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So basically what Nokia support are saying is that ALL the Nokia 6.1 devices in the UK are defective. I smell a very large load of BS 🤨

Android 10 UK


  • terminusaquo terminusaquo
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    So basically what Nokia support are saying is that ALL the Nokia 6.1 devices in the UK are defective. I smell a very large load of BS 🤨

  • Gav50 Gav50
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    Im starting to wonder whether it is those who own the 3gb ram version aka TA1050 who aren't getting A10. I know some 6.1's were 4gb ram but don't think they were sold in the UK or Oz. Maybe the 4gb was only sold in India/Asia hence them receiving it?

  • I have been following this thread closely as a TA1050 user in the UK who like all of you was stuck on the November 2019 Update.

    I was in the UAE for a week 2 weeks ago. I had hoped that when I turned my phone on out there the update would arrive, but alas, no luck.

    After a few days I was near a phone shop that was giving away free sims. I picked one up and stuck it in. The sim was not even provisioned for use, but the second the phone connected to the internet via Wifi I got the android 10 update notification and it installed with no issues. I did however have to install each update in sequence (Android 10 -> Jan 2020 Security -> Feb 2020 Security).

    I have now been back in the UK for a week using my normal sim on 3 mobile and have just recieved the March 2020 security update for Android 10.

    So the issue appears to be something to do with UK carriers specifically with the Android 10 update. Once you get the android 10 update installed, subsequent secuirty updates seem to be pushed fine in the UK and abroad..

    Hope this helps some people.

  • Gav50 Gav50
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    Thanks Penguin, interesting to hear that. Perhaps UK carriers are nervous of releasing what some/many say is a buggy uograde, though it sounds like you are not having any OS bug issues. Maybe i'll try a random sim myself (UK only as not going anywhere of late).

    Thanks again for sharing that 😊

  • rguk1 rguk1
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    After a couple of months of idly stabbing the system update check with no result thought I'd stick a Sri Lankan SIM in (a year old) (I'm in the UK) and see what happened. I did VPN in to India at the same time... boom, download started and continued even when I flipped the VPN off. Reboot after update finished and seems to be fine. Now the subsequent security updates are coming down.

  • rguk1 rguk1
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    TA1050 3GB on Plusnet

  • cheap6 cheap6
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    I am now on Android 10 thanks to Penguin and rguk1.

    I don't have a foreign SIM card but it got me thinking.

    Here's what I did.

    1, Backed up phone ( don't forget to backup WhatsApp I lost 6 days worth of smutt 😱)

    2, Turned off phone and removed SIM card and SD card.

    3, Restart phone and did a factory reset.

    4, Made a throwaway Google account on PC.

    5, After reset, set language to English India. Don't bother syncing Google account or setting up fingerprints.

    6, When everything has been updated go to Google play and enter your throwaway Google account info and download an Indian VPN and connect to an Indian VPN.

    7, Now it's connected go into settings, system, advanced and system update.

    8, Android 10 will start to download.

    9, After the phone has restarted keep going into system update and download all the security patches. You will have to do them individually and restart after each one.

    10, When all patches have done turn off phone and reinsert SIM and (SD card if you have one).

    11, Turn on phone and do another factory reset.

    12, When phone restarts login with your normal Google account and all your apps will start to download.

    13, Welcome to Android 10

    Hope this helps 👍

  • Hey guys, I've been following this tread for what seems like forever. I have tried every VPN trick, different SIM cards (granted only from the UK) but with no luck.

    Till I turned my phone on this morning and there it was waiting for me to select Download!

    The last thing I did yesterday that might have had some impact was clearing the Google and location cache (that old trick) with the SIM card out. Restart then connecting to an Indian VPN for an hour or so. The update definitely wasn't there before I went to bed last night.

    Today is a good day!!

    TA1050 UK on BT mobile

  • Gav50 Gav50
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    It's here. No indian vpn or sim tricks needed just arrived unexpectedly today

  • birtwhistle birtwhistle
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    Same here just about given up hope & ready to move away from Nokia, one last try and it's downloading still not impressed with the wait but at least but better than not at all.

  • thosbox thosbox
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    Just arrived on my ta-1050 on three mobile in the UK. No SIM change, no VPN, no nothing...

  • cheap6 cheap6
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    I Had to laugh when I saw everyone getting the update. Oh well it didn't take long to do it and the phone needed a fresh start anyway.

    Stay safe out there people 😷

  • thosbox thosbox
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    Isn't it amazing that all the various carriers in the UK suddenly decided to release the update simultaneously! You'd almost think that someone had been spinning us a line, and that they had never actually released it for this area...

  • sooz sooz
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    Got my update today on EE, don't like Google bar at bottom way too sensitive

  • Heathiopian Heathiopian
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    Strange I've still not received the update here in the UK.. @Michael Lumley check this 🤔

    Ha sorry just seen this is the 6.1 🤦

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