Suggestion/questions on buy back offer for India

According to Nokia trying buy back offer in India.

Suggestion/questions on buy back offer for India

niraj limaye niraj limaye
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According to Nokia trying buy back offer in India.

link of the article :

Is it correct? If yes, then it's good even I want to give suggestion for that.

That article content list of smartphone accepted for buy-back.

From that list name of InFocus is missing, though InFocus and Nokia shares same contract manufactures.

I hope phones received during buy back are used for recycling.

For such concept we hope best phones for which we get best buy back deal are Nokia phones( like Nokia 3, Nokia 6 and 5 etc.).

Then better buy back deals should expected for those have common contract manufacturers like InFocus.

Obviously, conditions of phones also matters. 

Is it information published on is true?

If yes then from where I can get more information for buy-back and where I can give suggestions?



  • singhnsk singhnsk
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     The information published is true. However, I'd like to add here that the buyback is not done by Nokia.

    It is simply passed on to Cashify. Cashify is an independent service which allows users to sell their old phones based on their condition and age. Anybody can directly use Cashify, with or without any role of Nokia.

    On the Nokia website, when ordering a Nokia phone, you can choose buyback wherein you get a quoted value of your old phone based on the condition that you choose. Next, you pay full amount of new phone to Nokia and Nokia delivers your new phone

    Cashify works on its own. They come and collect your old phone and give you the cash for the same. So, I do not think Nokia can do anything about which phones Cashify accepts for the buyback and which ones they do not.

  • @singhnsk: Thank you for your reply! Your reply was helpful for me and I have marked your reply as Answer.

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