[Moved]Buggy Android 10 inside Nokia 6.1 why?

1. Black screen for 5 minutes then switch off and then on..... 2. Carrier network automatically turning on and off....

[Moved]Buggy Android 10 inside Nokia 6.1 why?

Soumya4 Soumya4
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1. Black screen for 5 minutes then switch off and then on.....

2. Carrier network automatically turning on and off.... specifically after switching on the phone....

3. Calling Sound Problem.....

4. Speaker output problem....

5. Whatsapp can,t access camera flashlight....

6. Buggy Whatsapp Video Calling.....

7. Frequently phone is turning off and on automatically....

8. Hang issues......

9. Battery also draining very fast when compared to Android 9 with normal uses....

But we have the latest Security Pacth. So we, Nokia 6.1 users are little bit happy with latest SP....

But the question arises......

Why we need latest SP and Latest Android Updates when there is living BUG inside my Nokia 6.1 (built like tank)?????

Request and Suggestion.....We can wait for some time, but we don't want BUGGY OS Inside beautiful technology(Nokia 6.1) from HMD..... actually we rely on Nokia and we Love Nokia. So we just don't want to experience any bad issue with such great technology.....

We know as we hope, that hmd Global obviously working on Nokia 6.1 and others handsets which has issues with Android 10 Buggs.....

After cancelling(sorry) lots of feedback pop-up, At last I am giving this written feedback...

Thank you Nokia & hmdGlobal...


  • V1n3 V1n3
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    Same here in nokia 6.1 plus

    nokia please look in to this matter

  • Stranger Stranger
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    Ever since I updated to Android 10. Google Lens, Wifi AR, and even the stock camera keeps force stoping and sometimes they straight up will not work

    The phone also restart randomly

  • Soumya4 Soumya4
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    Not only 6.1, 6.1 plus along with those nokia model device which got Android 10 update are in serious trouble.....I hope nokia @hmd Global team listening and working on the issue....let see what they have got at the end of February for their customer....

  • Nokianer Nokianer
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    when comes the Security Update for Nokia 6.1 ? I Hope also will be fixed speaker Problem, Mobile Internet automaticlly goes on. Battery drawn...

  • Noyb Noyb
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    Have the in speaker problem now! Updated to 10 a few weeks back, seemed ok. Now it getting progressively worse.

    Also, for some reason my phone is still on the Dec 2019 security update!!!!! Why Nokia?

  • Carlos Mata Carlos Mata
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    I have same issues: Exactly all owners of Nokia 6.1 present these same horrible bugs :/ Help!!!!! #HMD #Nokia

  • Soumya4 Soumya4
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    Got February Security Patch......but No Maintenance Release.......as problems continues.......

  • Tweed Tweed
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    I haven't got the android 10 update it never arrived for me. I have check update settings and my last update was in November 2019

  • manishsaini776 manishsaini776
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    Sound Bugs not fixed. 3 Months No Fix from Nokia. Worst service. Nokia 6.1 Plus Making Cracking Sound in all apps and games. Nokia simply says they don't support b3rd party apps. Even what's app Recording Cracking Sound. Nokia thinking customers are Fool . Never Trust Nokia Fuc..ing Service.

  • sammy sammy
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    I had faced call volume and microphone issue in may june 2019. Nokia care solved my problem by flashing my phone 2 times and replacing motherboard+microphone under warranty. There was also a issue with google call app reported by many google users. It seems to have been taken care by Oct 2019. Since then my phone is working perfectly.

  • monjit monjit
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    I faced WiFi connectivity and network issue. Please fixed the WiFi connectivity issues. NOKIA Support Team.

  • iammhamza iammhamza
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    Same Issues For A Long time, But Irresponsible Gesture from HMD and Nokia. Using Nokia 6.1 as a daily driver has become a hellllll for me.

  • Soumya4 Soumya4
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    Got March Security update....but still no MR..waiting for the next month..... actually it may took more time as we know that the whole World and mankind struggling against COVID-19.....

  • Kade Ensor Kade Ensor
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    No promises, but for my 6.1 the fix for the lag issues was uninstalling "android system webview" via play store

  • iammhamza iammhamza
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    Same here. Could you plz check If your Chrome And Android web view is Able to upgrade via playstore? Mine is not able to since android 10 update. and phones Hangs alot.

  • happiechappie happiechappie
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    Latest update today on a Nokia 6.1. A new nightmare has begun.

    android.process.media keeps appearing. I have tried emptying the cache and a force stop on the app. This has not work. The update also means that I have problems with my SD card (why?) which it hasn't before.

    When I see an update has been downloaded on my mobile, my heart just sinks.

    Is this the promised land that Nokia has led us to.

    Any hints to solve this new set of problems greatly appreciated.

  • Soumya4 Soumya4
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    Nokia 8.1 now getting Maintenance Update......So we can also expect a MR for nokia 6.1 as well...

  • Nirmal Katariya Nirmal Katariya
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    Yaa.. hope it will fix bugs.

    Jast asking , anyone having screen blinking and Random restarts ?

  • iamsj iamsj
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    From the beginning random start n screen black is been there .. android 10 was delivered with bunch of bugs

  • Alzyerpal75 Alzyerpal75
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    Random screen flickering, unresponsive touchscreen and having to charge phone twice a day all of a sudden. Nokia 6.1 (2018) purchased new in August 2019.

  • Soumya4 Soumya4
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    I think hmd Global forgot about their Nokia 6.1 model....

  • Soumya4 Soumya4
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     I faced an old Android 10 issue again but it was more prominent and hard to recover. We, 6.1 users has an issue related to blank screen and then auto restart after receiving Android 10 update. Today I faced the same issue BUT AFTER SCREEN GOES DARK/BLANK WITH LITTLE GLOW IN BACKGROUND, IT DOESN'T RESTART AUTOMATICALLY, RATHER IT STOPED WORKING TOTALLY. IT WAS HARD ALSO TO RECOVER FROM THAT STAGE AS BATTERY IS INTEGRATED. But I made the recovery by hard restart. So don't worry Nokia 6.1 users.

    The process.....Plug the charging cable in your Phone....then press and hold all the three buttons( vol up & down and power) together untill the phone restarts.....it actually takes 3 to 5 secs. to restart after press and hold all the three buttons......

    Don't think or worry about the bootloader lock/unlock... bootloader is not necessary for this method.

    Thank you friends.

    Wish you the best with your Nokia 6.1.

  • Soumya4 Soumya4
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    Now Nokia 7.2 also in trouble after getting Android 10....and it is creating a doubt about Android 10 also...

  • Stu N Stu N

    I've just been reading through the posts above. My 6.1 is just over 2 years old, and I turned-down the offer of an "upgrade" as I was experienced and happy with the Mokia version of Android.

    This morning (11th April) I discovered that the button on the lower left corner to switch between app screens had been replaced with one in the centre that gave me two options for the start screen. I played with the options but neither seemed to make a difference.

    Then it changed again and a red bar appreared at the bottom that told me to swipe up to cange screens, which worked quite well except that it was impossible to type a comma in text.

    Now the situation has changed again and I can (erratically) bring up the view of all screens at the top again and select the required one. I also noticed during the morning that "upgrades" were still being installed, and I am (sort of!) running on Nokia 10

    If THIS is going to be the way that the "new owner" of Nokia software is going, I'd be at my supplier's shop now grabbing an upgrade (NOT NOKIA!) except that phone shops are not considered "essential" and are shut due to the COVID lock-down here.

    "Anyone know what Siemens phones are like?"

  • Lopez Fernandez Lopez Fernandez
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    This Android 10 update is very buggy indeed, after 1 month and a half , the Nokia 6.1 , started to have bugs, I have had to hard reset , and the noisy audio from some apps continue. I'm getting fed up of Hmd's botched job with it's Android update , if it's precisely it's mayor selling point Android One and 2 mayor OS updates , then they will loose customers , the competition in mid range phones is tough so Hmd must do their homework, ir they'll end up loosing customers and their reputation will surely go down the drain.

  • Soumya4 Soumya4
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    Google Chrome (80.0.3987.162) started freezing frequently......

  • Soumya4 Soumya4
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    When an app freezes up, it oftentimes locks up the whole UI. Notifications, home gesture - everything becomes unresponsive.

    Sometimes the UI unfreezes when the app does, sometimes the app remains frozen.

    This is most common issue with most of the hsndsets running Android 10.

    I'm experiencing this issue mostly with Google Chrome and YouTube.

    What about you guys?

  • Soumya4 Soumya4
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    After updating with April SP, Nokia 6.1 reminded me again about the terrific bug, just by self restarting.

    It's been 4 months Nokia 6.1 users are facing lots of issues.

    Can you please tell us HMD Global why we should still rely on Nokia?

    This device is just a junk now.

    Nokia fame is demolished again.

    ** issue: soft reboot automatically.

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