Several issues needs to be addressed post Android 10 Update in Nokia 6.1 Plus

Hi, I've availed the Android 10 update earlier in January 2020. But that is where the complications begin.

  • The Contacts Search: When I use the "Phone app" and tap on the search engine for a contact, most of the contacts are missing. But when I use the Phone Dialer to do the same, I can see all the contacts. This needs to be fixed.
  • Google Assistant is still not dark in Dark theme
  • The "Lift to check phone" in the Gestures section now does not show the Ambient display like in Pie. Instead it wakes the phone. The biggest drawback of this changed feature is the Phone wakes up when It's in the pocket it keeps dialing random numbers further switching in to the emergency mode.
  • The "Always on ambient mode" option should also be considered since it looks a lot cooler.

Last and not the least

  • Battery draining at a much faster rate. Please optimize the Adaptive Battery feature. It worked significantly well in Pie

Hope the February update will be a good one with all the necessary fixes.

Signing off