Nokia 8 -> Google Pixel 3a

At the German MediaMarkt and Saturn one can get the Google Pixel 3a until tomorrow morning at the offer price of 269,-€ ...

Nokia 8 -> Google Pixel 3a

martin.fd martin.fd
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At the German MediaMarkt and Saturn one can get the Google Pixel 3a until tomorrow morning at the offer price of 269,-€ ... so I couldn't resist and ordered one. I am very curious how it will be the successor (?!) of my Nokia 8. (At least the question of Android 10 and the search for the best GCam port are over now ... 🤣)

Has anyone of you had any experience with it so far?!



  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Nokia phones have become the bridge to take users to Pixels. 🤣🤣

    One of the reasons I want Nokia to ditch Google's Android One.

    @martin.fd At least you will get a very good camera experience 😊

  • martin.fd martin.fd
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    Yeah, what a career: from Micrososft (Windows Phone) via Nokia to Google ... 🤣

    But seriously: Pure Android (resp. Android One) was an essential buying argument for me and if there had been a Nokia with these specifications (and this size!) at this price, I would have taken it immediately ...

  • martin.fd martin.fd
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    Hi @singhnsk there are several aspects I appreciate about this pure Android (One):

    - the fast and guaranteed availability of updates

    - the slim Android-feeling and also the simple optics, which I like much more than the colorful gadgets of other manufacturers

    (yes, I'm still longing for Windows mobile, which I still consider the best smartphone OS 😥)

    (and again yes, I know: I can also install other launchers, but somehow all the ones I tried so far had some limitations. I am of the opinion that a system always works best when no great changes are made or have to be made)

    - the "untouched" system without any bloatware that only eats resources

    I have the Samsungs, Huaweis and Honors of my family for comparison and I was (and still am) always happy about the "Pure Android" on my Nokia 8 😃

  • martin.fd martin.fd
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    A short addition to "jump head first into a Google ecosystem": I disable almost all Google features, except those that are absolutely necessary ... just like I did it back then on Windows 😎😇

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    I'll would like to point out a few things:

    • Do we really need those updates? Android One updates being nothing new compared to "better android versions" of other manufacturers. We get security patches monthly but I don't think an average consumer even cares about this.
    • Yes, stock android UI is lite and I love it but I have to use a launcher just because I don't like the forced google search bar at the bottom. You very well know that a launcher cannot completely replace the default launcher and will have some limitations. Oxygen OS looks stock too but has a ton of other useful features. :) Coming to the looks of the device I'll agree that phones from other phone makers are just too flashy and don't give a good feeling.
    • Google apps are resource hogs too and I consider some of them as bloatware. I too uninstall/Disable all unnecessary google apps from my phone from Day 1.😂 Only google apps on my phone are Gmail, youtube, photos, playstore, chrome, files, I have uninstalled/disabled or replaced other google apps.
    • This is the reason you love Stock Android. 😁 You will love a feature rich android with stock UI more once you get to experience it.

    Android One is good for enterprise where phones are required to stay upto date with latest security patches and android versions but a normal consumer won't like to bu a bare bones android. I have seen people buy a Nokia just because of it getting latest updates but then they are not satisfied because even the newest and latest Android version doesn't have those features which even their 4-5 year old device with custom rom from another manufacturer had. 😉

  • Vasudev1 Vasudev1
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    Apart from no evenwell apps or maybe there might be htc or lg specific hidden apps. I felt stock Android gives more battery life and standby time, better call quality along with superior customisation of Android. You get the phone tailored for you!

    I might get a Nokia or pixel next time i.e 2 years if Pixel is available in India without serious feature cut down such as less LTE Baba, no nfc, no face ID etc...

    Only issue with Nokia is future camera app update look meek and usually we must use gcam mod

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Battery life depends on many things. So i won't comment on that but call quality depends on hw. And stock Android has superior customisation? No, you can't even remove the google search bar from the homescreen, you can't change icons, you can't set themes, you can't change fonts, and much more. The phone is not tailored for users but the phone is made as google wants it to be.

  • martin.fd martin.fd
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    My Pixel 3a arrived and we are getting used to each other 😉

    Some advantages so far:

    • Android 10 and February patch are already installed,
    • it works (despite the "weaker" processor) as smooth as the Nokia 8,
    • the display is just as brilliant,
    • the camera is a dream,
    • battery life is much better,
    • VoLTE and VoWiFi work (I know it's the provider and not Nokia that it didn't work before).

    And the drawbacks:

    • the Pixel-Launcher really doesn't leave much room for creativity (@Kartik Gada maybe I have to try another launcher after all ... 🤣)
    • ist doesen't have the "massive feel" of the 8 (and other Nokias)

    In brief: So far, I am satisfied (let's see what else I notice... ) 😄

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    You will be mostly satisfied with Pixel due to the OS similarities and a better point and shoot camera performance. :)

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    Good on you mate, i said very similar things about the Nokia 8.1, people said it was a step down from the Nokia 8 but it sure as héll isn't it is a massive improvement.

  • martin.fd martin.fd
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    I tried to delete an old draft, now it is posted as empty post ... how to get rid of it (and other drafts)?! 🤪

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    The draft system seems to fit right in with HMD to be honest, you cant do anything with them and you are stuck with a half ársed baked feature.

  • madbilly madbilly
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    I deleted it for you! And made a minor edit to @MrBelter's comment, I'm sure you won't mind 🤣 These new abilities are sometimes useful 🤔

  • SteynPace SteynPace
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    It can easily be customized. Change the launcher to Nova.

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