gave me an idea.

    HMD experimented with 5 cameras so why not experiment with one single big sensor camera phone? If I had the opportunity I would opt for a dual or triple camera layout at the back.

    The primary sensor would be same in size as the Nokia 808 PureView or even bigger with even higher resolution (if going wild is allowed) with OIS and current technological improvements in the field of imaging sensors. The second would be a high resolution (above 20MP) telephoto camera. The 3rd one would be a ToF sensor.

    We don't need a wide angle camera because of a high resolution sensor and you can capture more by going a bit far but still keeping the details. 😁

    Before I started to write this comment my main choices were the primary sensor mentioned above, a 108MP samsung sensor and a wide angle camera of high resolution.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    While the idea is concrete, I believe there will be many technical difficulties. First of all, developing an image sensor by HMD is a hard thing to do. They need to hire people, spend resources and also the time taken will be huge during this development, by which time the tech might not hold enough value.

    The second would be about finding somebody to manufacture the sensor for HMD. I'm sure they need heavy volumes for that in order to get some competitive prices and I am not sure if HMD has the capability to push those big orders.

    I'd say that it is best of HMD if they just use some good already available image sensors and work towards software. They can really make some outstanding improvements if they use the full potential of sensors by a decent use of software.

    And alongside, HMD should carefully manage finances to push some of it towards their imaging division. So, in a year or two, we manage to see further improvements in their imaging products. And hopefully a few years later, they will have the capability to have a custom sensor exclusive to themselves where they will be able to play their best. All of this will require HMD's own interest in doing such a thing as the starting step.

  • Bedeau Bedeau
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    I understand that it belongs to Microsoft but they don't need the name but they need the tech,2 cameras to the back where each camera can have 2 purpose.that way you have less behand the phone,they can even make the phone the same size as the past Lumia 1020 because thinner is not always better.take for instance the GoPro cameras,they have a great night vision shot,on one sensor,not 2 but 1 sensor.when autel robotics made the Autel EVO 2 I referenced them to take note of Nokia Lumia,41mp camera and how great it is,now they made a drone with a 45mp camera and it's now giving DJI a lot of beans amongst their technicians.

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