Nokia 2.2 wifi issue with tp-link deco M4R routers (mesh network)

I have a strange issue with the nokia 2.2's wifi (3 of them, too much of a coincidence).

Nokia 2.2 wifi issue with tp-link deco M4R routers (mesh network)

santoscleto santoscleto
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I have a strange issue with the nokia 2.2's wifi (3 of them, too much of a coincidence).

I have a mesh wifi network (2 routers tp-link deco M4R v1, same SSID on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) and while I have more than a dozen different devices, only the nokia 2.2's have issues: they connect fine to the wifi (2.4Ghz only) but after some time (and this happens multiple times during the day) these nokias show a "connected/no internet connection". The tp-link shows them connected but the nokia 2.2's are not pingable and they cannot go anywhere. If I then manually disconnect and reconnect the wifi, they connect again fine, but after some time I get the same issue. Sometimes, by themselves, I see that they also reconnect (probably dhcp lease expiration or key renewal somehow triggers that).

With tp-link support I tried all possible combinations of all possible settings in the router,(full details here: ), tp-link even provided me a firmware with the telnet port open so that they could run tcpdumps on their side and also change, for tests, some settings that are not changeable (setting a specific channel and width on the 2.4Ghz band). I did also a factory reset just 1 week ago, nothing installed afterwards, and the issue was always there (I saw it first as soon I unboxed them 4 months ago, and during the setup I had to keep disabling and enabling the wifi so that they could update themselves at initial setup), this must be something related to either the android 9 battery optimizations or a specific [mediatek] wifi driver issue.

I found reports of several wifi issues with mediatek devices and support for protocols .11k/r/v (mesh wifi related), does anybody have any clue on to troubleshoot this from the nokia 2.2 side as well (I gave up on Nokia usual support, sending the device to a support center will endup on a factory reset "again", test on "their" wifi that most probably works - after all works fine on my ISP 2.4Ghz only router) and send it back with the same issue.

Is this known somehow and a fix will will be included in android 10 or I am the first one to report this? Any feedack from Nokia android development here to ease my "pains" ?


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    Nokia "support" keeps insisting that I send the device to a Nokia care center (I am in Portugal) to be checked by a "senior technician" BUT I do not believe that they will do anything with the device because this wifi issue exists on 3 (!) nokia 2.2; or this is a global hardware issue with all the nokia 2.2 and I need to send all three to the nokia care center , or Nokia should just issue a recall to all nokia 2.2 consumers to have their hardware upgraded (both look ridiculous since the mediatek CPU is a system on a chip and the wifi hardware is part of the CPU package) or, my bet, this is a wifi driver or battery optimization issue and just needs somebody to really test it in their "labs" and provide a software patch.

    The best would be to include the fixes in the next android 10, but Nokia really needs to start testing mesh networks with these mediatek devices and start talking with mediatek now on these wifi issues, because I also have a Nokia 4.2, not mediatek, that has no issues whatsoever on the same mesh wifi!

    Or, most probably, this thread will die here, "Nokia mobile" keeps advertising the forum on facebook but I already commented that, sadly, this looks like a consumer-to-consumer forum because it seems Nokia does not read the issues being reported here and I haven't seen any official replies. "Nokia", have you read this thread and are willing to change the consumer opinions and help everybody that bought Nokia 2.2's ?! . . .

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