[Merged] Cracking sound issue after Android 10



  • Because Nokia Deserves these kind of comments. As they are providing such a beautiful service that any customer will spit on Nokia.

  • Nokia has failed to deliver quality software they have only release security update without bug fixes I'm having second thought about nokia i should have never updated to 9 or 10 os the prebuilt os was working with no issue

  • When nokia fix games crackling sounds problem ?

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    Someone said factory reset would fix this issue, but no it doesn't. I recently got the charging problem in the phone fixed from the service center. The services were so bad that I had to visit the center twice as I was still facing the problem after they returned my phone! The issue was resolved but they have not attached the back cover of the phone properly and it just came off the device and I can see the battery inside the phone and fingerprint sensor attached to the board. This is just unacceptable. So Nokia is doing nothing much but shooting themselves on foot and the way they are going by their business they might perhaps end up shooting themselves in the head and end the business for good. Anyway, this is going to be the last phone I have bought from Nokia. Until they make dramatic changes in their future products, no more Nokia!

  • I believe the crackling sound issue is resolved. I just recently installed the latest update to the OS and tried a very loud game afterwards. I no longer hear the crackling sound. Please verify on your units as it may just be a fluke on my Nokia 7 Plus.

  • The sound crack problem is gone after 299mb update And the equalizer is also working, now the sound quality has become very good

  • Great news guys. The latest update did solve the cracking sound.. I've tried it on several games and finally FFS that annoying sound has gone for good. They should've been bring this fix much much sooner.

  • I did the following and problem resolved. Earlier cannot watch YouTube for more than 5 seconds..more of a cracking sound. After I did factory reset, I disabled few apps of android and the problem never reappeared. They are

    1. android accessibility suite
    2. android auto
    3. android system web view
    4. device health service

    now I don’t have any issues.