Nokia 8 - Android 10 - SHAME

They were telling us to wait till q4 of 2019 and then till q1 of 2020 to update to Android 10.

Nokia 8 - Android 10 - SHAME

Giorgos Stergiou Giorgos Stergiou
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They were telling us to wait till q4 of 2019 and then till q1 of 2020 to update to Android 10. Now they tell us that Nokia 8 is 2 years old and they are not obligated to update it. It's like they were trying to let the time expire so they wouldn't be obliged to do the updates. What a shameful attitude from a company we trusted for decades. I tried to give them a chance to their new Android beginning but they proved that they don't deserve it.


  • Despite of the Nokia brand, for better or worse these phones are not by Nokia, but by HMD, so your dissatisfaction is targeted towards the wrong company.

    Also, I'm not aware of any official HMD statements about promising to provide Android 10 for the Nokia 8; are you sure you weren't looking at some 3rd party rumours instead?

  • For which quarter was supposed to release the update I read the Nokia 8 forums. But I asked even the Nokia support and they were telling to wait for the update to Android 10 but they didn't know the exact date. Noone told me that we won't get the update. Most of Nokia phones got the update and Nokia 8 which was supposed to be their flagship when released didn't get it. If I knew that we wouldn't get the update I would sell the phone. I should also tell that I have a problem while calling, the phone after a while ends the call for no reason and the Nokia support only told me to factory reset the phone, so the phone is not also reliable to me.

  • user1508928527225 user1508928527225
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    These forums are more or less just community forums and actual HMD employees have very little presence here (mostly in the form of moderation when things get uncivilized). Most comments seen here about future releases are based on speculation rather than actual facts.

    As for the Nokia support, frankly my impression is that their knowledge and training about the Nokia-branded Android phones is primarily about resolving some common technical issues and helping to get a phone to a repairing service if needed. They have little or no official knowledge of forthcoming software updates.

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    HMD never said Android 10 was coming to the Nokia 8. It has had the 2 major OS updates they promised, move along now there is nothing left to see.

  • JaroRz JaroRz
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    To be honest ok- Nokia said 8 major OS updates so it can be perceived that from Android 7 up to 9 and that is it.

    But I am very disappointed and surprised anyway.

    Nokia 8 is the flagship we deserve however Nokia did not want us to get and all is about software.

    Phones that costs 200$ will get Android 10 but Nokia 8 will not get it that is what hurts the most.

    It still is a decent phone in Q1 2020 if you consider basic functionalities.

    Shame that to get good photos from camera I have to use external camera this is again soft issue.

    I would really prefer to get good camera app from Nokia than update do Android 10.

    It seems that in many cases it is better to buy a mid range phones more often than buying flagship as it is also more expensive to replace in case of any accident...

    We should also keep in mind that Nokia 8 is having security updates for 3 years since it's introduction to the market that is also pretty nice isn't it?

    Compare it to Apple (which I hate as a Company) and see how long they support their phones. In December 2019 they provided iOS upgrade for iPhone 5s and 6 and these phones are 6 years old....

    You see the difference in approach?

    Nokia 8 is still very efficient phone and I use it at work however without most recent OS and security patches it becomes a trash as I cannot take the risk to keep sensitive data on phone that is not up to date :( so in the Q3 it is a time to look for new phone and it seems- sadly- it is not going to be Nokia

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    In the Q3, which phone do you plan to buy? Other than iPhones, I believe Nokia will be the only ones who at least offer 3 years of security patches. Maybe a few others do it too, but that'd be limited to just the flagships.

  • martin.fd martin.fd
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    My Nokia 8 successor, the Pixel 3a was introduced in May 2019 and will recieve SP and OS Updates guaranteed until May 2020 ... 👍️

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    The difference is Apple have 100% control of absolutely everything HMD do not. If a company says no more drivers (as has happened in the past to Sony with its Xperia S when Qualcomm refused to support the Snapdragon S3) then there isnt anything they can do. You also cannot expect a company that is in this to make money and therefore driven by sales to waste resources by continuing full scale development on 3 year old hardware, Apples architecture is unified, it is much simpler for them.

  • Better to go for OnePlus or iPhone se 2 gives update for max 5 yrs

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    If you went with OnePlus you might scrape an extra OS update as is the case with the 2017 OnePlus 5 which has just been updated to Android 10 but you are in no way guaranteed it.

  • JaroRz JaroRz
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    That is something that is really hard to tell.

    I really consider iPhone because of long support and mature software.

    I would not like to be forced to change my phone every 2 years :( the hardware in Nokia 8 is still very good and that is what hurts me the most:/

    The clear android should be also some kind of easier aspect to provide longer support not only security patches- but what can I say...

    I am disappointed that they did not work on software for 8 and focused on providing new phones to the market- it seems it did not sell too good?

    What I take into consideration is also OnePlus because of nice refresh rate and reasonable price.

    I do not know but buying the most recently pushed to the market phone is in my opinion buying and overpriced phone. I usually wait few months after releasing a phone to buy it in more fair price as I am not a technology maniac.

    However I have also seen that Samsung is keeping long time updates for their phones and as I can see their software is also pretty mature.

    Do not know yet however I can see that is the general rule in the industry- 2 years at max and switch the phone- we will drown in electro garbage some day ;P

    Well the business needs to roll... Yea?

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    Given the Nokia 8 is 3 years old you clearly aren't forced to change your phone every 2 years.

  • andrzejN8 andrzejN8
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    Comraades. What We speak about? This is not NOKIA. This is HMD- NOKIA...trademark only.

    Windows kill true nokia. True is that COLOURED BINOKLES keep all wires in hand...

    LOONG.LOONG.TIME AGO... WHEN GREEN BUCKET WAS FREE OF BINOKULAR SICKNESS nokian people wws a happy ferain. Now when all who dont eat biten fruits have visibility problem/eye sickness. And that's gona be till our end... :-)))

  • Akhilesh N Akhilesh N
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    No use of having snapdragon 835. HMD could have delighted the first of its flagship buyers who trusted and bought the phone. Also Zesis lens could have been used better by us with a better camera app.

  • WillH5080 WillH5080
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