Phone not ringing after 2-3 days of activity

While receiving incoming calls phone doesn't ring and remain silent even though the ring volume is set to high. This usually happens after 2-3 days of activity and gets fixed after every reboot.

Please check this issue.


  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Umm.. I'm not facing such an issue on my Nokia 7.2 though. Let's see if somebody else had a similar issue.

  • Are You using any 'Do not disturb' schedules?

    Or other apps/schedules for silent hours?

  • Same issue with my phone since last month..I just restart phone to get the ringtone ,but after 2 3 days same it get back to vibrate mode.

  • FTBK
    FTBK ✭✭✭

    I observed this issue with alarm volume at the beginning of February, but then it randomly disappeared.

    When I am using the phone, sometimes I want to say "What a <different words> is going on!?"

  • Yes bro. I was using DND. But made sure it wasn't on when i faced this issue. Also i was using a custom ringtone. Not inbuilt ones. When i changed back to the default Nokia tune, the issue was fixed. But its happening for custom ringtones.

  • Uhhmmm, weird ...

    I'm using 2 schedules and custom ringtone, notification and alarm.

    But I'm not facing those issues.

    Do You have Your custom ringtones stored in internal memory, 'Ringtones' folder? (I.e. using the default locations for each mediatype?)

  • Corvo
    Corvo ✭✭

    Im used an app called Ringtone maker to trim ringtones. Don't know where it places the file though

  • I saw a lot of comments similar to my problem, this happened today all of a sudden, my phones always on DND but I have allowed calls to pass. But today don't know how my phone only vibrates on incoming calls, no ringtone.

    I didn't change anything. I even switched to safemode, still facing same problem in safe mode, only vibrates no ringtone.

  • Do not Disturb is not the cause for failure. Even if it was, its NOKIAs implementation thats buggy.

    a sad bad problem for a modern phone is not to ring. People seem to use the phone for anything but to call??? Return the phone to vendor, this problem is known and therefore the device was buggy/useless from beginning on. You did nothing work, its NOKIA. They (meaning the vendor) has to refund the phone Thats called GEWÄHRLEISTUNG in german and is regulated by law, not to be confused with a guarantee made by the producer.