Nokia 7.2 Bugs

I just want to report some issues while using the new Nokia 7.2. I have the latest update Android 9 with Security Patch 5 Jan 2020.

Nokia 7.2 Bugs

Vikas Barai Vikas Barai
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I just want to report some issues while using the new Nokia 7.2.

I have the latest update Android 9 with Security Patch 5 Jan 2020.

Bugs which I experience are -

  1. There is an issue with the sound settings. When I turn off the Ring Volume completely and keep it to vibrate, After some time or if I plug the phone to charging, the Ring Volume get backs to full again.
  2. Issues with the camera. It hangs randomly. Auto focus sometimes doesn't works correctly.
  3. Problem with ambient mode. Even after acknowledging the notifications , it still shows the notifications icons continuously.
  4. Sometimes on screen touch response doesn't works.
  5. Dropping the notification badge from top through the fingerprint sensor doesn't works sometimes.
  6. Battery is draining faster after recent update and also It is taking more time to charge.
  7. Auto brightness mode is incorrect with respect to ambient luminosity. It need to be improved.

That's all issues I have experienced so far. Hope you will fix these in your next updates.




  • Lazysince1995 Lazysince1995
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    Just 8 or 10 days back there was an update released i think 1.400 build something. It was 1.4gb pie latest update. As per my knowledge and twitter updates many things got fixed up. Please check out that update available to you or not? Also check out threads on forum regarding latest pie update for 7.2

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    The main bug in nokia 7.2 is that it does not apply some settings (for example, assistant app : the string in settings can be changed, but the system doesn't apply the change(according to adb logcat))


    I am using build 00WW_1_400

  • Vikas Barai Vikas Barai
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    My device is already updated to this latest build version 1.400. I am experiencing the problems since after then. And now the phone has started lagging and giving late response to every action I perform. After unlocking, the screen black out , then I have to click the home button.

  • Vikas Barai Vikas Barai
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    I found another problem. The Search in the settings doesn't work. It doesn't shows any result.

  • Jocke.Sve Jocke.Sve
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    I'm not 100 sure but it feels like my phone got quite a bit snappier when I disabled 'Launcher3' entirely ( and replaced it with 'Nova Launcher'.

    The settings search seems to live it own life... Sometimes after a restart it works just fine.

  • pwitty94 pwitty94
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    I have camera problems too. Using the default app. When I take a photo in low light, it never processes it. I can't take another photo or select the gallery in the bottom right, until I close the app. Closing the app however loses the picture forever. The shutter sound still triggers, but no photo is ever saved. I tried taking a test photo of an extreme close up of my hand with just a little bit of light. I let the phone sit for several minutes and it never saved the photo. Really disappointed that the phone can't complete a simple function. Missed out on a bunch of photos last night that I'll never be able to get again.

    Also, how does one start their own topic in this forum? There is no new post button visible anywhere. Some said it should be above the "Whos online" area, but there is nothing there for me. Do you have to wait a certain period of time before you can post a topic?

  • chicB chicB
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    Nokia 7.2

    After the latest update my phone has lost all media content, my contacts now appear as just numbers with NO names or tags, my camera will NOT focus on anything and does not save the OUT of focus pictures, my What's app will not load pictures or show pictures from the library. my phone will not show when I'm being called, or WHO is contacting me , my email ? When I open my inbox and delete a certain msg it deletes ALL MSG's

    Really , I mean WTF ??? Somebody better get their **** felt for this NOT IMPRESSED

  • mamalkamal mamalkamal
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    1.There is an issue with the sound settings. When I turn off the Ring Volume completely and keep it to vibrate, After some time the Ring Volume get backs to full again.

    2.battery dranly verrryyy fassst

    3.answer call vibrate not working

  • Deadmanwalking Deadmanwalking
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    I don't have any hopes anymore after I saw the insane stutters and problems with camera while using 2 sim slots, had to give up on 1 sim to keep the phone a bit fast. Camera problems are still there though. And they need to improve on night mode and low light photos. Hope the Android 10 comes soon and fixes these issues.

  • Mashale Mashale
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    In my camera I can't zoom anymore. Also there is option of wide angle photo, it has just suddenly disappeared. Have I accidentally switched off something in settings?

  • Ninad Madhav Ninad Madhav
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    I am facing same issue with camera. Camera app hung up when we toggle between front and back camera while portrait mode is selected.

    Also if we turn phone to silent mode using shortcut(power+vol up) and then remove silent mode again, phone never recovers from silent mode. It never plays ringtone for incoming calls unless we restart it

    Also phone randomly changes compkete phone theme to grey color. I don't know reason why. But it happens randomly and gets fixed after restart

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Aha, it once happened for me in the case of front camera. Please try restarting the phone. Fixed the issue for me. Should fix for you as well.

  • rushi5458 rushi5458
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    My phone nokia 7.2

    Not memory full but very hanging issue

    Camera open and video recorder tap ...after minutes starting video and stop video same condition after 10 minutes waiting and stop

    Battery fast drain

    Internet symbol tap ...after 2 mini start internet

  • durrjunaid durrjunaid
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    I am very happy with Nokia 7.2 but if it comes to its camera performance and pictures quality, I sorry to say but I am very disappointed. I have used Nokia 7 Plus and its Camera was and still is better than Nokia 7.2. So if it is Camera App issue please fix it if possible

  • saurabh anand saurabh anand
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    I am facing a problem of automatic play notification bar sliding error.

    How can I fix it please help me

  • nolletm nolletm
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    My daughter has a Nokia 7.2, Android 10 installed. When making a phonecall, the sound is sudeenly muted. This has to do with the screen touching the cheek while making the call. The screen changes over to different things while calling but often the sound of the call is muted. I guess that the setting for the blanking of the screen while the phone is located near to the face should be corrected. Is there a possibility to change this?

  • Non12 Non12
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    Hi. The bug with the notification led needs to be fixed too. There even seems to be a petition to Nokia about that. I have just signed it too. It should be easy to find 1,000 people who agree that this is annoying.

  • Anil1 Anil1

    I have experiencing problem with phone app. The message ' keeps stopping' keeps popping n phone gets restarted automatically. While reboot it asks to reset factory data settings.I am not able to use phone. Please advice me how to fix this problem.

  • danufdo danufdo
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    I'm experiencing a bug on the android 10 update for the Nokia 7.2 model, where on the bottom of the recent app screen where the 5 most recent apps are showing, after the update it shows only 4 all the time, I believe that this is a bug an I would hope Nokia would fix it thank you.

  • PedroCruz PedroCruz
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    Black camera feed.

    Quite randomly, when I use the camera (either through the default app or any other app using the camera like Instagram, Pokemon Go, etc), it'll only show black as if the camera was completely blocked. If using the default app, after a while, the app terminates itself.

    It won't work until I restart the phone. Maybe there's a better solution, but I haven't found it yet. Clearing cache/storage does nothing.

    It will work again temporarily if I restart the phone, but it's quite annoying when you want to take a picture and "oh no, it's dark again... gotta restart".

  • Heathiopian Heathiopian
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    Ok so I changed launcher and the reverted back to stock but now when I swipe up and go to the home screen I'm seeing little cross type things in the bottom left and right of my screen, also when phone is locked and I'm holding it, it will vibrate like I'm touching the fingerprint sensor I have tested and have my hands no way near it but if I tap on the bottom right side of the screen it's somehow trying to register me touching the sensor and trying to unlock my phone. Anyone else experiencing these bugs? I cannot ALWAYS replicate the second bug but it's fairly frequent.

  • Does anyone have a fix for the camera issue? It's very sad

  • Karthik 2003 Karthik 2003
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    Gcam. Fixes everything. It even works better than the stock cam with the double press power button shortcut.

  • Prakash_4 Prakash_4
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    Suddenly I'm getting shadows of apps behind my screen and lagging problem is still there . Does anyone have same problem? Or anyone have any solution?

  • So I tried out, the crash happened 2 times with GCam which is less than normal camera.. but idk why it's crashing.

  • Vishnu18 Vishnu18
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    Don't worry it's a software issue ....

    It will be solved in the future updates by Nokia..

    For the present case of preventing screen shadow issue install ghost screen from playstore

    It will solve ur problem completely for now....

  • Karthik 2003 Karthik 2003
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    Which mod are you using? The one on the Nokia power user site is gcam 7.2 and it worked fine for me. Try that one out. The mods on npu site for 7.2 are stable and don't crash unless you use slow motion recording with anything more than 1/8x

  • Oh Okay, I'll try it out.. I just picked up from random YT link.

  • It still crashes.. It actually crash when you try to access camera from Instagram or Whatsapp (story or from chat box)

    After restarting it works fine for a day.

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