Nokia 7.1 Android 10

After the lastest update of Android 10 on Nokia 7.1 . It started crashing 😑 have sooo many bugs.

Nokia 7.1 Android 10

Daud Mustfa Daud Mustfa
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After the lastest update of Android 10 on Nokia 7.1 . It started crashing 😑 have sooo many bugs.


  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    If you want to get out of the issue then downgrade the device OS will help you to stay out of those bugs or wait for next security update

    You can have a visit to care center along with purchase bill and get the device downgrade to following Android Pie Builds - V 3.39/3.45/3.51F/3.54H

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    Security updates doesnt solve bugs, we need maintaince update.

  • m_abir m_abir
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    I am using Nokia 7.1 over the last 6 months. This is a compact and good looking smartphone. It has an excellent camera. Overall performance was good before android 10 upgrade. After upgrading to android 10, I found several problems which might occur in other devices also. Google security update did not fix my issues. I am waiting for Nokia maintenance update which might solve the problem. Earlier, I directly contacted to customer care regarding this issue but they did not take this seriously. I am pointing each problem below.

    1. Battery drains very quickly than before

    2. automatically restart sometimes

    3. Screen freezes and then also restart automatically

    4. Mirror photo option in front camera does not work when photo are saving into SD-card. But front camera is working fine when phone internal memory is selected as a storage

    5. Third party camera app (Footej, Moment) installed from play store does not save photo. Sometime Instagram camera also showing problem

    6. Enhanced HDR mode does not working properly after upgrade

    7. While device kept in dark mode and enhanced HDR enable then black screen become light grey. It is unnecessary lighting up the display in dark mode. If I restart the device then it becomes normal. But, it is also showing again after few hours. However, keeping enhanced HDR mode off solves the problem. Kindly fix this problem. I don't want to disable enhanced HDR mode for long time.

    8. Device starts generating heat after using mobile hotspot for few minutes.

    Even after factor reset nothing changes on my device.

    I am requesting the developer to look at all issues. Please solve these problems as early as possible.

  • Jamiei77 Jamiei77
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    My phone is good on Android 10 but has one major issue. I can be browsing the web and then for no reason the phone stops responding. No scrolling, no gesture controls and no button controls. It takes a dam long press on the power button before it shuts off and reboots.

  • FanNokia FanNokia
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    Los mismos problemas me suceden en mi Nokia 7.1 , no se si a usted también le pase que el altavoz no funciona correctamente, por ejemplo cuando jugo, el sonido del juego se escucha raro como si la bocina estuviera reventada, lo mismo pasa en WhatsApp con los audios de voz. Se que no esta reventada la bocina porque cuando escucho musica, se oye perfectamente!

    Desgraciadamente en vez de mejorar con las actualizaciones de Android fue empeorando :(

    No quiciera dejar de optar por esta marca ( Nokia) porque en realidad me gusta la idea de que sea Android puro, y al dejar mi Nokia 7.1 planeo comprar el 7.2 pero con estas experiencias .. no me gustaría sinceramente pensar que volverá a pasar.

    Tuve nokia 3 y el 5 y me funcionaron excelente. Por favor arreglen los errores, no se olviden de estos buenos dispositivos y sobre todo la preferencia de sus clientes.

  • suresh rao suresh rao
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    I buy new nokia 7.1

    I check the update on my phone

    But it's not showing the update on phone

    It is telling phone is upto date

    IT is stucked in March 2019

    Please help me to upto date software

  • suresh rao suresh rao
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  • arin_12 arin_12
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    I think u have a new update now. I just received a notification.

  • My nokia 7.1 worked smooth for almost an year but recently it shuts down oftenly after getting call or playing some video. Completely clueless about the reason.

    Done factory reset and deleted all apps but no luck. Please help

  • Dar S Dar S

    I have a similar problem with my Nokia 7.1, initially it restarted while opening any app, now it doesn't even start until the charger is plugged to it. The moment I remove the charger it shutsdown and gets hanged on the AndroidOne screen.

  • Anyone has a working gcam for photography for the Nokia 7.1. Have tried so many links none of which work

  • Zunair Zunair
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    As for as i know, this device can't be able and eligible to find any software upgrade further now, security patches would be received but nonetheless no amendment will bring up. So i decided to downgrade on android 9, and i connected with a developer Raghu Verma, who just unlocked bootloader, now I'm on android 9 and from now i can install any custom rom that is bas

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