Feature phones features

Hello So I've been using my 110 for a day now, and although I like it a lot, it felt maybe kinda vanilla-feature-phone.

Feature phones features

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So I've been using my 110 for a day now, and although I like it a lot, it felt maybe kinda vanilla-feature-phone. Other than snake and Gran Vals, there isn't much that says "this phone is definitely a Nokia".

I mean, there is no Pure S30+ One program, so Nothing's stopping you from adding tons of features.

I heard you guys have fun making feature phones, and that nostalgia is a big selling point. Yet even on the explicitly throwback phones, like the 3310/8110/2720, the nostalgia-ness is mostly limited to the design/form factor, and the design is what Nokia communicates on. But these old phones were not only a look, they were a set of features too; and the features have MUCH more nostalgia-potential than the design does.

So I looked up previous spotlight features from low-end Nokia feature phones in the 2000s.

Here's a few thing that could really help modern Nokia feature phones, were they to be brought back.

First, a big selling point of the prime 3310 was threaded SMS conversations. Now these have become commonplace on smartphones, but have disappeared from feature phones, and the 110 has the worst possible way to send a text instead. So bringing "SMS chat" back would be great.

Then there were picture messages (not MMSs, simple pictures), and "Nokia Xpress Audio messaging", which I guess were a kind of vocal messages.

And SMS services. Nokia Life Tools and Nokia Money come to mind. I doubt their relevancy is over, as not 100% of the world is internet-connected.

Then there's the option to set icons/émoticons to contacts.

And the picture editor with cliparts that was on S40 phones.

And ringtones. My 110 has about 3, which is not much. We need at least 20 or 30.

The ringtone composer was extremely popular. I know I can make midi ringtones myself on a PC, but making those on the phone would be even better.

And some ringtones were light and sound shows, be it through a blinking screen or extra colored lights (nokia 3220).

And then there were the XPresson covers. well, they were brought back to smartphones, but disappeared from the feature phones. and XPresson weren't Simply different colours, they were glow-in-the dark covers, photo insert covers, and handmade cut-out covers too!

I'm just discovering about these features, and since me, a 18 year old, would definitely buy a feature phone with this stuff, I bet they would be popular.

I guess a 3310 is less of a 3310 without a ringtone composer, and a 2720 is less of a 2720 without life Tools.

There is huge potential in making a phone that doesn't just look like a 2000s phone, but also acts like one.


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    Well, not that I expected this to make a splash (few people on the internet are as obsessive with feature phone for obvious reasons), but because I still Believe that selling points make, well, good selling points, I made a nearly-exhaustive list.

    Feel free to pick up some ideas! (Please do it)

    •  Xpress-on covers:
      •   Graphic covers
      •   Photo holding covers
      •   Cutout covers
      •   Fun covers (can display messages)
      •   Gaming covers
      •   Light-up cover
      •   Embossed pattern covers
      •   Theme colourizing covers
    •  Ringtone composer
    •  Threaded messages
    •  Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging
    •  Picture messages
    •  30-40 included ringtones, some of which MP3 (the current low-end nokia tune version could afford to sound better)
    •  Asha motion (wallpaper creator)
    •  Prepaid tracker
    •  Speaking Clock
    •  Phone sharing (multiple phonebooks)
    •  NaviKey UI
    •  Active homescreen (contacts/now playing/shortcuts)
    •  FM radio transmitter "play by radio"
    •  Radio without headset+external loudspeaker
    •  Radio recorder
    •  Xseries-grade (good) speakers
    •  Dedicated music keys
    •  Included microsd card
    •  Preloaded regional maps on said SD card
    •  Photo editor (with clipart!)
    •  Autoportrait guiding
    •  Easy-swap (hot swappable) dual som
    •  Mail for Exchange support
    •  Fastlane
    •  Slam sharing (instant bluetooth)
    • Services (I heard you were planning to launch some):
      •  Nokia Life Tools
      •  Nokia Money
      •  Nokia Nearby
      •  Ovi share
      •  Nokia messaging
      •  Comes with music/ovi music unlimited
      •  Mail on Ovi
      •  Nokia/Ovi Maps (HERE WeGo now)
      •  Ovi chat
      •  Nokia Xpress Browser
      •  Xpress now homepage
      •  Nokia social

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    Wow! All that legacy in one thread. You brought back a lot of memories. Interesting how feature phones of today are reducing in features while we say that we are progressing and technology is becoming better and more affordable.

    I've seen through the HMD's years that they really aren't willing at offering a Nokia experience (beyond the logos and the designs to some extent). There were several features which made Nokia's feature (as well as smart) phones special and above those sold by the competition (from Samsung as well as from the Chinese ones). Today, it seems the Chinese are doing better while Nokia is playing the game of Chinese (of just making more and more phones).

    Back then, Nokia was experimenting with so many things. Some went good, some went bad, but at least there were tries to give more to the users. While I won't expect the Nokia 110 to include every of the aforementioned items, it should have included more than what it does right now. And my complaint is also for Nokia's higher priced feature phones (especially the originals series).

    CC-ing this thread to @Kartik Gada 😈

  • Now, my 110 does have a few "killer features". My favorite has to be call recording (I so wish my past lumias had this one), and there's also the ability for alarm tones to work while the phone is off (this was a big one seemingly).

    However, a friend of mine used a 1600 for a year, and told me all about the noteworthy features, so I definitely expected to see them here.

    The 110 definitely ought to have MP3 playing, though, but that's another story and another thread.

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