Phone stuck in reboot loop

Just the icing on the cake with this phone. It keeps rebooting.

Phone stuck in reboot loop

youhippy youhippy
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Just the icing on the cake with this phone. It keeps rebooting. I have managed to get it in to safe mode, but even then the phone keeps turning off and getting to the start page. I am able to enter my pin code but then within 10 seconds the phone restarts it's self.

Any long key button presses to get it to boot or just erase the damn thing. I am so fed up with this phone.


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    It looks like a technical issue with your phone. Unfortunately, you will need to send it to Nokia Care for an inspection and a repair. They'll most likely send you a replacement phone.

  • wis987 wis987
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    Have you solved it?

    Why nokia doesn't solve this common issue? it's really infuriating!

    ps. how can i open a discussion on this community?

  • Please help!!! My Nokia 9p is refusing to charge what should I do. When plugged it shows charging but it doesn't charge

  • amal ジョー amal ジョー
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    Try draining battery, till phone switches off. then try charging it back. If that doesn't help, battery might be Nokia care, they'll check if it is software bug or hardware failure

  • crastercold crastercold
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    Anyone else having an issue where the native Nokia ringtones don't work. The camera app is constantly freezing and crashing when removed from Charging. Everything works when connected to charger. The phone is getting abnormally heated. So many issues after this android 10 update.

  • I just received my new Nokia 800 Tough, and it is keeping rebooting after start. Interesting that this behavior appeared after doing first UPDATE (which I did after 5 min from unpacking). Now I have KaiOS 2.5.2 and the software version is But after startup it always says the "sim cards changed, rebooting now" and it is rebooting ...

    I tried everything:

    1. move the sim to the second slot
    2. put a second sim in second slot
    3. start the phone in "Flight mode", let it boot and then take the flight mode off, still it is rebooting.
    4. removed the PIN on the sim card.
    5. Also reset the device ....

    But surprising another sim card works! But I have a 2 years contract on this SIM which works in other 2 phones ... probably I have to give back the phone!

  • Falcon18 Falcon18

    Hi, I am using Nokia 9 Pureview, Now it continuously restarting even it won't go to the home screen page. Previously phone automatically restarted while try to open the camera (freeze and restarted). Reached the Nokia care they simply suggest changing the Battery but I can use 6 hours for a single 100% charge. Kindly suggest. Thanks

  • amal ジョー amal ジョー
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    It is a common battery issue related to Nokia 9 Pureview. Battery life will be normal, but there will be some kind of voltage issue which will cause rear camera to stop working, screen to freeze, random restarts and screen turning green. Only solution is to get the phone replaced or getting the battery replaced.

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