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@Thanuj Hola TJ boi. I know you :D :D But not from the past, only for your activities with your Nokia 6.1 Plus :P Welcome here :) and a happy new year!

Say hello - revamped :)


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    @Thanuj Hola TJ boi. I know you :D :D But not from the past, only for your activities with your Nokia 6.1 Plus :P Welcome here :) and a happy new year!

  • Dear all,

    Greetings to all who have introduced themselves here. Myself Saurabh from Haryana, India. From an engineering background, my passion lies in fitness and Ayurveda. I had tried my hand in past for modelling, part time fitness trainer, teaching in colleges and private institutions before I settled down in corporate and now working as a Project Manager in one of the IT organization.

    My journey with Nokia started with a bright pink keypad Nokia phone, which I didn't like just because of colour though :D

    Once I started using Nokia, Microsoft devices, there was no going back. Below is the list of all the models that I have used till date.

    Nokia Lumia 800,

    Nokia Asha,

    Nokia Lumia 920,

    Nokia Lumia 930,

    Nokia Lumia 1020,

    Nokia Lumia 520,

    Microsoft Lumia 640,

    Microsoft Lumia 640 XL,

    Microsoft Lumia 950,

    Nokia 3.1 plus,

    Nokia 5,

    Nokia 5.1 plus,

    Nokia 6.1,

    Nokia 6.1 plus,

    Nokia 7.2,

    Nokia 8,

    Nokia 8 Sirocco,

    Nokia 9 PV (CURRENT ONE)

    Although there are some fantastic build ones in the Android series from HMD, still I find nothing can beat the beauty and aesthetics of Lumia series, that stays ubeatable for me till date ❤️

    Would not surely miss to thank @Andycool24 who guided me to join here. Thank you ❤️

    @singhnsk : I am no less than a fan of yours, have been reading your comments on infinite posts in past few years and those were the ones that made most sense to me. Big cheers to you brother 😊

    @HMDLaura : It came actually as a surprise to me that I found you here. Since the time I switched to Nokia Android series, and going through portals, this one name @HMDLaura was arising more and more interest for me. Glad to see your connect here with fans like us.

    I hope to learn more from all the folks out here and wish that my Nokia 9 PV starts performing the way I dreamt of always :)

  • Just stopping in here to say Hello to everyone.

    I had a Nokia phone too many years ago to mention... and I am super excited to stumble upon this website with Nokia phones, all revamped and new... so excited!! I can not explain. This is going to be my new next phone and I can not wait to get one. NOKIA... you are the best... wayyyyy better than Apple.

    Thank you for making these new style phones... I am looking forward to getting one and being a happy Nokia user again.


  • Hello folks,

    This is Jordan from India, hope you guys are doing well.

    I m a digital marketing freelancer and an avid Nokia user

    Hey @jeffianfm I have lived in Philippines for 2 years.

    Good to see, people are so collaborative in this community

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    Hi there... @HMDLaura My name is Althaf..

    Working in samsung service as a technician and CCO....

    My first HMD device was Nokia 6 AKA tank..

    I was inspired my the device build quality and clean software experience.. thats the reson I purchased Nokia 8.1 in 2020 .. 😎😎..I had some issues with friends.. because device was around 19k and I brought it in 2020... Well for me .. I just love that aluminium body ...and the name ..Nokia was first phone in my life... Even today I am still keeping my X2-02... Looking forward from HMD to see more aluminium body smartphone... Because it feel so premium...even Today samsung I have to admit that we don't have a aluminium body smartphone with premium looks under budget 😎😎😎@expecting more from HMD. And @madbilly Happy see you two man

  • Hello everyone, I'm texting here while with nokia 5.3, it's good, and I want to have fun here!😍

  • Conan Conan

    Hi @HMDLaura

    A revamp of flip feature phone with a smaller form factor like a little more compact than the new 2720, with type c and if possible 4G plus 5G would really take Nokia to next level. Such combinations are what users really look for. Hope it comes true

    All the best

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    Hello everybody!

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Welcome here @srijanbhatia, I hope you like your new job at HMD 😃 Looking forward to knowing more about you :D

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    Welcome to Nokia Phones Community @srijanbhatia 🙂🙏

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    Welcome to Nokia Mobile Family 🤗🤗@srijanbhatia

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    Welcome to this social meet @srijanbhatia 🙂

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    Hello @srijanbhatia welcome to Nokia community Family.

    Looking forward to great input from your side for Nokia Mobile india.

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    Hey @srijanbhatia, Welcome to Nokia Community. Wish you all the success on your journey ahead.

  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    Welcome to the community. Looking forward to your great Nokia inputs 🙂

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    🙋‍♂ It seems we do share some interests 😄 Let's together make the community great (again)!

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    Hello sir I'm Anand,Nokia fan.💪

    Welcome to Nokia Mobile Community @srijanbhatia Sir.

    I hope you and your family are in good health. #StaySafe😷

    #LoveNokia 💙

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    Hello and welcome to the Nokia community @srijanbhatia. Looking forward to seeing some great things happening ahead on the forum.😀 Any exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming launch for forum members?😁

    What other Nokia devices did you own after the N-Gage? I am sure many will be interested in knowing this. Please tell us your Nokia phones story.😀

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Super Excited for the near future. Bring it on. We did get one sneak peek by mistake though and that was super cool. 🤪

    You had some of the coolest devices of that time, Nokia 5310 was all-around along with the younger sibling Nokia 5130. Both hit devices for Nokia back then. Many friends had it but I waited and bought the beast "Nokia X2-00" (yeah it was a beast among all the phones my friends had up until one friend switched to a Nokia 5800 from the Nokia 7210 SuperNova 😅) with a better camera and ability to run WhatsApp and several other apps. This gave a lot of bragging rights haha. Maybe this is the reason, I used that phone for a long time. Do you have the slider Nokia X3? That one was a solid chunk. My cousin had it. I liked how the design of the camera on the silver color variant looked. X-Series phones were really nice but that was also the start of the sad story we all know. I Hope, Nokia starts climbing the ladder again slowly and steadily. Do you still have the Nokia N95?

    My Nokia phones story started just a decade ago with the Nokia X2-00 which I used for 4-5 years. The phone still works and that was the device that made me a Nokia fan due to several reasons. That was the device I used to access the internet and read several Nokia-related blogs back in the day. Good old days. First call, so many messages, so many SIM cards, themes, walls, ringtones, downloading songs and movies using UC Browser and watching the internet speed in the downloads section which usually would read just 10-20kbps and hitting above it sometimes would feel fast 😂 So many memories created all on a Nokia. ☺️

    In 2015 I switched to a Nokia X and this device was used as my primary phone for 5-6 months as Lumia 1320 took its spot and stayed as my primary phone till March 2018 when I switched to the Nokia 2. Was eagerly waiting for the Nokia 6 to arrive either in Copper or Arte Black but both never came. I bought a Nokia 2 Copper/Black in March 2018 and in the next two months Nokia 7 Plus in White Copper finally went on sale in India and I grabbed that beautiful device as fast as I could. I kept using both Nokia 2 and Nokia 7 Plus together till January 2019 when I made 7 plus my primary phone. Nokia 7 Plus was used till November of 2019 and since then I have switched to a Nokia 7.2 that now has a messed up EMMC which has become a bit slow suddenly, a brand new Nokia 9 PureView that now comes out only on special occasions after getting replaced once due to display burn issue last year and a Nokia 2.3.😁

    My current primary device is the Nokia 2.4.

    There have been several other family feature phones like the Nokia 114, Nokia 130 (from the old Nokia Era), Nokia 150 and the new Nokia 5310. Nokia 1616 and the Nokia 5030 XpressRadio were also used but are not with me anymore. All the phones still turn on and work perfectly fine and are resting in their respective retail boxes. 😄

    This is my little happy Nokia phones journey so far. 🙂

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    Hi, I'm Amal, from Kothamangalam, Kerala, India. (Southern part of Inida). I have just completed my B-Tech course. I'm not very active on any Social media platforms. (I think I've posted more here, than anywhere else!). I feel like this is the perfect place to connect to people all around the world, because we don't feel strangers. We're connected by the same emotions (😁 and 😣) that comes with Nokia.

    I would like to see this community grow and meet with all of you at some point in life. I would also like to see a 'Tell us more about your place' page in future

  • Hello guys, I'm Neil Gonzales from the Philippines.

    I'm a huge Nokia fan since the golden days of Nokia 5110 and 3310.

    My first Nokia Android phone is 2.1 which has full of bugs and hardware issues. That's the time where I developed a love-hate relationship with my favorite brand.

    Currently, I'm using a Xiaomi phone but my heart is still with Nokia.

    I will be back home soon!

  • Shetland Shetland


    Just joined the forum and I have a question. How can I tell if my old Nokia is a 3310 or 3330 ? It is light blue if that helps

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Hi @HMDAnnika, welcome to the forums and the hmd team. We'd like an introduction, please. Let us know more about you and your duties. Are we getting a new staff member with full-time presence on the forums?

    Although not necessary, you can tell us if this is a non-personal account, much like @HMDLaura designed to ensure that employees aren't personally identifiable.

  • krishnasnapshots krishnasnapshots
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    Welcome @HMDAnnika ! 🙂

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    3333333dsad just testing

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